Bizzmaxx - Optimizing Lead to Customer Process
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Bizzmaxx - Optimizing Lead to Customer Process



> About us ...

> About us
Bizzmaxx – - is a marketing service provider specialized in improving your sales funnel performance. Our offerings include digital marketing, marketing automation, marketing & sales alignment and mobile surveys. Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we are able to deliver across Europe since we can staff projects with consultants from a pan-European network of freelance professionals.

> Positioning
For Marketing & Sales managers in large and midsized companies in e-Commerce, Finance, Retail, Telecom and Multinationals with European headquarters in the Benelux
Who need to improve Online exposure, Visitor-to-Client conversion, Customer insight or Marketing and Sales cooperation
Bizzmaxx's Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment capabilities
Are Marketing & Sales improvement services
That provide better leads and customers, synchronization with your business strategy and access to multiple online communities.
Unlike other Service Providers
Bizzmaxx focuses entirely on improving your Marketing & Sales funnel and the results that come with it.



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Bizzmaxx - Optimizing Lead to Customer Process Bizzmaxx - Optimizing Lead to Customer Process Presentation Transcript

  • Optimizing Lead to Customer Process
  • The Changing WorldOf Marketing & Sales
  • Challenges in Sales & Marketing
  •  External Sales & Marketing are dealing with big changes in the shift fromtraditional channels to digital channels More customer awareness due to enormous available informationon internet Customers are using social media channels to evaluate companies,brands and products Internal Sales & Marketing have frequent conflicts and compete overresources Sales is notorious for claiming that leads produced by Marketing areuseless Marketing is notorious for not understanding the individual customer In 80% of the cases, Marketing and Sales work against each otherChallenges in Sales & Marketing
  • Traditional Sales & Marketing Common workflow inMarketing and Sales: Marketing moves Leadsto Sales withoutqualification 80% of Sales Calls showthat Leads are not salesready As a consequencecollaboration betweenMarketing and Salesfails This situation appliesto 80-90% of B2Bcompanies
  • Modern Sales & Marketing Common workflow inMarketing and Sales: Leads are in control ofwhat information theyreceive and how Leads have moreaccess to informationthrough Internet Leads need to benurtured Use Online Marketingmethods: SEO, Pay perclick, Blogging, BuzzMarketing andAnalytics
  • AboutBizzmaxx
  • Bizzmaxx
  • Bizzmaxx Marketing Service Provider located in Rotterdam, NL andspecialized in Digital Marketing, Real-time Marketing,Business Analytics and Marketing & Sales Alignment History: Started 2012 Q1 in generic Business Intelligencestaffing – business model not rewarding – changed tocurrent model 2012 Q3 Expertise: Focused around Sales Funnel Improvementsuch as Database Marketers and Business Analysts.Associates are freelance certified professionals forconsulting, implementation and execution Offerings: Digital Marketing, Real-time Marketing,Business Analytics and Marketing & Sales Alignment Delivery model both in the Cloud and On-Premise Business Partner IBM: Marketing Center and SPSS
  • Core Offerings
  • Core Offerings Digital Marketing – Focus on broaden your OnlineExposure and support Top-line Growth Combination of Real-time Marketing and BusinessAnalytics – IBM Marketing Center Business Analytics – Focus on customer insightbased on data and statistics Real-time Marketing – Focus on productivity: moreleads, more prospects and more new customers Marketing & Sales Alignment – Focus on integration:Marketing and Sales Goals, Execution and Results Combination of the above turns your company into acommercial powerhouse
  • Target Audience
  • Target Audience C-Level Managers Business Development Marketing Sales Services Market Segments E-Commerce and Retail Finance Telecom Multinationals with the European headquarters in the Benelux Company Size E-Commerce, Retail and Telecom between # 200 and # 2,000 FTE Finance and Multinationals bigger than # 2,000 FTE
  • Positioning Statement
  • Positioning Statement For Marketing & Sales Managers in large and midsized companies ine-Commerce, Finance, Retail, Telecom and Multinationals withEuropean HQ in the Benelux Who need to improve Online Exposure , Visitor-to-ClientConversion, Customer Insight and Marketing & Sales Cooperation BIzzmaxx’s Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Marketing& Sales Alignment Capabilities Are Marketing & Sales Improvement services That Provide better Leads and Customers, Synchronization withyour Business Strategy and Access to Multiple Online Communities. Unlike other Service Providers Bizzmaxx focuses entirely on improving your Marketing & SalesFunnel and the Results that come with it
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Unique Value Proposition Compelling reason to buy Bizzmaxx focuses entirely on improving yourMarketing & Sales Funnel Bizzmaxx combines Innovative Technology withcertified Skills in Marketing and Business Analytics Bizzmaxx focuses on tangible and intangible resultsfor Clients Tangible Results Productivity: Cost reduction in Marketing and IT staffcan add up to 30% per year Insight: You will focus on the right customer at theright time in less than six months Non-tangible Results Aligned Marketing & Sales will run like a commercialpowerhouse Time-to-Market is NOW, Digital Marketing, Real-timeMarketing and Business Analytics are very importantcomponents for your competitive strength
  • How CanBizzmaxx Help You?
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Plan Main Challenge – You lack Online Exposureand are therefore missing out on Leads andNew Clients Solution: Our Six-step Digital Marketing Plan Current Situation – where are you right now? Goals – what do you want to achieve? Strategy – how do you get there? Tactics – how exactly do you get there? Actions – who does what and when? Metrics – how do you monitor performance? We focus on results Our baseline is meeting your goals If we exceed your goals, we like to share apercentage of your profits If we do not reach your goals, part of yourinvestment will be reimbursed
  • Generating New Business
  • Solution For Generating New Business
  • Solution For Generating New Business Marketing Automation and BusinessAnalytics IBM Marketing Center - Cloud-based, all-in-one solution combining customer analyticswith real-time marketing Customer Analytics & Real-time Marketing –Combines web/digital/mobile analytics withreal-time marketing execution Visitor Data Tracking – Draws on all the digitalanalytics data that visitors provide Personalized Marketing – Incorporatesanalytical insight directly into easy-to-usetargeting features Marketing & Analytics – Can provide excellentmarketing and analytics capabilities now andin the future IBM Marketing Center – Who does what?
  • IBM Marketing Center
  • IBM Marketing Center Cloud-based, all-in-one solution combining customeranalytics with real-time marketing IBM® Marketing Center is a new software as a service(SaaS) module in IBM’s Enterprise MarketingManagement (EMM) suite. It expands IBM EMM’sDigital Marketing Optimization solution withadditional marketing execution capabilities,combining digital marketing analytics, A/B testing,email marketing, site personalization, and more, inone intuitive real-time marketing application. IBMMarketing Center primarily uses digital analytics dataas input, while enabling clients to import offlinecustomer and sales data as needed. The product isavailable since September 2012.
  • IBM Marketing Center Combines web/digital/mobile analytics data with real-timemarketing execution. Features include A/B testing, emailmarketing, site personalization, and more, all in one intuitivereal-time marketing application Draws on all the digital analytics data that visitors provide.Uses data derived from visitors’ online experiences whileenabling clients to import additional offline data as needed Incorporates the analytical insight directly into easy-to-usetargeting features. Allows for a personalized approach formarketing communications tailored to individuals Can provide excellent marketing and analytics capabilitiesnow and in the future. Customers who start with thismodule on a standalone basis can later expand their solution
  • Customer Analytics & Real-time Marketing
  • Customer Analytics & Real-time Marketing Combines web/digital/mobile analyticswith real-time marketing execution Marketers can carry out, analyze, andoptimize targeted, real-time sitepersonalization and email marketingprograms without burdening technicalresources They can also create and export target listsfor integration with other channels orprograms, using IBM Marketing Center Saves effort and eliminates human error byusing built-in automated tracking andanalytics Increases website success with automatedA/B testing
  • Visitor Data Tracking
  • Visitor Data TrackingDraws on all the digital analytics datathat visitors provideProvides digital profiles, tracking andstoring a customer’s complete digitalinteraction historyEnables importing additional customer,marketing, and offline business data toaugment the digital profileCan be used as a standalone or withCoremetrics Web AnalyticsNo additional tagging is required forexisting IBM Coremetrics customers.Automatically tags impressions and clicks inemails and site personalization for analytics
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Personalized Marketing Incorporates analytical insight directly intoeasy-to-use targeting features Delivers marketing communications designed foreach customer as an individual, that will be morerelevant, compelling — and far more successful Provides everything needed so that users candefine personalized marketing communicationswithout burdening IT Enables managing campaigns with fine-grainedcontrols, for example to avoid contact fatigue orset campaign precedence when customers arecandidates for multiple communications. Digitalassets can be managed within the application anddelivered with high performance by means of aContent Delivery Network
  • Marketing & Analytics
  • Marketing & Analytics Can provide excellent marketing and analyticscapabilities now and in the future Existing and prospective IBM Digital Marketing OptimizationSolution customers will gain additional marketing executioncapabilities by adding this module. The solution is expandable to the complete IBM MarketingInteraction Optimization Solution by adding additionalproduct modules from IBM’s EMM suite Reduces the IT cost, complexity and delay previouslyrequired to integrate digital analytics, email, and sitepersonalization. Analysis, targeting, personalization, andexecution are all available through one intuitive SaaSapplication. Complements existing web analytics solutions – with noretagging needed in the case of Coremetrics customers
  • IBM Marketing Center Who does what? IBM provides all Technology aspects aroundMarketing Center such as the Cloud-basedsoftware solution and the helpdesk. TheClient will sign an agreement with IBM. Bizzmaxx provides Expertise and Skillsaround Marketing Center such as DatabaseMarketers and Business Analysts. We willgradually transfer knowledge aboutMarketing Center to Client’s employees.The Client will sign an agreement withBizzmaxx. Together we provide the entire solution tohelp you improve your Marketing & Salesperformance and become morecompetitive
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment Main Challenge – The communication gap between Sales andMarketing – with each team working in a silo Solution: Our Eight-step Marketing & Sales Alignment Involve Sales from the start of each campaign Make sure that Sales and Marketing speak a common language Create a single set of goals for both teams Make sure that Marketing understands how Sales is rewarded Attend each other’s meetings Give Marketing access to sales tools Make sure your reporting structures collaboration Look after the relationship We focus on results Our baseline is meeting your goals If we exceed your goals, we like to share a percentage of your profits If we do not reach your goals, part of your investment will bereimbursed
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Mobile Surveys Main Challenge – You lack Real-time CustomerIntelligence and need an efficient and effective App toimprove Knowledge, Productivity and Insight Applications Tradeshows, Associations Market & Field Research Retail, Customer Satisfaction Real-time Conference Feedback And Many More Your Benefits Surveys disclose Knowledge your Marketing and Sales Teamwould be unable to uncover More Productivity and Insight, Less Errors More Insight regarding each individual Prospect or Customer Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on CustomerIntelligence
  • Where Can YouReach Bizzmaxx?
  • 10 413 44 34+31 6 15 890 800
  • Optimizing Lead to Customer Process