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WordPress For News And Media   Word Camp Uk 2009
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WordPress For News And Media Word Camp Uk 2009


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A presentation covering the usage of WordPress within the UK News & Media sector, our projects there, implementation issues, and so on.

A presentation covering the usage of WordPress within the UK News & Media sector, our projects there, implementation issues, and so on.

Published in: News & Politics, Sports
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  • WordPress can be used for both... Don’t linger on bullet points in case you bore people to death...
  • Express and Star guys are here, and they really broke new ground in the UK by using WP for their entire site.
  • Google Trends isn’t the be all and end allSearches for news is pretty flat – people already know where they go for it in the mainstream.More people writing newsMore aggregators bringing it all togetherMore relevance to particular marketsFunny how the Financial news picked up a lot lately.Some sectors are dropping in search terms – because people already know where to go for their news – opportunities for new news sites are probably reducing.But still just the same amount of time to read the newsTherefore less time for each news item... What does that mean?
  • So many things missing from WPMU core – global search, useful cross blog user management.I discovered something – in WPTavern’s forums I made a joke about “retired colonels going apoplectic about the changes, but that was to be expected...” I so didn’t expect a commenter on a Telegraph blog to find it and use it against both ourselves and the team. The suggestion was that we should take a 90% pay cut. Which given the cost of a train fare to London these days would have meant that we’d have been paying to help them!
  • Hard numbers are commercially sensitive but you can see the trend – graph begins with WP go-live.We’re looking at 30%-50% improvements over the first quarter post implementation on a typical site. Better engagement means visitors return again and again to read comments, see replies to their comments, etc.Chart is actually an amalgam of several news sites over a quarter or so (ie, where we could gather data from Compete, Alexa and server stats)... A few big digg effects.
  • Extra Excerpt/Title to be released to GPL soon.Caribou News is our own freebie offering for those wishing to set up a WP News site, the others are good too, but ours is the only one (so far as we are aware) that supports sections.
  • Quote from the editor at The previous system was a bespoke Java-based platform developed in house. In short, it was a nightmare - inflexible, inefficient, and clunky. By comparison, Wordpress is a dream, and the best thing is, less technical users find it intuitive and easy to get along with. As a successful blogging platform you can tell a lot of time and effort has been invested in making it a slick and productive tool, and that translates well when using it as a business CMS too.
  • Transcript

    • 1. WordPressforNews &Media
      Presented by
      David Coveney
      WordCamp UK 2009
    • 2. Introduction
      ‘It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.’
      Jerry Seinfeld
    • 3. Types of Site
      Chronologically ordered
      Semantically structure
      No sections
      Open to commenting
      Part of a community
      Strongly interlinked
      Typically 0-5 posts a day
      News & Magazine
      Chronologically ordered
      Semantically structured
      Multiple sections
      Closed to commenting
      Community leading
      More incoming links
      3-many posts a day
    • 4. Key WP UK News & Media Sites
      Spearhead sites from some large organisations
      Telegraph Blogs the busiest most sophisticated?
      Metro big users of open source, WP project gaining momentum
    • 5. News is Growing & Diversifying
    • 6. News Blogging
      Telegraph Blogs biggest in the UK
      Interconnecting multiple MU blogs
      WPMU Dev valuable for blog networks
      But for some requirements, you have to do quite a bit of coding
    • 7. WordPress as a News Platform
      Think about sheer quantity of data
      Sections can be by blog (WPMU)
      Or a single WP site
      Use categories
      Or get clever with widgets & categories
    • 8. Effects of WordPress
      Social plugins
      Google News
      Easier Publishing
      Better Visitor Engagement
    • 9. So You Want A News Site in WP?
      Extra Excerpt
      Social Bookmarking
      User Photo
      WP Navigation List Plugin
      WP Popular Posts
      Related Articles
      WP Super-Cache
      Caribou News
      Mimbo/Mimbo Pro
      Fresh News
      The Journal
    • 10.
      One of the first full news sites from a major group
      Up to 50% traffic improvement
      Four box serving
      Load balancer, front end cache
      Two Apache servers
      One mySQL server
      Shared with other Informa sites
      Configurable Content Aggregation Widgets
      New section page = new widget space
    • 11. Back-end Demo
    • 12. The Future
      More News Sites
      WP & WPMU Integrated
    • 13. Thanks and any Questions?
      David Coveney
      0151 709 7977