Developing Qualified Chinese Language Teachers: Colaborative Efforts Between Universities in China and the United States

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  • 1. Developing Qualified Chinese Language Teachers: A collaborative Effort between Universities in China and in the U.S.Dr. Wayne Wenchao He, University of Rhode Island Dr. Yinghui Wu,Minzu University of China Dr. Aoshuang Jiang, Minzu University of China Dr. Frank Lixing Tang, New York University 2012 National Chinese Language Conference Washington, D.C.
  • 2. Preparing Chinese Language Teachers: A collaboration between NYU and ECNU Dr. Frank Lixing Tang, New York UniversityDr. Aoshuang Jiang, Minzu University of China2012 National Chinese Language Conference Washington, D.C.
  • 3. NYU-ECNU Joint Chinese Language Teacher Preparation Program Communication started with Hanban and ECNU in early 2006 Proposal submitted to ECNU and Hanban in fall 2006
  • 4. Negotiation started in Fall,2006
  • 5. Agreement signed in Spring 2007
  • 6. HanbanECNU NYU
  • 7. B.A. in TCFL Content CoreAt ECNU 专业课 (12) Content MA in GeneralPedagogical TCFL Pedagogical Core (10) Core (10) (35 pts) 教育基础 外语教育 Field Experiences 教学实践 (3)
  • 8. First cohort arrived in Fall2007 and graduated in August 2008
  • 9. The second cohort (2008-09)
  • 10. The third cohort: 2009-2010
  • 11. The 2010-11 Cohort
  • 12. The 2011-2012 Cohort
  • 13. The 2012-2013 Cohort A total of 14 applicants applied. Six students have been accepted with tuition scholarship. Four students have been accepted but are put on waitlist for scholarship. Three applicants have been rejected. One student has declined our offer.
  • 14. 2007-2008 (4) -Total graduates (2007-2011): 272008-2009 (9) - China: 3 - U.S.: 24 - College: 32009-2010 (8) NYU-ECNU - K - 6: 9 Joint TCFL - 7-12: 15 Program - NYC: 162010-2011 (6) - Other: 8 (2007-2013) - Public schools: 17 - Ind. Schools: 32011-2012 (5) - Charter schools: 62012-2013 (6)
  • 15. The follow-up study: Participants and data collectionParticipants: Graduates from the NYU- ECNU joint programsData were collected through: Interview: face to face and through telephone School visit and class observation Questionnaire
  • 16. The follow-up study: Research questionsThe learning experienceThe teaching experienceReflection and assessment of the jointprogram
  • 17. Finding #1: The learning experienceNew ways of thinkingA broadened vision and a global point of viewFirst-hand knowledge about American public schoolsIntegration of theory with practiceStrong emphasis on field experience
  • 18. Finding #2: Teaching experience:Challenges, successes, and upsets  Stability and instability of jobs  Culture shock about the American schools  Classroom management & motivating students to learn Chinese  Lack of curriculum, textbooks, and resources
  • 19.  Lack of professional development and supportCommunicative competence, particularly pragmatic competenceHeavy workload
  • 20. Finding #3: Reflection and feedback on the joint programA little too fast and too intensive Case study approach More knowledge and skills on teaching young childrenMore knowledge and skills teaching in dual language Chinese immersion programs
  • 21. THANK YOU