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Xmanager for Mobile Network Operator
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Xmanager for Mobile Network Operator






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Xmanager for Mobile Network Operator Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Content Management for MNOs interact Service Delivery Platform
  • 2. Scenario
  • 3. Challenges: User Centered Networks 3
  • 4. Challenges: Content is aging • The sales value of content is decreasing • Ringtones sales has been falling constantly over last 12 months in Europe (IT, GB, DE, ES, FR) • Steve Jobs 2 years ago introduced DRM- free music • New ways to mix and combine existing resources are fueling the Content communication • Sharing is King and sites like Facebook, MySpace, flickr and Hi5 are booming 4
  • 5. Opportunities: Channel ARPU and Mobile Advertising • Delivery of 3rd party Services and Products to the subscriber is a new source of revenue • the operator can sell the last mile in an open application environnent (TIM in Italy is going revenue share with Nokia’s OVI) • Mobile Advertising is a new revenue earning business area for the operators • Mobile advertising is a new business idea for any mobile operator. The network operator can play the role to act like a medium for advertisement 6
  • 6. Scenario + applications + privacy + target ads + location + social 7
  • 7. Background
  • 8. About us • interact operates as a communication technology provider to support NetOp in the creation, management and delivery of rich media contents. Our field of action integrates the creation of innovative products and services with on going research activities on converging media • well-known for its open-minded business approach involving international technology, partners, suppliers and most importantly MNO with GSM operations in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Pakistan • with more than 60 employees interact is serving a number of the most prominent clients in the international telecommunication and broadcasting industry around the World 9
  • 9. Our strengths • innovation is the key our success • all the proposed technologies are developed and engineered in-house providing: • better customization, • premium support • 360-degree view on the technology and the business behind it • we have 10 years of experience on Content Management for Web, Mobile and IPTV and we understood that... • organizations prevails over technology 10
  • 10. What a CMS can do for you? • manage your content services portfolio and leverage the power of multiple content types and formats, • deploy new services, maintain relationship with multiple content partners and your valued customers, • track overall performances and optimise revenue generation, • attract quality third party content providers by providing enhanced quality assurance and user profiling 11
  • 11. X-manager
  • 12. X-manager: architecture overview 13
  • 13. X-manager: features • One platform designed for: – multiple sites (web and mobile web) • +7.000 devices handled – multiple content and service providers – multiple editors and fined grained permissions – content sharing among sites to enable cross-selling – multiple channel delivery (integration with messaging platform, charging, – RBT and IVR) – centralized user profiling for community services • language, user preferences... – centralized reporting tool for strategic planning (access and transactions) – centralized content advertising management • multiple campaign and multiple sites 14
  • 14. X-manager: multiple channel delivery - SMS 1. Sub sends a message with a short-code to a dedicated number 2. SMSC notifies the delivery platform 3. Mobile Gateway intercepts the code and asks the CMS the proper content 4. SDP delivers the content via Operator SMSC 15
  • 15. X-manager: multiple channel delivery - IVR 1. sub calls the 3rd party IVR and requests a specific content 2. the 3rd party IVR does the Handset recognition 3. and asks the CMS the proper content for the subscriber 4. SDP charges the subs and delivers the content via Operator SMSC using SMS or Wap Push 16
  • 16. X-manager: multiple channel delivery - RBT The integration with the RBT provides: – One single point of ingestion for the CPs – One single management interface for the marketing team to manage its content offering on the different platforms – One single and comprehensive reporting tool 17
  • 17. X-manager: reporting 18
  • 18. X-manager: mobile advertising • Displays Ads from multiple sources on your Wap and Web sites interfacing with: • AdNetworks • Ad exchange • Ad formats • Keeps under control the performances of 100 75 all your mobile 50 25 advertising 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 19
  • 19. Editorial Support
  • 20. Editorial Support Real people to support you on day-by-day operations and strategic planning: – Collaborate with you and the CPs to define, implement and manage smart workflows for the mobile content life cycle including archiving and removal – Be constantly vigilant in assuring design/IA requirements remain valid for all content development projects – Audit, analyze and report on content offering and Subscribers activities – Develop and employ best practices to increase usability, navigation and revenues 21
  • 21. Integration with 3rd Parties
  • 22. Content ingestion: interfaces • Xform: a tool to create custom input forms for manual ingestion; Xform are created with a web wizard and can update any kind of content (i.e. to upload a new ring-tones, a games or a RBT) • RSS 2.0 importer: the system provides a specific input to connect RSS 2.0 feeds and ingest them on a regular basis • Web DB importer: a dedicated Web interface to import any kind of data from external CSV files • FTP: to acquire contents sent via SFTP/FTP; the tools works in conjunction with the Web importer. • Media transcoder: the platform provides transcoding functionalities using Video System 24
  • 23. Content ingestion: content formats The platform can be customized to ingest any kind of format but for each delivery scenario there are different supported formats: – The SDP performs the content filtering using its internal Handset DB and for Ringtones, Wallpaper, Images and Video clips will use the mime-type of the content provided by the CPs; for games the CP shall provide also the list of the supported handset – Ringtones for SMS Legacy shall be in MID/MIDI format and for Images BMP will be used 25
  • 24. Integration APIs The APIs available are: – Content search: An API that accepts a search term and an array of restrictions that define the scope of the search (ie search any True- tone ringtones of Madonna); returns all the Content ID that match the request; – Content retrieve: An API that accepts categories and service name and returns all the available content in this category for this service; – Content details: An API that accepts a content code and returns the content details; – Handset DB support: An API that accepts the handset as a parameter and returns all the available formats supported; – Content delivery: An API that accepts the content code and MSISDN and executes the delivery. These API is responsible for charging, content filtering and delivery (SMS and Wap Push). Per content charging can be disabled for IVR subs charged already on per minute basis 26
  • 25. Thank you!