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How Social Media Works for the Channel [Global Channel Partners Summit]
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How Social Media Works for the Channel [Global Channel Partners Summit]


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At the 2012 Global Channel Partners Summit (which was held at Graph Expo in Chicago), interlinkONE and Grow Socially CEO John Foley, Jr. delivered the presentation "How Social Media Works for the …

At the 2012 Global Channel Partners Summit (which was held at Graph Expo in Chicago), interlinkONE and Grow Socially CEO John Foley, Jr. delivered the presentation "How Social Media Works for the Channel".

He provided an overview of strategies, tactics, tools, and tips that can be used to achieve success with social media in the channel environment.

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  • Description we provided: John will provide strategies and tactics that attendees can implement to incorporate social media into their sales process. John will discuss finding and connecting with prospects online, providing relevant content, and generating leads & sales.
  • During this slide, you would talk about the beginning part of your book… where you have stories about how your wife, kids, Dad, etc. react to different medias.
  • It’s more than just having a Facebook page.It’s more than just being on Twitter.It’s more than just knowing how to watch videos of cute kittens on YouTube.Social Media can mean business for you!How people communicate, Target like-minded prospects, Communicate with customers
  • What’s Your One Thing?What’s the soul of your brand. What’s the one thing that defines you – and it’s not features and benefits. Volvo = Safety. Apple = Innovation. Disney = Magic. What’s on the other side of your = sign?Note: This is not easy to figure out. You may need to engage in some brand anthropology, and have an agency help you find your one thing.
  • Social media is about people, not logos. How will you let down your guard? If you’re a small company, congratulations, this should be pretty easy. If you’re a big company, how can you act small again?
  • Lots of ways to measure social media success, so make sure you determine your key metrics BEFORE you get started. I recommend picking three solid metrics to track. Appropriate metrics differ based on what your objective is for the program.
  • Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers).
  • Here is how Tiwtter is used to promote a white paper…..
  • Transcript

    • 1. How Social Media By John Foley, Jr. Works forCEO, Grow Socially and interlinkONE the Channel
    • 2. First… THANK YOU!• For Being Here!• For Being Willing to Learn and Engage!• For Liking My Boston Accent!
    • 3. Today’s Overview• Brief Introduction• The Marketing Landscape• How You Can Find Social Media Success• Final Thoughts and Questions
    • 4. BriefIntroduction
    • 5. Intro: John Foley, Jr.• Grow Socially, Inc. I love – Online Marketing/Social Media Mar(H)keting! – Website Design & Hosting – Email Marketing – Booth 1072• interlinkONE – Enterprise Marketing Management Software – Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all activities – Booth 1071
    • 6. Accolades• Jetsetter Status on FourSquare• Ranked #16 as a Top CMO on Twitter in 2012• 2nd runner up for this year’s B2B Twitterer of the Year Award for the B2B “Boss Tweet” Personality Category• One of the 50 most influential people in Sales Lead Management by SLMA in 2012
    • 7. The BooksPrinters- Business Transformation Mailers, Fulfillment Providers - Business Transformation All Businesses - Untethered Marketing
    • 8. TheMarketingLandscape
    • 9. Communications Today• “Kitchen Table Effect”• Generational Differences
    • 10. Online Marketing Statistics 955 Million Users on Facebook 400 Million Tweets Sent Per Day 72+ Hours of Video Uploaded every minute 170 million users 12 million users… and it’s addictive! 80 million users… and sold for $1 billion! NOTE: As of July 2012: and
    • 11. But Wait!!!• All of the statistics and charts in the world do not really mean anything unless you can turn them into business.• Social media success starts here ---> Understand Inbound Marketing.
    • 12. Inbound Marketing is a Game-Changer!“Inbound marketing isa strategy that focuses onattracting prospectivecustomers by offeringuseful information.”Social media is a huge partof inbound marketing!
    • 13. Content: Essential toInbound/Social Efforts Source:
    • 14. When Done Right, These Efforts Drive INQUIRIES!
    • 15. Get Noticed Optimize / Social Friendly eNewsletter Sign-Ups White Papers Offers Emails Polls Blogs Landing Pages Inquiries Engage and Nurture Qualified and Budgeted Start with MKTG Engage and Action – Publish – Engage– Plan Buyers Nurture Converse – Share Product?Stories, Information, Social Media posts Blogging Service? Analytics Asset? Content Management SEO $ Questions or Comments? Copyright © 2010 Grow Socially, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2012 Phone 1.800.948.0113 Email
    • 16. Let’s Get the Big Question Out of the Way:• Can social media and inbound marketing actually work for Channel Sales?• The answer is YES – Here are three reasons why that’s true…
    • 17. Reason #1• Social media works best when people connect directly around topics they are passionate about. … Channel Relationships are often on focused on specific areas. People are often passionately looking for answers & solutions about those items.
    • 18. Reason #2• Social Media communities thrive around joint-learning versus overt sales pitches. … Channel partners have insight. They also have an independence that provides both authority and authenticity.
    • 19. Reason #3• Social Media success is often connected to positioning oneself as a thought- leader. …Channel partners know their niche and know their clients! They can deliver the right information at the right time.
    • 20. Example:• “VMware sees a huge opportunity with social networks. Our partners know better than anyone the substantial savings end- users get from leveraging VMware’s offerings, so the more they are out talking about the success they’ve had and answering people’s questions, the better it is for everyone.”Lisa Caratozzolo,Partner Communications Manager, VMWare
    • 21. How This Process Can Work• Content is provided to channel partners on an ongoing basis (some created by partner).• Partners push content to their social networks, as if they had written it themselves. Image Credit:• Partners follow up on the discussions that ensue.
    • 22. How YOU CanFind SocialMedia Success
    • 23. Social Media Provides Opportunities For:• Community Building & Relationships• Conversation• Networking• Marketing• Customer Service• Delivering Immediate Information
    • 24. Steps to Social Media Success• Create a Strategy (PLAN)• EXECUTE Remember Execution• Measure TRUMPS Strategy
    • 25. Plan! Strategy before Tactics! Step 1: Describe the Business, Service, Solution Step 2: Business, Service, Solution Goal Step 3: Where Is the Audience Cyclically? Step 4: How Does the Audience Use Social Media? Step 5: The Key Words Step 6: How Will You Humanize the Brand Step 7: Content Resource and Distribution Strategy Step 8: How Will You Measure Success?
    • 26. Key Social Media Element: Content• Use social media as more than a place to post Press Releases….• Rather, serve up relevant content that can help your audience find answers to their questions!
    • 27. Content Resource Library Visit Resources Daily Content Content A C Content BPull Content Make Links Measurable Push Content Out Content Distribution Strategy • Resources are monitored. Content is identified and pulled, made trackable, and pushed out across platforms.
    • 28. The “Key” Words Apple = Innovation Disney = MagiciPOD, iPhone, iPad, Jobs, Steve Jobs, etc. Mickey Mouse, Animal Kingdom, Florida, Roller Coasters, etc.
    • 29. Humanize Your Brand
    • 30. How to Measure Success?• How many – Downloads – eNewsletter Sign-Ups – Blog Comments – Questions – Shared Links – Re-Tweets – Followers – Site Traffic – Show me the money
    • 31. Tools for Measuring Effectiveness• Link Shorteners – iLink.Me• Website Traffic – Google Analytics• Insights – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube• Listening Tools – Viral Heat, Radian6, Google Alerts
    • 32. Next: Specific Business Building Tips• LinkedIn• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube
    • 33. LinkedIn Overview• A business-oriented social networking site• Provides opportunities to position you as a thought- leader• Contains a number of under-utilized features!
    • 34. LinkedIn Tip:Update your Status Daily!
    • 35. LinkedIn Tip: Complete Your Profile
    • 36. Facebook Overview• The most popular social network by far• Continues to evolve into a place where both personal and professional success can be found.
    • 37. Facebook Tip:Personal and Professional Content
    • 38. Twitter Overview• Continues to grow as a tremendous way to share content and to engage with others.• Features such as Search and Lists provide learning opportunities!
    • 39. Use Twitter to Spread the Word
    • 40. Twitter Tip: Engage & Connect! • Find your audience in #PrintChat, #FuturePrint, and more. • Share info to become a thought- leader!
    • 41. Tip: to Find People
    • 42. YouTube Overview• Allows you to share videos that highlight you what you offer – products, services, and knowledge.• It’s also the world’s #2 search engine!
    • 43. YouTube: Tips for Success• Discuss topics that you are an expert on… and that your audience is looking for answers on. Be consistent!
    • 44. Four Fundamentals of all Networks1. Find your Audience / Build your network2. Engage with the network you have built3. Be consistent4. Track and analyze
    • 45. Align Tactics with GoalsTactic Goal Key StepsFacebook Fan page Increase awareness of Post once a day; Custom services, generate leads Tab for demo registrationTwitter company page Become a thought Post multiple times leader, provide support daily; share marketing- related news; active listeningYouTube Profile Humanize brand; create Film weekly video of demand employee(s); create screencasts of customer successesPinterest Drive website traffic! Create boards to highlight portfolio work
    • 46. Be Committed• Social Media often requires daily attention• Prioritize: RELEVANT Content creation, listening, & engaging!• Measure & Adjust
    • 47. Final Thoughtsand Questions
    • 48. This Takes Planning: Calendar #1 Announce Mail -Send out on website Monthlyflyers to Newsletterclients Email eNewsletter (Announce) Tell Expo Event colleagues 8AM-6PM you’re attending Send thank Enter new you cards contacts in Excel
    • 49. This Takes Planning: Calendar #2 Create Announce Announce on Mail - Send out Post, Link on website & Monthly flyers to back to Newsletter clients website Comment on Connect with Share event Email event’s Keynote article on eNewsletter page Speakers on (Announce)Announce Tell Share event Join in on Expo Eventbooth # colleagues article on event’s 8AM-6PMwith you’re hashtagvideo post attending Send thank Enter newFollow-Up Share Friend new you cards contacts inwith speaking contacts on ExcelPost & Post presentationPictures on
    • 50. Wrap Up• Start with a Plan & Strategy• Find, Create, and Share Content that is Relevant to your Audience.• Be Ready to Follow-up!• Measure the Results!
    • 51. Action Items: #1• Social Media: Strategize, Plan, and Align Tactics with your Goals.
    • 52. Action Items: #2• Spend time finding your audience across various social networks --- and start engaging.
    • 53. Action Items: #3• Devote time to creating content, sharing, and measuring its effectiveness.
    • 54. Action Items: #4• Don’t Wait… Get Started TODAY!
    • 55. Resources for You• Free White Paper on Inbound Marketing!
    • 56. Q & A / Contact Me!: QR Code
    • 57. Thank You!Visit us at Booth1071 and 1072!