P3   building international programs - suzanne fox
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P3 building international programs - suzanne fox






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  • Suzanne – it feels like this slide doesn’t belong here – should be in the International Students part, or a bit later as you talk about Parent Connections? Or in the Student Coordinator section?
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P3   building international programs - suzanne fox P3 building international programs - suzanne fox Presentation Transcript

  • Corporate Pictures could be here© 2013 Fox Intercultural Consulting
  • Why are the students coming?© 2012 Fox Intercultural Consulting ServicesPhoto: Courtesy Hao Wei and Wikimedia Commons
  • Concerns in ChinaThe EnvironmentProduct safetyPressure on childrenFocus on testsAdvantage in applying to U.S.colleges and universities
  • Benefits of a U.S. High School Education•Small class sizes•Students get individualattention•Student centered learning•Student movement: groupwork•Access to college resourcesPhotos: The Mountain School at Winhall
  • Beyond the Classroom•Extracurricular activities: sports,music, theater•Community service•Bigger focus on volunteer work•Model UN•International Exchange &Summer ExperiencesPhotos: The Derryfield School
  • Getting StartedA Roadmap For Success
  • Building the ProgramOrganizing all the pieces…
  • Who Are The Stakeholders?Making sure all stakeholders are engaged
  • On the U.S. Side:StakeholdersFacultyStaffStudentsCommunitySchoolBoardHostFamilies
  • Step 1: Go to China!“A journey of a thousand li begins with asingle step” – Laozi
  • 2. Faculty and Staff TrainingUnderstanding China:The importance of cross-cultural workshops
  • 3. The International StudentsThe importance of the arrival
  • Cultural Orientation SessionsFor new International Students
  • Challenges for Chinese Students• How to ask questions• How to do research• How to write essays• Developing a thesis• Public speaking• Presentation skills• Asking for help• Teamwork• Time management© 2013 Fox Intercultural Consulting Services.Photo courtesy Maine Central Institute
  • Challenges for Chinese StudentsThe “Social Sciences”• History• English literature• Psychology• Sociology• Health• Critical reading• Art
  • 4. The Larger Student PopulationCross-cultural workshops: opportunities tothink about new cultural dimensions
  • The Role of Student Ambassadors4. The Larger Student Population
  • 5. Check-in PointsQuarterly informal conversations withinternational students: “How’s it going?”
  • 6. The Support StaffThe role of the International Student Coordinator
  • Burning questionsWhat are your schoolsvacation policies?Are international studentsallowed to take driverseducation and getlicenses?How are students bestintegrated on campus?
  • Burning questionsWhat should be includedin dorm curriculum?What sort of screening isused?Should we have an“English Only” languagepolicy?
  • 7. The Host FamiliesHost Family Orientation
  • 8. The CommunityAnd why it mattersPhoto: Oxford Academy
  • 9. Parent ConnectionsHelping Chinese parents feel more connected:checking in on students, translating reports
  • The Next Step…Building asustainable program
  • The Sister School ModelA truly integrated program: sustainable and in-depth, building enduring connections
  • Developing global citizensThe Sister School Model
  • The Sister School ModelFaculty exchange, cooperative programs, andmore…
  • Corporate Pictures could be here