Tambuli Awards 2011 brochure


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Los Premios Tambuli son pioneros en el mundo de la publicidad porque, no sólo premian la efectividad comunicativa, sino el valor social transmitido.
Publicidad con Valores.

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Tambuli Awards 2011 brochure

  1. 1. The value of a campaign is in its values.
  2. 2. This brochure and its envelope are proudly printed on paper made with100% post consumer recycled fiber and 100% certified renewable energy.
  3. 3. The value of a campaign is in its values.
  4. 4. The UA&P Tambuli Awards complementsexisting industry awards based solely oneither creative merit or human values byrecognizing Integrated Marketing Com-munications (IMC) campaigns proven todeliver positive results for both the com-panies’ shareholders and society at large.The UA&P Tambuli Awards follows a casestudy approach to gauge the efficacy andsocial relevance of IMC campaigns.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES OF THE UA&P TAMBULI AWARDS To further the practice of profitable IMC through the analysis and measurement of corporate brand investments and returns. To promote societal values through IMC.
  6. 6. AwardsCARMENCITA ESTEBAN TAMBULI CMO OF THE YEAR*PLATINUM AWARD This recognition and distinctionThe Carmencita Esteban Platinum is awarded to the Chief MarketingAward is the highest distinction given Officer (CMO) who has demonstratedin this competition. It is awarded to leadership in (a) achieving marketingthe campaign that has most effectively excellence and profitability for theachieved integration as demonstrated organization, and (b) promotingby a remarkable advancement in societal values through integratedbusiness performance while at the marketing communications.same time espousing a genuinecommitment to social goals. The TAMBULI CEO OF THE YEAR*winner of this award is chosen from This recognition and distinctionamong the Gold Award Winners. is awarded to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has demonstratedEFFECTIVENESS AGENCY leadership in (a) overall profitabilityOF THE YEAR AWARD of the organization and (b) promotingThe Effectiveness Agency of the Year societal values through integratedAward is a special award given in marketing communications andthis competition. Agencies that have overall management of business.at least 3 distinct winning entrieswill qualify for this award. *By nomination. The award may be given only once to the awardee.EFFECTIVENESS ADVERTISEROF THE YEAR AWARDThis is awarded to the winningadvertiser of the Carmencita EstebanPlatinum Award, the highest accoladegiven in this competition.
  8. 8. Awards CategoriesBEST SMALL BUDGET BEST INSIGHTS ANDBRAND CAMPAIGN STRATEGIC THINKINGIntegrated campaigns promoting Integrated campaigns that showproducts or services in the a deep understanding of consumersmall budget category. motivations, needs, desires, behavior, and brand experiences translatedBEST ESTABLISHED into a powerful and strategic brandBRAND CAMPAIGN communication program that led toIntegrated campaigns promoting dramatic business results.products or services in theestablished brand category. BEST TEENS BRAND CAMPAIGNBEST INNOVATIVE AND Integrated campaigns that promoteINTEGRATED MEDIA CAMPAIGN character formation of the youth andIntegrated campaigns that have inno- that foster moral uprightness amongvatively used multiple forms of media them (e.g., promotion of virtues suchrelevant to the target audiences and are as spirit of service, modesty, concernconsistent with the overall marketing for others, respect and love for parentscommunications objectives that and elders, optimism, perseverance,generate dramatic business results. sincerity, responsibility, and moderation).
  9. 9. BEST FAMILY-ORIENTED values, initiated by media companiesBRAND CAMPAIGN or media agencies.Integrated campaigns thatsupport and strengthen the family BEST ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN(e.g., promotion of marriage and Effective integrated advocacyfidelity, promotion of a culture campaigns that promote societal values.of life, love for elders and children,mutual respect, and sharing). BEST PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) INITIATED CAMPAIGNBEST FASHION Effective PR-initiated integratedBRAND CAMPAIGN campaigns that promote societal values.Effective integrated campaigns thatpromote clothing and accessories, BEST IN CREATIVE IDEAincluding shoes and perfumes, while AND EXECUTIONespousing values such as propriety, To showcase the UA&P Tambulimodesty, good taste, and elegance. Awards’ belief that promoting virtue need not be mundane or passé, this awardBEST MEDIA-INITIATED focuses on the creative approach takenCAMPAIGN to endorse societal values and the degreeEffective campaigns promoting to which it is successfully effected.
  10. 10. UA&P Tambuli AwardsAdvisory Board Javier Jose Calero Carmencita Esteban Chairman, Tambuli Awards President, Advisory Board / Chairman, Philippine Survey Full Circle Communications and Research CenterVicente Dinglasan Ramon Jimenez Eric Canoy Jaime PunoRelationship Partner, CEO and Senior Consultant, President, Former Chairman,IDS (Philippines), Inc. WOO Consultants Radio Mindanao Network President and CEO, Dentsu, Young and Rubicam—AlcantaraRaul Juan Esteban Herminio Ordoñez March Ventosa Bobby BarreiroManaging Director, Chairman Emeritus, Studio 23 and Cable Executive Vice PresidentPhilippine Survey Publicis Manila Channels Head, and Chief Operatingand Research Center ABS-CBN Officer, TV5 The UA&P Tambuli Awards Board of Judges will be composed of a distinct jury of CEO’s andAndre Kahn Francine Jerry Kliatchko, Ph.D. senior executives fromPresident, Calero-Racho, Ph.D. Dean, School of advertising agenciesJ. Romero & Associates Vice Dean, School of Communication, UA&P and client companies. Communication, UA&P
  11. 11. Entrants Judging ProcessAdvertising/communication All submitted case studies wouldagencies and clients that have undergo a pre-screening process.implemented integrated marketingcommunications campaigns for Shortlisted entries will be evaluatedthe period 01 January 2010 to 31 by the Board of Judges. EntriesDecember 2010 are all encouraged will be ranked independentlyto submit entries. and confidentially by each member on the basis of the following criteria:Advertising/communicationagencies must get client Ability to meet or surpass desiredendorsement to validate their entry. marketing objectives (25%) Ability to achieve or surpass marketing communications objectives (25%) Impact to promote societal values a. Presence of values (25%) b. Execution of values (25%)
  12. 12. Rules and Conditions1. Only integrated marketing third-party research. If the agencycommunications campaigns is the source of your research,released between 01 January you need to indicate “Agency2010 and 31 December 2010 Research,” including pertinentare qualified for the Tambuli details such as the date and placeAwards 2011. Campaigns may the research was conducted.have been introduced earlier but The Tambuli Awards Board hasmust have run during this period the right to verify the accuracy ofand have data relative to the your data with the referred source.qualifying time. Not referring to a source will result in disqualification.2. The entry form must be fullyaccomplished, including client 5. English translations mustand agency credits as well as be provided for Filipino words orendorsement signatures from phrases used in your case study.the client to validate the entry. 6. All text in your case study3. All entries must be in must be in black font for readability.typeface. Handwritten entries Colored fonts are not allowed.are not allowed. However, graphs and charts may be in colored font.4. Data presented in the Evidenceof Results section must refer to 7. All entries in the UA&P Tambulia specific source. This could be Awards from the Philippines shouldclient information or agency/ conform to the Philippine Code of
  13. 13. Ethics for Advertising as regulated 11. All entries are non-returnable.by the Advertising StandardsCouncil. Entries from other Asian 12. If the entries youcountries should conform to the submitted for the awards areethical standards of their respective subsequently published, thecountries’ regulating bodies. authors must acknowledge the UA&P Tambuli Awards.8. All entries must be workrendered for legitimate clients that 13. The UA&P Tambuli Awardshave paid for media placements. reserves the right to exclude entries that do not comply with the rules9. The decision of the judges and conditions listed above.is final, and no correspondence isallowed. Judges connected to an 14. A single entry may be submittedentry should exempt themselves to only a maximum of THREEfrom judging that entry. categories in this competition.10. It is understood that all entries 15. Only one gold, one silver,submitted to the UA&P Tambuli and one bronze may be awardedAwards may be used either in whole for each category. In case thereor part, in any way the organizers is a tie in certain categories,deem appropriate, including dupli- the Board of Judges may alsocation and publication, while honor- decide to give a maximum ofing at all times the confidentiality two silvers or bronzes.of specified information.
  14. 14. Fees Please submit all your entries to:The entry fee for each campaign The UA&P Tambuli Awards 2011per category is Php6,500.00. School of Communication 3/F College of Arts and Sciences Bldg.Entry fee for Asia-Pacific is US$190.00 University of Asia and the Pacific Pearl Drive, Ortigas CenterA separate fee is required for Pasig City, Philippineseach category in which the campaignis entered. For inquiries, you may contact Ms. Karla Pelayo at 6370912Please make the checks payable local 393 or via email atto University of Asia and the Pacific karla.pelayo@uap.asia.Foundation, Inc. You may visit thePayments made for wrong, UA&P Tambuli Awards website:disqualified or withdrawn entries www.tambuliawards.comare non-refundable. for more information.Key Dates31 March 2011 (Thursday)Deadline for submissionof case study entries08 June 2011 (Wednesday)UA&P Tambuli Awards 2011 Conference09 June 2011 (Thursday)UA&P Tambuli Awards 2011 Awards Night