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Tyee Middle School

  1. 1. 我们的此次中国之行 By Angela Ea杨美玲 And Sarah Ea杨玉玲
  2. 2. In China, we went on various tours and saw many interestingTrip to China things, with my family. learning Chinese definitely made 中国 communicating with others a lot easier than it would have been if we didn’t know how to speak the language at all. We also visited some distant relatives on my dad’s side of the family.
  3. 3. 北京 Peking/Beijing This is the CCTV towerbuilding which our hotel was right across from.
  4. 4. The Bird’s Nestbuildings near the bird’s nest
  5. 5. 颐和园 Summer PalaceThe Summer Palace was a gift from the king to the queen.
  6. 6. 长城 Great Wall The Great Wall was built hundreds of years ago and the steps are very uneven because each block was handmade by a person long ago.
  7. 7. Covers 178 acres 961 meters north to south故宫Forbidden City 753 meters east to west The emperor and his family used to work and live here as well as the families of high class officials.
  8. 8. The Forbidden City was the Chineseimperial palace from the Ming to the end of the Qing Dynasty.
  9. 9. 西安 Xi’anPagoda Ancient horse parking systems: poles. People used to tie their horses on these so they stayed in one place.
  10. 10. 中国菜 Chinese Food entertainment and uniquely shaped dumplings 饺子
  11. 11. The Wall of Xi’an Real weapons made backwhen there were wars are still on the wall for tourist attraction.
  12. 12. Terra Cotta Warriors Each terra cotta warrior was modeled by a realsoldier and they all have different faces, even their horses have a different amount of teeth.
  13. 13. 珍珠,丝绸,玉Silk, Pearl, and Jade Factory
  14. 14. 桂林 Guilin Boat ride in riverTraditional Chinese instruments
  15. 15. Inside the CavesInside these caves, there were naturally shaped rocks that looked like sculptures
  16. 16. River Rafting!river rafting on traditionalbamboo rafts.
  17. 17. 上海 Shanghai 东方明珠Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  18. 18. Visiting family Pearl River
  19. 19. 香 港 Hong Kong Victoria Harbor
  20. 20. Busy streets.
  21. 21. • In China and mainly Hong Kong, we did a lot of shopping and found communicating to the locals very helpful when bringing down the price while using our knowledge of Chinese!
  22. 22. 大屿山 Lantau Island
  23. 23. 谢谢大家!