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  • 1. Producing Global Professionals: Flagship Connections Jennifer Liu, Indiana University National Chinese Language Conference May 1, 2009
  • 2. Outline
    • College component
      • Program models and curricula
      • Assessment and outcomes
    • Pre-college component
  • 3.
  • 4. The Language Flagship
    • Mission Creating global professionals
    • Goals Superior proficiency, academic and professional excellence, reinvent language education in the U.S.
    • Certificate Program Cross-disciplinary courses, specialized language instruction, internships, overseas capstone, research thesis
    • Funding National Security Education Program
    • Languages Arabic, Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, Korean , Persian, Russian, Central Asian/Turkic
  • 5.
      • Graduate highly literate and articulate students with:
      • superior level Mandarin Chinese language proficiency (ACTFL ILR-3).
      • academic and cross-cultural tools needed to successfully navigate U.S.-China relations in the 21 st century.
      • diverse academic and professional degrees from their own areas of interest, geared to step into and successfully manage cross-cultural work environments.
    Overarching Goals
  • 6. Changing the way Languages are taught in America
      • - Academic classes taught in Chinese
      • - Upper-intermediate to advanced Mandarin learners
    Topics Writing Reading Project
    • Content
    • Knowledge
    • Humanities
    • Science
    • Social Science
    • Language
    • Skill
    • Vocabulary
    • Structure
    • Genre
  • 7. The Language Flagship Capstone Year
      • Study at Nanjing University, taking courses in academic discipline
      • Connect with the community through volunteer and community service
      • Live with a roommate/tutor from a similar academic field
      • Work on a professional 4-month internship in a Chinese company
  • 8. The Language Flagship Certification
    • Certification requirements:
    • Honors-level language and domain courses
    • Overseas internship
    • Baccalaureate from an accredited U.S. Flagship institution
    • Demonstrated language speaking and writing proficiency (ILR Level 3)
    • Fulfilled Flagship Center specific requirements
  • 9. Brigham Young University
    • Applicants majors include: engineering, business, sciences, journalism, pre-law, pre-med, international relations and economics.
    • BYU Flagship is embedded into one of the largest undergraduate Chinese programs in the US (Chinese enrollments exceeding 600/semester)
    • Depending on prior background, participants may enter one of three tracks:
      • Junior Track (3 years): intermediate/intermediate-high language level students who still have substantial major work remaining, upper-level general Chinese training
      • Senior Track (2 years): For candidates who are at the advanced to advanced-high level proficiency, who have completed upper-division language courses
      • Fast Track (1 year): advanced-high/superior proficiency and have already had upper level cultural and linguistic training
    • BYU Special Features:
    • Undergraduate academic classes in a variety of disciplines
    • Speakers of Mandarin pursuing professional language in a China-related career
  • 10. The Ohio State University
    • OSU Special Features:
    • Undergraduate and Graduate programs
      • Content courses taught in Chinese by experts from China with the assistance of a pedagogical specialist
      • Student portfolios collected, compiled and assessed within an electronic portfolio system to support learning
    • Speakers of Mandarin pursuing professional language in a China-related career
  • 11. The Ohio State University The curriculum created for the OSU Chinese Flagship Undergraduate Program guides students to the following levels of proficiency and function in Chinese: 1) ILR level 3 (ACTFL Superior) or better proficiency in spoken and written language 2) The ability to conduct oneself in a professional domain in the target language 3) The experience of creating an extensive professional presentation of research .
  • 12. The University of Mississippi
    • U of M Special Features:
      • Four year undergraduate Chinese program
      • No prior Chinese required
      • Regular domestic and Qingdao summer language intensives
      • Fifth year in China
  • 13. University of Oregon
    • UO Special Features:
    • Two to four-year honors-level undergraduate program for students of all majors
    • Academic classes in a variety of disciplines
    • Chinese speaking dorm, with native speaking RA
    • Individualize language coaching
    • Honors research / thesis in Chinese
    2009-10 Example Flagship Course Offerings Honors-Language courses
    • CHN 420-422, Intermediate Language Strategies (survey in science, humanities, social science)
    Discussion Section in Chinese
    • Fall - Psychology: Mind and Society +
    • Winter - History: China Past and Present
    • Spring - Political Science: State of the World
    • CHN 440-442, Advanced Language Strategies
    Multi-disciplinary course in Chinese
    • Global Leadership and Change: Chinese Urban Transformation
    • Business: Doing Business in China
    • Film: Globalization through Chinese Film
    • Social Linguistics: Language Culture and Society
    • Literature: Cities in Modern China
  • 14.
    • 6 content courses and 6 related language strategy courses offered per year
    • Students required to take 2 courses per term depending on their language proficiency
    • Four possible combination of classes:
      • Two content courses (1 & 2)
      • One content (2) + advanced language strategy course
      • One content (1) + advanced language strategy course (schedule conflict)
      • Content course (1) + intermediate language strategy course
      • Intermediate language strategy course + regular EALL language course
    University of Oregon
  • 15. Arizona State University © The Language Flagship 2008
    • ASU Special Features:
    • Undergraduate two-year honors-level program
    • Students pursue degrees in the academic major of their choice
    • Individual and group projects and presentations
    • Class discussion and debate
    • Individualized writing tutorials
  • 16. Indiana University
      • China’s Political Economy
      • Contemporary China
      • Law and Society in China
      • Chinese Cinema
    • IU Special Features
    • Honors-level undergraduate program designed to cultivate superior language and cultural skills for professional success
    • Two distinct stages — Flagship Bound and Flagship Partner —offering flexible entry points into the program
    • Individually assigned discipline mentors to foster professional development of China-related careers in business, law, policy , and academia
    • Paired language/content courses:
  • 17. Indiana University Flagship Program Study Sequence plan summer 0 freshman year summer 1 sophomore year summer 2 junior year summer 3 senior year early start                 comprehensive FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202 Qingdao B C401-C402 Qingdao D clusters (other) Nanjing no summer 1 FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202   C301-C302 Qingdao C/D clusters (other) Nanjing no summer 1 or 2 FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202   C301-C302   C401-C402 + clusters (other) Nanjing no senior FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202 Qingdao B C401-C402 + clusters Qingdao D/E Nanjing     no junior FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202 Qingdao B C401-C402 + clusters Qingdao D/E   (other) Nanjing no sophomore FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202 Qingdao B   Qingdao C clusters (other) Nanjing freshman start                 comprehensive - C101-C102 FCLI C201-C202 C301-C302 Qingdao C/D clusters (other) Nanjing no summer 2 - C101-C102 FCLI C201-C202 C301-C302   C401-C402 + clusters (other) Nanjing no summer 1 - C101-C102   C201-C202 Qingdao B C401-C402 + clusters (other) Nanjing no sophomore - C101-C102 FCLI C201-C202   Qingdao B C401-C402 + clusters (other) Nanjing late start                 (only option) - - FCLI C101-C102 C201-C202 Qingdao B C401-C402 + clusters (other) Nanjing
  • 18. The University of Rhode Island © The Language Flagship 2008
    • URI Special Features:
    • Earn bachelors in chosen field ( engineering, business, political science, textiles , etc.)
    • Special emphasis on engineering disciplines in cooperation with URI’s International Engineering Program
    • Dual degrees in engineering and language
  • 19. Student Diversity Accounting Asian Studies Bio-Chemistry Chinese Chemistry Economics Environmental Studies Geology Honors College Information Tech Int’l Business Int’l Studies Int’l Law Journalism Marketing Medicine Physics Pharmacology Academic Interests  language learning experiences  backgrounds  academic interests  strengths  motivations  perspectives
  • 20. Eligibility Requirement
    • High school seniors or transfer students with beginning through advanced Mandarin language proficiency
    • Strong academic performance with current or high school GPA of 3.25 or higher
    • Interest in actively being part of a community of Mandarin language learners
    • 具备中高级中文水平的高中应届毕业生或大学在校生
    • 希望进一步提高自身中文水平并能够学以致用
    • 学习成绩优异, GPA 在 3.25 或以上
    • 积极参与校园各类中国文化活动