#y2soccomp week 2 - internet infrastructure & global social media

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Lecture slides from week 2 of IS52026A Year 2 Social Computing at Goldsmiths.

Lecture slides from week 2 of IS52026A Year 2 Social Computing at Goldsmiths.

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  • WHERE DID THE INTERNET COME FROM? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Internet http://www.slideshare.net/trebor/week2-9266952
  • Nowadays people talk about 'the cloud' – but what happens when it stops working? This has become a mainstream issue since the government in Egypt shut down the internet in the whole of the country. This week we've also seen the Blackberry / RIM downtime. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2011/10/2011-10-10-bbstormkeypadhorizontal2-copy-1318424615.jpg For creative geeks, these are opportunities!
  • This audio is the sound that started the internet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPFKd5p_t0s The launch of Sputnik 1957 led directly to the establishment of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).
  • Packet switching. ARPANET - 1970
  • Vince Serf & Robert Kahn TCP / IP - 1974
  • Computer Science Network (CSNET) - 1981 wisconsin
  • NSFNET, - 1985. The opening of the NSFNET to other networks began in 1988. Act allowing NSFNET to interconnect with commercial networks – 1992
  • Internet exchange point logistics of traffic exchange between ISPs is governed by mutual peering agreements. Under such agreements traffic is often exchanged without compensation.
  • BGP was created to allow fully decentralized routing in order to transition from the core ARPAnet model to a decentralized system that included the NSFNET backbone and its associated regional networks. This allowed the Internet to become a truly decentralized system. http://www.renesys.com/blog/assets_c/2011/01/All_outages_zoom2-192.shtml EXERCISE: IF SOMEONE SHUT DOWN THE NET CONNECTION IN LONDON, HOW COULD YOU RECONNECT?
  • at least 5 Gbps. http://www.submarinecablemap.com/
  • BBC - SuperPower: Visualising the internet http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8552410.stm
  • While South Korea leading the list with a blazingly fast average speed of 2,202KBps may not come as much of a surprise, the small eastern European nations of Romania (1,909KBps) and Bulgaria (1,611KBps) unexpectedly claimed the second and third highest speeds. http://chartsbin.com/view/2484 Internet was made, can be unmade, can be re-made... by YOU.
  • World Map of Social Networks june 2011 http://www.vincos.it/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/WMSN0611-1024.png
  • The State of Social Media Around the World 2010 http://www.briansolis.com/2010/02/the-internationalization-of-social-media/
  • GoodMorning: Visualizing Wake Up Tweets around the World http://blog.blprnt.com/blog/blprnt/goodmorning
  • Average Time Spent on Social Networking Sites Across Geographies http://www.comscoredatamine.com/2011/06/average-time-spent-on-social-networking-sites-across-geographies/#.TfNkp7X_iCA;email
  • Social media is truly global it's not all facebook yet its becoming important everywhere but it's use reflects the local context http://static5.businessinsider.com/image/4e774d4669bedd640d000005/chart-of-the-day-the-largest-photo-libraries-in-the-world-september-2011.jpg Malawi: Citizens “Fuel” Facebook for Gas Updates http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/06/14/malawi-citizens-fuel-facebook-for-gas-refills/
  • china http://www.thomascrampton.com/china/social-media-china/ Train crash http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/china-struggles-to-tame-microblogging-masses-2351509.html EXERCISE: IF THERE WAS INTERNET ACCESS IN THE AMAZON JUNGLE, WHAT ARE THE WAYS IN WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA COULD BE USEFUL?
  • social media firehose 2 weeks of awesomeness re: state of social media. But you? How do you ride it? http://justifiedbythescriptures.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/media_overload_by_itsyouforme-copywright.jpg
  • VIDEO Infotention Part One: Dashboards, Radars, Filters HowardRheingold 6min the Well http://blip.tv/howardrheingold/infotention-part-one-dashboards-radars-filters-2811998 his is what we'll do in the lab. HOW DO YOU TRACK STUFF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN?


  • 1. IS52026 Social Computing Week 2: infrastructure, global social media, the firehose dan mcquillan
  • 2. 4-node ARPANET diagram Internet History
  • 3. RIM outage
  • 4. Photo credit: U.S. Air Force
  • 5.  
  • 6. Photo credit: Jon Postel
  • 7. Photo credit: Department of Defense
  • 8. Photo credit: Merit Network, Inc
  • 9. Photo credit: Ken Masters
  • 10. credit: Ludovic.ferre
  • 11. credit: Renesys
  • 12. http://www.submarinecablemap.com/
  • 13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8552410.stm
  • 14. http://chartsbin.com/view/2484
  • 15. http://www.vincos.it/2011/06/13/la-mappa-dei-social-network-nel-mondo-giugno-2011/
  • 16. http://www.briansolis.com/2010/02/the-internationalization-of-social-media/
  • 17. http://blog.blprnt.com/blog/blprnt/goodmorning
  • 18. http://www.comscoredatamine.com/2011/06/average-time-spent-on-social-networking-sites-across-geographies/
  • 19. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/06/14/malawi-citizens-fuel-facebook-for-gas-refills/ Photo credit: john.duffell (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
  • 20. Infographic of Social Media Equivalents in China credit: Thomas Crampton http://www.thomascrampton.com/china/social-media-china/
  • 21. social media firehose
  • 22. http://blip.tv/howardrheingold/infotention-part-one-dashboards-radars-filters-2811998 In today's LAB we will...