The wonders of_china by yi yan


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The wonders of_china by yi yan

  1. 1. The Wonders ofChina 中国的奇观 By: Yi Yan 严屹
  2. 2. Introduction to China 熊猫 这是中国有名的有熊猫。大家都觉得 它们很可爱。虽然我们没有看到它 们, 但是还是很好玩。 During my time in China I have experienced many happy and enjoyable occasions as well as unexpected sights, and beauty of China. This opportunity not only helped me understand the Chinese culture, but I also made many friends who are from different states who had their own individual uniqueness. It was interesting to learn about the cultures and traditions of a civilization that is 5,000 years old.
  3. 3.  In this picture, are the people we were groups with. There were 3 different groups A, B, and C. Although the group may appear small, it is actually larger then it appears. We laughed together, traveled together, lived together and had fun together. We were also taken to many of the infamous and gorgeous sights of China. 我朋友和我跟A对一起走。我们去了许多漂亮的地方。
  4. 4.  One of the most memorable moments of this trip was when I was standing high in the mountains looking down from the Great Wall. The sight of the Great Wall was unimaginable, If you have a fear of heights, this would be a great opportunity to confront those fears. The uneven and unleveled stairways only add on to the excitement of those who climb it. 长城 中国人会经常说:没去长城非好汉。意思就是如 果你没有去过长城,就不算一个大人。
  5. 5. The Great Wall is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It was built originallyto protect the northern borders of the Chinese empire against invaders.The actual length of the Great Wall is 5,500.3 mile, and it stretches acrossChina. After seeing the Great Wall I I felt that nature should be preserved,so that future generations are able to see these breathtaking sights. 鸟语花香长城的风景很美,而且也很高。你在爬长城的时候会觉得你的脚很软。
  6. 6. This is the Temple of Heaven, a complex Taoist building created for thepurpose of holding ceremonies of prayer to the Heavens for good harvestand fortune. Several renovations were made to repair the temple due tothe deterioration of the structure. Now it has become a tourist attractionto foreigners that wished to experience what was reserved for the ChineseEmperor and his subjects.天坛
  7. 7. Tiananmen square is a famous national monument and symbolbuild in 1420. The Tiananmen square leads to the Forbidden City.In the background there is a portrait of Mao ZeDong above thegate of the Tiananmen. Every few years the portrait would betaken down and replaced by a new one.天安门我们来到天安门的时候有很多人,很热闹。
  8. 8. The Forbidden City was an Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty to theQing Dynasty. It was the home of Emperors, and his subjects. TheForbidden City contains over 980 building and houses and estimatedaround 7.8million square feet. We learned that the status representvarious different things. 故宫故宫是一个很大的地方,我从来没有想到会是这么大。
  9. 9. Every now and than, you might come across these Guardian Lion statueswhile going to a restaurant, visiting a temple, shrine, historical places, andetc. usually these lions are in pairs that give off different meanings. One isa male and the other is a female. Although they look identical there areways to determine whether they’re male or female. The female is usuallyfeeding a baby lion under her claws. This represent the dependence thechild has on the mother as well as the playfulness. The male has a globe orball underneath his claws this represents the power over the world.石狮
  10. 10. When we traveled to Changsha we stayed at the 1,000 year old university,as we all the birthplace of Mao Zedong. Changsha had the best Cuisine inmy opinion because I love spicy food. They make delicious family meals.During our home stay with a Chinese family we made some homemadedumplings with the family. Street venders and games crowded the streetsat night. They have incredible food and shopping areas that caught myattention中国餐我非常喜欢中国餐,而且特别爱长沙的菜。他们的菜是最好吃的。
  11. 11. The most memorable time during our visit to Hunan, Changshawould be my family stay experience. The family that was werevisiting was very lively, interesting and incredible. They were veryfriendly and kind. We made dumplings together, they cooked us adelicious homemade meal, I enjoyed every dish that they made.They made my experience in Changsha a very memorableexperience., I will never forget them.湖南长沙
  12. 12. After we left Changsha and arrived at Shanghai we were welcomed intothe Shanghai university of finance to stay at their hotel. Although we onlyhad 2 days in Shanghai our limited time was not wasted. We visited theHuangpu River, went on a night cruise where we got to see themodernized structures of Shanghai.上海
  13. 13. The skyscrapers in Shanghai are similar to the ones in New York, if notbetter. There were several buildings with unique structures that was verydifferent then the ones we see in New York. I thought they were veryinteresting and it changed my view of China. I use to think it was mostlyurban areas, but now I realized that there are parts of China that are verywell modernized.
  14. 14. During our last day in Shanghai and China we decided to do someshopping for souvenirs to bring back with us for our friends and families.After shopping we started to walk around and look at the city. We cameacross different places and ended up bowling. It was great experiencebecause we were able to use what we learned about the Chinese languageto speak with the local Chinese people. Although it was a little hard forthem to understand what we were saying, but they were able tounderstand our message.
  15. 15. After the opportunity to travel to China, it made me wonder what kind ofstructures are out there in the world. This experience expand my view onthe world. There hundreds of different and unique cultures and placesthat are special. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to furtherunderstand the culture and traditions of the Chinese. If I have thisopportunity again I will definitely go back and see how China develops.Thank you~谢谢 The End~中国很美,五千年的历史; 结束很了不起,我希望我还能回来。