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  • Interculturalism implies that we plan with and not just for our diverse communities and that we actively engage with managing differences in our practice
    We conducted research this spring to understand whether the concept of cultural competency, frequently applied in the field of public health, has found its place in planning curricula
    I give an overview of what culturally competent planning is, share highlights from our study’s findings, and discuss its implications for the future
  • Martin Pillsbury

    1. 1. Planning for the INTERcultural City Practice + Visions Tufts University Intercultural Planning Group October 22, 2010
    2. 2. Martin Pillsbury, Environmental Division Manager, Metropolitan Area Planning Council Planning for the INTERcultural City
    3. 3. Mulitlingual Public Health Outreach on the Nyanza-Sudbury River Mercury Contamination MetroWest Regional Collaborative Funded by the MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation
    4. 4. Background: Nyanza site, Ashland, MA  EPA Superfund hazardous waste site  Dye manufacturing operation, closed in 1978  Mercury released to the Sudbury River for decades  Sediments, water, fish, and wildlife are contaminated  Mercury has migrated downstream through Ashland, Framingham, Sudbury, Wayland, Lincoln, & Concord, MA
    5. 5. Nyanza Public Health Impacts  Fish consumption is the human health pathway of concern  Prenatal and infant mercury exposure can cause mental retardation, cerebral palsy, deafness and blindness  Even in low doses, mercury may cause learning disabilities  In adults, mercury can affect fertility, blood pressure, memory loss, tremors, and vision loss
    6. 6. “ETHNIC” ANGLER FISH CONSUMPTION RATES Adult 70 g/day Child 28 g/day RECREATIONAL ANGLER FISH CONSUMPTION RATES Adult 13 g/day Child 6 g/day
    7. 7. Focus on “Ethnic Anglers”  Framingham area is home to significant immigrant population, particularly Brazilians and Latinos  Anecdotal evidence that immigrant anglers are active fishermen on the Sudbury River  Concern that many of them consume fish at a high rate  Concern that standard government health warnings (signage along the river) may not be effective
    8. 8. So how do we get the message to those who need it? Current public outreach may not be terribly effective…
    9. 9. Fishing for Health Campaign FOCUS GROUP SUMMARY Focus Group of Brazilian Fishermen & Wives Conducted by MAPA Translation Services Framingham, MA February 7, 2010
    10. 10. QUESTIONS Michel Cléber/ Tânia Romildo / Sônia Benny Clécio Marco Fernando Area of the River You Fish? Fram/ Sudbury Line Route 20 Off of Central St/ Framingham N. Fram. Ashland Rte 135 Rte 126 Rt. 126 Do You Know about the Health Risks? No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes What Do You Think of the Signs? Ignore them Ignore them Ignore them Ignore them Ignore them Ignore them Ignore them Do you Catch & Release or Eat the Fish? Eat Eat Eat (wife does not) NO (Used to) Eat Eat Eat Accept Idea of Fishing for Fun? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    11. 11. Are you aware of the risks? Michel – I don’t understand why there are risks. In Brazil, families eat fish from highly polluted areas, and it’s not a problem. Cléber / Tânia - Fish are very sensitive to pollution and habitat changes. If the fish is alive, that is a sign that it is healthy and Ok to consume. Benny - I heard about people who lived in Ashland and fished in the area and died of cancer. Since I found out about this I stopped eating the fish from the river.
    12. 12. QUESTIONS FROM FOCUS GROUP PARTICIPANTS Several participants had questions about public health issues, which helped to illuminate their understanding and concerns: • How do I know if the fish is contaminated? • It is possible that just by looking at it I will know that it is contaminated with mercury? • Can I drink the water from the contaminated part of the river? • What is the best way to remove the mercury from the fish? • How long will it take for the river to be totally clean? • Can I let my kids play near the river?
    13. 13. MEDIA OUTLET RANKING Newspaper Ad 1(3); 2(1); 3(3); 4(0); 5(2) Newspaper Article 1(3); 2(3); 3(2); 4(0); 5(1) Radio: Public Service Announcement 1(8); 2(0); 3(0); 4(0); 5(1) Radio: Program Interview 1(7); 2(0); 3(1); 4(1); 5(0) Orkut - Social Networking Website 1(0); 2(1); 3(0); 4(3); 5(5) Flyer in Portuguese (Posted in Brazilian Stores/Restaurants) 1(2); 2(3); 3(0); 4(2); 5(2) Community Bulletin Board Posting 1(3); 2(2); 3(2); 4(1); 5(1) Word of Mouth 1(3); 2(1); 3(2); 4(2); 5(1) Church Announcement 1(6); 2(1); 3(2); 4(0); 5(0) TV Talk Show Interview 1(4); 2(1); 3(1); 4(1); 5(2) MEDIA EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY Which of the following would be the most effective in delivering the public awareness message to the Brazilian Community in the MetroWest area? Please rank them from 1 to 5, 1 being the preferred and/or most effective method and 5 being the least preferred/effective.
    14. 14. Fishing For Health Multi-media Campaign English-Portuguese-Spanish 1. Tag line 2. Press 3. Print 4. Web site 5. Radio
    15. 15. Fishing for Health Campaign Taglines in English, Portuguese, and Spanish English: Fish for Fun, Not For Food Português: Pescar, Soltar, Saúde a Preservar Español: Pescar, Soltar, Salud a Preservar
    16. 16. Fishing For Health Campaign Components Press:  Local Newspapers: MetroWest Daily News, Globe West, & weeklies  Portuguese and Spanish Language Newspapers Print:  Posters/Flyers A series of Op Ed pieces describing the issues and advice for protecting public health Multilingual Ads for Portuguese & Spanish Newspapers Placement of related articles 8½ x 11 Posters and 4 x 6 Flyers
    17. 17. Fishing For Health Campaign Components  Web: Multilingual web site in English, Spanish, and Portuguese  Radio: Public Service Announcement for local radio – English, Spanish, and Portuguese Web design, graphics, translation; MAPC site host Multilingual domain names Produce 30 Second PSA’s – voice over, audio production; Place ads on weekly rotation for summer 2010 on Spanish and Portuguese local stations
    18. 18. Portuguese Spanish
    19. 19. Fishing for Health Pesca Para a Saúde Pesca Para la Salud