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Chinese teacher training center

  1. 1. 汉语本土师资培训中心项目介绍Chinese Teacher Training Center Zhou Hui Division of Teachers , Hanban 2012.4
  2. 2. 为什么要建本土师资培训中心 Origin of Establishment of the Center 中心的性质、概念和宗旨 Nature and Mission of the Center五个部分 中心的任务 Main Tasks of the CenterFive Parts 申请者的条件 Requirements for Application 总部的支持 Support by Headquarters
  3. 3. 第一部分 Part 1为什么要设置中心项目?Why to Initiate Establishment the Center? 48 81 299 4,000 160,000 1,000 …States CIs CCs Schools Students Universities …
  4. 4. 教师的需求 Demand for the teachers总部派出教师逐年增加 2011年815人the number of teachersdispatched by 2010年620人Headquarters isincreasing year by year 2009年435人
  5. 5. 总部现有教师培训项目The Existing Programs for Chinese Teachers Training 总部项目 Programs by Headquarters 专家赴外培训项目 本土教师来华研修 孔子学院奖学金项目 Sending Experts to Inviting Local Confucius Institute U.S. Teachers to China Scholarships
  6. 6. 本土聘任教师的调研Survey on the Feasibility of Employment of LocalChinese Teachers pre-service in-service Training teachers teachers
  7. 7. 数量 quantity 本土汉语教师数量少、总部派质量quality 出的教师和志愿者适应性弱等 问题仍然存在。基于这些需求, 总部计划建立本土师资培训中 心 Small number of local teachers and weak adaptability of teachers sent from China make the Center plan come out.
  8. 8. 中心的宗旨 Mission of Center中心的设立旨在,通过在美国开展因地制宜的本土师资培养、培训工作,扩大美国本土中文教师规模,提升教师教学水平,从而满足美国持续增长的中文教学需求,推动全美中文教师专业发展,促进全美中文教学质量的全面提高。The establishment of Center aims to increase the scale of localChinese teachers and enhance teacher’s teaching level throughcarrying out appropriate local teachers training and cultivation, thusto meet large demand for Chinese teaching, boost professionaldevelopment and improve Chinese teaching quality in U.S..
  9. 9. 中心定义 Definition of Center中心是由孔子学院申办,在一定区域范围内(一州或多州)统筹开展本土中文教师培养、培训的非营利机构。The center is a non-profit organization hosted by theConfucius Institute to carry out local Chinese teachertraining and developing within a certain area (in onestate or multi-states).
  10. 10. 中心的主要任务 Major tasks of Center 欧洲地区本土汉语教师在职培训; In service training of local Chinese language teachers in U.S. 中国赴欧洲汉语教师、志愿者培训; Training of Chinese language teacher and volunteers from China 欧洲地区孔子学院院长、工作人员培训; Training of directors and working staffs of Confucius Institutes
  11. 11. 中心的主要任务 Major tasks of Center 开展学历教育培养教师; Carrying out academic education 开展汉语教师资格认证; Carrying out Certification for Chinese language teachers 开展汉语教师教育研究。 Carrying out the related research on Chinese language teacher education.
  12. 12. 中心开展项目应遵循以下原则 Program Principles 和美国现有项目结合 Connect Center programs with existing programs in U.S. 和国际汉语教师标准及培训大纲结合 Connect with Standards and Training Curriculum 在美培训、培养和来华培训结合 Connect training in America with training in China 线上培训和线下培训结合 Connect offline training with online training
  13. 13. 合作模式 Confucius Institute CI with other InstitutionsCooperation Mode 孔院和其他机构合作承办 孔子学院独立承办 Hosted by CI in cooperation with universities, colleges Hosted by CI independently or training institutions.
  14. 14. 申请条件 Application Requirements 可覆盖当地70%的培训需求; Covering more than 70% Chinese training demand in the area of Center 具有培训必备的师资; With enough teachers. 具有一定的培训经验; With rich experiences and capabilities in Chinese teacher training 能够提供教学实习地点; Providing opportunities for teachers to practice or observe teaching in local schools 具有一定的研究能力; With capability to conduct survey and research on Chinese teacher education
  15. 15. 申请条件 Application Requirements 能够提供必要的办公设备及办公场所; Providing necessary office facilities and work place. 能够提供必要的教学设施及教室; Providing necessary teaching facilities and classrooms. 提供人员保障;Providing fulltime staff for administrative management services and supports. 提供经费保障; Providing 50% funds 提供质量保障; CI should have the capability to evaluate the work of the center according to the requirements of the Headquarters. 提供资质保障; With the authorization to issue local Chinese teacher certification.
  16. 16. 总部的支持和保障 Support by Headquarters 根据需要提供运作资金;Providing operating funds as required 提供汉语教学专家,如有必要与承办机构共同出资设立教席; Providing experts, if necessary, setting up chairs. 提供汉语教材及资源;Providing teaching materials and resources. 支持培训教材的设计开发;Supporting the studies of training materials 支持中心组织的来华进修和培训活动。Supporting some training activities
  17. 17. 征求意见 asking for your suggestions 招标 applying through bidding 专家评审 evaluating by experts commission 确定中心 making final decision
  18. 18. 如有疑问,可向以下地址询问:If you have any questions, please contact us as following联 系 人:周卉 Contact Person: Zhou Hui电话Tel :86-10-58595907传真Fax:86-10-58595904邮箱
  19. 19. 谢 谢Thank you
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