How You Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts


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interlinkONE and Grow Socially CEO John Foley, Jr. delivered this presentation at the 2012 MFSA New York Chapter meeting in February.

The theme - "How You Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts" - and content was primarily geared to companies that provide mailing, fulfillment, or printing services.

Throughout the presentation, John covered items such as:

- How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

- Best Practices for Executing Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

- Tips, Tools, and Tricks for Finding Success

- Case Studies for Inspiration

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  • This is how the presentation has been promoted: - Come hear John Foley, Author, Consultant, and Industry Leader talk about our changing business as a printer and the new emerging model that is profitable and sustainable.You will leave with new ideas on how to transform your business and take advantage of the opportunities technology is enabling for printers that will make you more valuable to your customers, open doors to new customers, and into Blue Ocean Strategies.
  • Join us at Club 101 for our 2012 opener. Here’s your chance to start the New Year right with a strong program, a big crowd, a great dinner. As many mailers try to transform their business to one that offers full marketing services to their clients, it is vital that they use multi-channel and cross media in their own marketing efforts. During this presentation, John Foley will provide inspiration and insight to help mail, print, and fulfillment service providers do this successfully. He will share case studies, campaign ideas and more. 
  • Product: This is the physical product or service offered to the customer. It also refers to any services or conveniences that are part of the offering. So while the actual, physical end product may be a printed piece or a cross-media campaign, the ancillary services wrapped around its delivery are equally—if not more—important. This includes consulting, data analysis and many other components we have already discussed.• Price: Pricing decisions need to take into account profit margins and probable competitive responses. Pricing needs to incorporate not just the printing, but the value-added and professional services accompanying the offer. In many cases, pricing these new services on a cost-plus basis is missing the boat because the market value is often higher than cost-plus. Value-based pricing is more appropriate.• Promotion: Promotion decisions are those related to communicating and selling to potential consumers. Promotion decisions involve advertising, public relations, events, seminars, direct mail, email, social media, etc. In other words, marketing your services.• Place: Place simply refers to how you will sell your products to your customers. What you are selling will directly influence your distribution model. Do you have a walk-up retail bricks-and-mortar storefront? What channels are you using? What does your direct sales force look like? What vertical markets are you going after? And how does your Web storefront play into the mix?
  • Seminar Printed piece with PURLThey respond to website - event registrationEmail non-responders with link to event registration siteEmail confirmationPrint seminar attendee packetsRegistration list & packets provided to clientPost seminar email evaluation web event formRoute leads to sales repsSeminar ROI reporting
  • From the database you build yourself
  • Like, at the end of the process, the company had a full marketingdatabase
  • S
  • S
  • Here is a screenshot of their website.. Notice, they don’t feature pictures of their machines or their equipment.. They focus on value and benefits for their customers! - Smart marketing - Sales Growth - Target marketing - Making mailing and fulfillment EASY!
  • I spoke to my attorney (mind you for a short time as they are the best at billing). I'm always afraid to ask how his family is as it costs me $175 for 30 minutes of listening). But I asked him as he is a partner of the firm. His first response was, I really don’t care who like the game last night or that Susie went to dinner at Abe & Louies… I responded with Larry there are many uses for this in your business you should at least take a look to understand. You need to marketing and communicate someway right? There is a way that can argument what you do today. I don’t have the time to twitter or put up pictures all day. “ I responded I hope you have time to save your business against the competition then…..
  • Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers).
  • Here is how Twitter is used to promote a white paper…..
  • The search function allows you to find out when people are talking about you, your company, or about a certain topic.
  • Audience is not huge, but…Google is incorporating it with other Apps (Gmail, Docs, Reader)Get an invite/Create a profileConnect with marketers (lots of them there)
  • Think about what your audience cares about!Then, identify how the things you talk about in social networks can help to solve their needds.
  • Forty percent of mobile consumers over 18 in the U.S. now have smartphones, according to July 2011 data from Nielsen. Android is the most popular operating system, with 40 percent of mobile consumers reporting they have a smartphone with an Android OS. Apple’s iOS is in second place, with 28 percent.
  • I spoke to my attorney (mind you for a short time as they are the best at billing). I'm always afraid to ask how his family is as it costs me $175 for 30 minutes of listening). But I asked him as he is a partner of the firm. His first response was, I really don’t care who like the game last night or that Susie went to dinner at Abe & Louies… I responded with Larry there are many uses for this in your business you should at least take a look to understand. You need to marketing and communicate someway right? There is a way that can argument what you do today. I don’t have the time to twitter or put up pictures all day. “ I responded I hope you have time to save your business against the competition then…..
  • How You Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

    1. 1. John Foley, Jr. CEO, Founder interlinkONEGrow Socially, Inc.
    2. 2. John Foley, Jr. - Introduction I love Mar(H)keting!
    3. 3. John Foley, Jr. - interlinkONE
    4. 4. John Foley, Jr. – Grow Socially
    5. 5. The Book  Strategies, Plans, Case Studies Campaign Ideas, and More.  A guide to help you grow your business! P.S. Mail & Fulfillment- Focused book coming soon!
    6. 6. Another Book  Strategies, Plans, Case Studies Campaign Ideas, and More.  A guide to help you grow your business!
    7. 7. Today’s Presentation!How we will win theSuper Bowl!
    8. 8. How you can improve your own marketing efforts… What Marketing Challenges Do You Face?
    9. 9. Possible Challenges No Plan Lack of Internal Resources You’re primarily used to business coming to you Not familiar enough with new channels (social, mobile) “I need to sell marketing services. Everyone just thinks of me as their mail/fulfillment/print provider.”
    10. 10. One More Challenge “People tend to prefer to sell the products they find easiest to sell to customers who offer the least line of resistance.”Source:
    11. 11. What’s on the AgendaThe Marketing PlanExecution and ToolsFinal Thoughts
    12. 12. It Starts in your Business Plan• Multi-Channel Mix• Goals & Strategies• Competitive Research• Advertising & Promotion
    13. 13. Marketing Plan - Why?1. To identify sources of competitive advantage2. To force an organized approach3. To ensure consistent relationships4. To obtain resources needed to implement plans5. Brand and Awareness of your offerings6. Drive inquiries to sales!
    14. 14. The Marketing Plan
    15. 15. Marketing Calendar: Take 1 Announce Mail - Send out on website Monthly flyers to Newsletter clients Phone Calls Email eNewsletter (Announce) Tell Expo Event colleagues 8AM-6PM you’re attending Send thank Enter new you cards contacts in CRM
    16. 16. Marketing Calendar: Take 2 Create Announce Announce on Mail - Send out Post, Link on website & Monthly flyers to back to Newsletter clients website Comment on Connect with Share event Email event’s Keynote article on eNewsletter page Speakers on (Announce) Announce Tell Share event Join in on Expo Event booth # colleagues article on event’s 8AM-6PM with you’re hashtag video post attending Send thank Enter new Follow-Up Share Friend new you cards contacts in with speaking contacts on Excel Post & Post presentation Pictures on
    17. 17. Multi-Channel Campaign Let’s look at a service provider that ran a successful multi- channel marketing campaign.
    18. 18. Campaign Summary This service provider was hosting an event/seminar. The target audience consisted of marketing agencies, designers, and consultants.
    19. 19. Integrated, Multi-Channel Campaign PRINTEGR8 Customers Prospects Associates Print Email Web Print Mobile Invitation Social Direct Mail Postcard Flyer Banner Ad Mobile Ad SMS/Text Email Media Invitation PURL Landing Landing Landing Inbound Landing/ Response QR Code Reply Text Page Page Page Calls Page Page
    20. 20. All Efforts Pointed to Registration Page Prospect List A Procured Marketing Existing Customers B Agency List C Responders Non-Responders. Registration D C B A Web Site A B C D Drive back to website through medias
    21. 21. Multi-Channel Promotion Print / Direct Mail Twitter - PURLs - QR Codes Facebook EMail
    22. 22. The Direct Mail Piece
    23. 23. The Landing Page
    24. 24. The Response Page
    25. 25. Thank You Page
    26. 26. Email Notification to Sales Rep
    27. 27. Reporting Dashboard
    28. 28. What did people respond to?
    29. 29. What groups responded?
    30. 30. Landing Page ResponsesWho visited the page?Who responded?Who did not?
    31. 31. Responses: Who are they?
    32. 32. E-Mail Blast Results
    33. 33. Cost per Lead
    34. 34. Campaign Takeaways It’s a multi-channel world… … and our marketing efforts have to reflect that! If we want people to buy marketing services from us, we need to eat our own dog food.
    35. 35. Data, Techniques, and Tools
    36. 36. Question for you…Where can you get the best marketing data for your company?
    37. 37. Building a Better Database At the end of the Each landing page process the asked for a different company had a full piece of information. marketing database. XYZCompany Bob Email •Email Address •First & Last Name Landing Page #1 •Mailing Address •Language The company started •Birthday with only one piece of Landing Page #2 •Preferred E-Mail information – Type: HTML or an email address Text •Favorite Color Landing Page #3 •Favorite Style
    38. 38. Next:Techniques and Tools That We Can Use
    39. 39. Outbound Marketing
    40. 40. Inbound Marketing Blogs, Websites, SEO, Social Media!
    41. 41. Content Marketing:Part of Inbound Marketing Source:
    42. 42. Inbound Goal: Drive Sales!
    43. 43. Why Should We Use Those Tools? Our Customers and Prospects Use Them! They help to change how people think of us --- more than just a printer They give us practice for selling and executing solutions instead of commodities.
    44. 44. Social Media Statistics  800 Million Users on Facebook 250 Million Tweets Sent Per DayNOTE: As of September 2011
    45. 45. Social Media Statistics 60+ Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube every minute (#2 search engine)  90 million users on Google+ in 6 months
    46. 46. By the Numbers: Google 34,000 searches per second 2 million per minute 121 million per hour 3 billion per day 88 billion per month Source:
    47. 47. Can Those Tools Actually Help Service Providers?Let’s look at Some Examples!
    48. 48. H & H Graphics Group Lancaster, PA Provides mailing, fulfillment, print… and multi-channel marketing services!
    49. 49. Facebook Humanizing their brandCustomBackground…with ValueStatementsEngaging withCustomers, Vendors, Prospects
    50. 50. Videos That Tell Their Story
    51. 51. Website: Focused on Benefits
    52. 52. CustomXM Little Rock, Arkansas Paul Strack - @Pstrack
    53. 53. Website: Engaging & Social
    54. 54. CustomXM’s Tips for Twitter
    55. 55. CustomXM Tip: Listen!
    56. 56. Social Media Creates Chatter
    57. 57. Best Practices for Twitter Actively participate & engage Share information! Pictures, links, videos Be a thought leader, be yourself, show the human side of your business Review efforts & measure results
    58. 58. Sorrento Mesa San Diego, CA Small Company Lots of Success Active in Social Media - Personal & Professional
    59. 59. Facebook Consistent Postings Variety of Content Shared
    60. 60. Social and Interactive
    61. 61. LinkedIn Profile Tips Customize Your Website Links Add Your Twitter Account Personalize Your Public Profile URL Add Skills (beta) Groups and Associations Honors and Awards
    62. 62. LinkedIn Best Practices Research Companies You Want as Clients Research Prospects by Title and Location Learn About Your Prospect Before You Meet Ask for Introductions From Your Network Integrate With CRM to Stay Current
    63. 63. Printing Center USA Primarily an online printer Located in Montana Quite active on social media
    64. 64. Twitter Activity is High!
    65. 65. Variety of Content in Tweets
    66. 66. Online Video
    67. 67. Email & Social Integrated
    68. 68. Execution Time… How Can You UseThese Tools in Your Business?
    69. 69. Let’s Start With Social Media
    70. 70. Social Media: Why?►The target audience is there►More prospects to sell to►Generate interest in your brand►Build your brand►Loyalty►Position your company►Customer Service►Another Channel►More …
    71. 71. Optimize / Social Friendly Get Noticed eNewsletter Sign-Ups White Papers Offers Emails Polls Blogs Landing Pages Inquiries Engage and Nurture Qualified and Budgeted Engage Start with MKTG and Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Plan Buyers NurtureAction – Publish – Engage – Converse – Share Product? Social Media Blogging Analytics Service? Content Mgmt SEO Asset? $ Questions or Comments? Copyright © 2010 Grow Socially, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011 Phone 1.800.948.0113 Email
    72. 72. Strategy before Tactics! Step 1: Describe the Business Step 2: Business Goal Step 3: Where Is the Audience Cyclically? Step 4: How Does the Audience Use Social Media? Step 5: The One Thing Step 6: How Will You Humanize the Brand Step 7: Content Resource and Distribution Strategy Step 8: How Will You Measure Success?
    73. 73. Tools You Should Use Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Google+?
    74. 74. How Can Twitter Help? You can share valuable information - become a Thought Leader Find, research, & engage with prospects and customers
    75. 75. Distribute Key Information
    76. 76. Learn about Prospects on Twitter
    77. 77.►Use it to find potential prospects
    78. 78. How Can Facebook Help? There are 800 million people there! Opportunity to Humanize Your Brand
    79. 79. Create a Company Page Logo Name Content
    80. 80. How Can YouTube Help Creating HD video is cheaper and easier than ever It’s the world’s #2 Search Engine! Humanize Your Brand
    81. 81. Create Your Own Channel
    82. 82. What To Talk About Promote Event News Discuss Topics in Your Industry Share your Company’s Story!
    83. 83. How Can LinkedIn Help? Like an online Chamber of Commerce event Ripe for Prospecting and Engaging Opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader
    84. 84. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile Upload your photo! Add Company’s Website & Add BlogTwitterName Personalized URL
    85. 85. Get Involved in Groups
    86. 86. Getting Started with Google+-Audience isgrowing!-Connect withmarketers (lots ofthem there)-You can make apage for yourbusiness, too!
    87. 87. What should you talk about?►Community►Conversation►Networking►Relevant Information►Relationships►Customer Service►Immediate Information
    88. 88. Talk About Hot Topics & Value
    89. 89. Make a Keyword Library Maintain a List of Keywords Share them with your team Use them in blogs, tweets, YouTube posts etc Use them in your social profiles/bios
    90. 90. Tip: Use Print & Mail to PromoteYour Social Networking Presence Do not rely on “build it and they will come”! Print can be used to drive people to your online marketing efforts.
    91. 91. Tip! CRM/Social Intelligence
    92. 92. Fundamentals for Social Media1. Build your network2. Engage with the network you have built3. Be relevant4. Be consistent5. Track and analyze
    93. 93. Marketing Ourselves with Mobile
    94. 94. First! QR Codes
    95. 95. Why QR Codes – Smartphone Ownership! Source: Nielsen: Q3 2011 State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report
    96. 96. QR = “Quick Response” Quote from 9/1: “Nearly one third of all USPS Standard Mail in the past two months contained a QR code”Source:
    97. 97. Mobilize Your Content
    98. 98. Mobile Solution: iFlyMobi Easily Build Mobile Websites WYSIWYG Editor: Text, Links, Videos, Images, & More Form Builder –Surveys & Leads Real-Time Reporting White Label Program!
    99. 99. Mobile Forms Create mobile forms for surveys, inquiries, l ead generation, submitti ng claims, and more
    100. 100. Build Your Network with Mobile!
    101. 101. Measurement & Reporting # of Scans Date/Time Device
    102. 102. Are you ready for Sunday?
    103. 103. Walk the Talk►Follow Your Marketing Plan►Self Promote►Multi-Channel►Multi-Media►E-Newsletters►Campaigns►Nurture►Personalize 1 to 1►Etc…
    104. 104. How can you marketing your ownmarketing efforts? Appoint a resource , In-house?, Hire? Outsource? Start with a plan – Write it, execute it, Measure it Calendar Understand how inbound marketing works
    105. 105. Read the Book 
    106. 106. THANK YOU! Questions?
    107. 107. Q & A / Contact Me!: QRCode
    108. 108. Learn More! interlnkONE: Grow Socially: iFlyMobi: Qreate & Track: The Book:
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