T2Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Chinese Language Teaching (Lin)

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Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Chinese Language Teaching (T2) …

Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Chinese Language Teaching (T2)
Speakers: Yu-Lan Lin, Jane Lu

More in: Education
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  • 1. Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Chinese Language Teachers Dr. Yu-Lan Lin World Languages Program Director Boston Public Schools [email_address]
  • 2. PD in the Boston Public Schools
    • School site-based PD
    • Across schools for shared PD
    • 18 hrs beyond school day/year
    • One full-day PD and 6 hrs during school year
    • One full-day before opening of school
    • District PD total: 30 hrs
  • 3. District Planning for Content PD
    • District PD for content: 8 hrs
    • Academic Superintendent determines the content
    • Curriculum and Instruction supports school-based PD
    • Examples of district wide PD: UbD, MI, Differentiated Instruction, Writing across the Curriculum, Classroom Writing Assignment, etc.
  • 4. PD Groupings for Chinese Teachers
    • Individual PD
    • School-based PD
    • FLES PD
    • AWC PD
    • Middle/High School PD
    • District PD
  • 5. PD for FLES Teachers
    • FLES Curriculum
    • Thematic Units
    • Instructional strategies
    • Hands-on activities
    • Technology-based resources
    • FLES reading readiness
    • “ Writing” in FLES
    • “ Can-Do” statements
  • 6. PD for Mid/High School Teachers
    • Standards-based Instruction
    • Scope and Sequence
    • Performance-based Assessment
    • Differentiated instruction
    • End-of-year assessment
    • Pre-AP vertical team building
    • AP
    • Pedagogy in Teaching Chinese
  • 7. PD Beyond Boston District
    • State annual conference ( MaFLA)
    • PD organized by local teachers
    • New England Chinese Teacher Network
    • PD with schools of neighboring districts
    • PD supported by local organizations:
    • - Confucius Institute
    • - Children’s Museum
    • - Universities
    • - Charter school
  • 8. PD Ideas for Chinese Teachers
    • Design standards-based curriculum
    • Examine if textbook is aligned or not aligned with curriculum
    • Organize thematically-based teaching units
    • Determine learning outcomes at the end of each marking period
    • Design assessments that are performance-based
    • Design rubrics for assessments
    • Classroom management
  • 9. Other PD Ideas: Collaboration and Connection beyond Schools
    • Collaborate/connect with exemplary teachers and schools
    • Have your teachers join national professional organization: CLASS ( www.classk12.org ) or local Chinese teacher’s organization
    • Have your teachers attend local, regional and national workshops and conferences
    • Encourage your teachers to participate in and contribute to WL professional activities