10 Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes


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During this presentation, interlinkONE CMO Jason Pinto presented "10 Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes".

He covers a variety of topics, including:
- A/B Testing
- Landing Page Optimization
- Online Marketing Audits
- Direct Mail & QR Codes
- Mobile Websites
- Social Media Monitoring
- And more...

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  • Quick personal introduction
  • So.. Real quick! Who are we?Two companies. interlinkONE and Grow Socially. One provides marketing software, one provides marketing services.If you want tolearn more, you can absoltuely visit our websites.But we will also be at Graph Expo!!!
  • So before we dive into the ideas… here are just a few things to kind of set the expectations for what we are going to share.And I will also be completely honestly --- some of these I still need to implement myself! Some have been on my list for a little while!So just in saying that, I certainly want you to be able to put these ideas into practice, but I also completely understand that most of us are doing more with less, trying to deal with shifting priorities on a constant basis, and trying to focus on the things that we know drive revenue.
  • To many companies, a newsletter is one of the best marketing activities that they can work on each month.They have a subscriber list of people that have expressed some sort of interest in their company, products, and/or services.They have full permission to send content to those people!But often, they don’t do enough to build that database. Primarily, they may only have a Newsletter Subscribe button on the home page.
  • So, how can you expand beyond the Home page-only Newsletter Sign up option?Think about all of the other channels that you do have. For one, your landing pages and other registration forms. Maybe it’s a Contact Us page, a White Paper registration form, a Demo Request. Those are all important touchpoints and communication opportunities with your clients. Also, we should use social media as a way to promote it. Whether it’s through tweeting about it, encouraging people on our Facebook page, or on other channels. Of course, in the example I posted, I like that they mentioned it… but just as a tip, one thing that could help, no matter what channel we are using to promote something, don’t just ask someone to join the newsletteer, but give them a reason! Will they get tips, free advice? Qualify for a coupon?And then of course, even if our newsletter is only going to be sent electronically, you can still use Print to promote it! Here’s an example of that, with a QR Code, that could help instantly drive someone to a sign-up page on their phone.
  • So… what features does LinkedIn provide that extend beyond just connecting with people: - LinkedIn Today: Awesome news aggregator. If you are ovewhelmed by finding content to share, or finding content that can help you, I swear this is a source that really never lets me down. - Groups: This is really a two-step process. First, you need to find and join the right groups. But don’t just join groups that apply to your industry,… find ones that yoru customers are in. You need to be in both places, not just where you are comfortable.Also, you must be willing to share content. For me, it’s so easy to share articles on Twitter. And even on Facebook and Google +. But I do get a bit skittish about doing it in Groups. And here’s why: because oftentimes, people acutallycommetn! And ask questions! And best of all, that means they read and click  So it really is important to try to push back on the hesitation that we have,and recognize that it’s okay to share informative material there, and also to comment on other people’s comments.And last but not least, the Questions and Answers section. This is where you have a great opportnity to find prospects and customers, and position yourself as a Thought Leader.Notce the number of Answers too. I think that’s a good thing! I love Twitter, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I do feel like I’m tweeting down a well… that no one will ever see it. Well here, with the Q&A, you are almost always going to see engagement from folks. That means that there’s a good chance the right eyeballs will see your name, your company name, and your content… and hopefully start thinking of you as a Thought Leader
  • Google Alerts.. Very simple process to set up and manage. It’s absolutely free.And then to see an example, I get emails once a day or throughout the day that alert me to content. Here’s one about my boss, John Foley. Why would I want this? Well, for one, as you can see here, John uploaded a video about an upcoming conference. As an employee, or a sales rep, I shouldn’t need John to tell me that he did that. I should be able to find out. He’s the boss, he’s going to expect that.Also, if other people talk about him, good or bad, I will know as well.
  • We used the A/B Split testing technique to try to determine would Subject Line would be most effective in regards to creating engagement.Test A: Sent to 50 people with the subject line “Thank You from the Generation Smile Team”Test B: Sent to 50 people with a subject line of “Let Generation Smile Treat Your Family to a Night Out!”Though both had very good open rates of 53% (A) and 49% (B), Test B generated more clicks to the Facebook page than Test B. Based on these results, the remaining contacts on their list were sent the email blast with subject line B – “Let Generation Smile Treat Your Family to a Night Out!”. The final email had an amazing 44.76% open rate!
  • So, why have an audit…. Well for one, just on a practical level across any marketing channel, we have to recognize that the world of communications changes very fast… and we must be willing to not just rely on what’s worked for us for a long time.But let’s think about the worlds of social media and mobile for a second. - Let’s say you love your company’s Facebook page. It’s been delivering results, engaging users for a year now. Your LIKES have gone up because you have a custom tab.Well, if you’re not taking the time to pay attention to what’s changing with these networks, to audit what you might already might have missed or might be ready to miss, you might have missed out on the news that Facebook is rolling out Timeline for Brands at the end of the month.What that specifcially means is that there are certain things that you do now that you can no longer do, and there are things that you’ll now need to put the effort into doing.
  • Let’s actually look at an example of what an Audit could entail. Let’s say you have a Twitter page for your company. Maybe you left a conference, or a webinar like this one, and came away fired up about twitter. You created a page… and maybe you’re doing some stuff to it , when you get to it.Well, an audit would help you to view your page from the perspective of an outside, your customer or prospect. But it also could help you to identify other settings and features that you could take advantage of.
  • Now here’s one example… direct mail that can be generated and driven primarily by smartphone apps. There’s a great video that I think helps to demonstrate the relevancy of print and the power of direct mail. And it is on a personal level.But I still think there’s a business aspect to it as well. Think about the last time you attended a trade show. I’m willing to bet that when you returned home, you were bombarded with emails from companies that you talked to. I bet you received nary one piece of direct mail from them.Think about the opportunity that creates. If you’re capturing moments from a trade show on your phone, you can easily use those to create direct mail pieces that will capture the attention of your prospects and customers and establish an emotional connection.
  • But when it comes to inbound and content marketing, many companies feel that they want to join the content marketing craze but they don't have any content to market. Is that really true? Do they really have to generate everything from scratch?
  • Content that can be repurposed:
  • Well, here’s a great example. There are a billion articles about QR Codes now! Blogs, press releases, and more.Well, look how high one of our Slideshare presentation ranks in the search for that phrase. That’s really what we are all trying to do with our other channels. And here’s a great example of how it can help and work to our benefit.
  • Alright, I love QR Codes. Many of you might already know that. And I am not trying to pretend that there are not other tehcnologies that may come along that are better than them, or that may replace them!
  • If we are currently only looking at traffic, the number of visitors, please know that there are plenty of other tools and services out there that can help you to find more data about your visitors.If your website doesn’t already have them plugged in, I know some great sales reps in the Grow Socially office that would love to help get you on that path 
  • And this can start off as basic as this… start keeping the data
  • 10 Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes

    1. 1. Presented by interlinkONE and Grow Socially
    2. 2. Quick Introduction@JasonPintoCMO,interlinkONE
    3. 3. Who We Are Grow Socially  Online Marketing  Website Design  Social Media  Consulting and Strategic Planning  http://GrowSocially.com interlinkONE  Marketing Software  Warehouse Management Software  QR Code Management  Mobile Website Builder  http://interlinkONE.com
    4. 4. See you at Dscoop7? Booth 610 – iPad Demonstration! Friday, 11:15am: “Selling Solutions in a Multi-Channel World” Friday, 4:45 PM “The Three-Legged Stool: Social Media, SEO, and Your Website”
    5. 5. The Ideas That We Will Share… Some you may have heard before… Some you may already be doing… … But they are all designed to support your marketing efforts, make your job easier, and help you achieve business objectives.
    6. 6. Idea #1Actively use multiple channels tobuild your newsletter subscriber list.
    7. 7. Newsletter: Use Multiple Channels
    8. 8. Idea #2Use LinkedIn as more than just aplace to gather connections, but as away to learn, engage, and share.
    9. 9. LinkedIn: Other Features News Aggregator Questions and Answers Groups: Share Content
    10. 10. Idea #3Build and follow an EditorialCalendar for your Blog.
    11. 11. Why Many Do Not Blog
    12. 12. Editorial Calendar
    13. 13. Idea #4Use Google Alerts & Twitter Searchto monitor your company, key staff,competitors, and industry trends.
    14. 14. Google Alerts
    15. 15. Twitter Search #dscoop7
    16. 16. Idea #5Create Mobile versions of your keyonline content: website, landingpages, and emails.
    17. 17. Your Corporate Website = Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23844524@N03/5002051362/
    18. 18. Registration Pages
    19. 19. When to Make the Mobile Move Source: Morgan Stanley
    20. 20. Is Your Audience Ahead of You? Mobile Device Report via Google Analytics
    21. 21. Idea #6Be determined to perform A/BTesting on Emails and Landing PageRegistration Forms.
    22. 22. Tips for Landing Page Greatness Clear and Emphasized Call to Action Online content should match offline message Simply design to help the visitor stay focused Eliminate barriers to entry Test, Test, Test
    23. 23. Landing Page Example Simple and compelling directionsClearly Defined Call to ActionKey Benefits Highlighted Form on the page
    24. 24. Email A/B Testing
    25. 25. Idea #7Have an Online Marketing Audit Conducted.. And plan to take quick action.
    26. 26. Can social media get out of focus?
    27. 27. 1. Custom Background2. Missing Bio with Keywords3. Follow Prospects4. Consistency?5. Link Shorteners?6. Hashtags?7. Photo Gallery?
    28. 28. Idea #8When everyone else seems to have stopped sending direct mail, get your customer’s attention by actually doing it!
    29. 29. Direct Mail via Smartphone Apps http://ilnk.me/Postagram
    30. 30. Direct Mail with QR Codes
    31. 31. USPS Promotion
    32. 32. Idea #9Convert your latest PowerPoint presentation into an eBook… and use it as a lead-generation tool.
    33. 33. Inbound & Content Marketing Source: http://mashable.com/2011/10/30/inbound-outbound-marketing/
    34. 34. Your Hidden Content Engine Presentations created by Sales Reps White Papers created for industry conferences Answers to questions by customer support reps Spreadsheet Templates for Internal Use Articles and quotes used in magazines, PR coverage Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7552532@N07/4194457898/
    35. 35. Extend Life of Presentations
    36. 36. Why Share?
    37. 37. Need more ideas? http://ContentRulesBook.com
    38. 38. Idea #10Don’t give up on QR Codes, because....
    39. 39. They can work! QR Code Best Practices:  Shorten the URL  Provide Directions & Incentive  Mobilize Your Content  Measure it!
    40. 40. Bonus IdeaLook beyond basic Website Analytics Reporting
    41. 41. Acquainted with your Audience?
    42. 42. Bonus IdeaIntegrate Social CRM into your Business
    43. 43. Sales Reps and CRM Data
    44. 44. Bonus Tips Don’t get blinded by hype. But certainly be willing to invest some time and measure everything! ? Re-focus on integration --- between channels, databases, and other technologies.
    45. 45. See you at Dscoop7? Booth 610 – iPad Demonstration! Friday, 11:15am: “Selling Solutions in a Multi-Channel World” Friday, 4:45 PM “The Three-Legged Stool: Social Media, SEO, and Your Website”
    46. 46. Need More Information? interlinkONE.com GrowSocially.com iFlyMobi.com QReateAndTrack.com
    47. 47. We’ll email you the recording and slides shortly!