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Xmanager (Service Delivery Platform)
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Xmanager (Service Delivery Platform)


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end-to-end solution for VAS Content Management

end-to-end solution for VAS Content Management

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Service Delivery Platform XManager Rome, February 2010
  • 2. Agenda - Interact SpA: Company Profile - XManager XM - Architecture - Core functionalities - Key features for a MNO 2 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 3. Interact SpA - An italian company founded in Fatturato 1998-2008 1995 - A joint-stock company since j i t t k i December 2008 - International presence with operations in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and Greece - Subsidiary of the Eurel Group with offices in Italy, Luxemburg and y g Egypt Certified Member of the Member of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2001 Internet Society Semantic Technology Institute International 3 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 4. XManager
  • 5. Open Source - Based on Open Source technologies (Ubuntu (Ubuntu, RubyonRails, MySQL, Ajax con Prototype) - Developed using Agile methodologies on RubyonRails - Source Code available for Public Institution, Research Institutes and on project-basis 5 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 6. Software Platform - Varnish - NGnix - Ruby on Rails - MemcacheD M h D - MySQL (XManager DB + Project DB) - Ubuntu + Xen 6 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 7. Architecture - Virtualized (Xen, VMWare) - Cloud-aware (Amazon EC2, S3, RDS) - Multi-tenant to ensure scalability, security and failover y - Compatible with SOAP and Rest for “mash ups” and service re-use 7 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 8. Workflow W kfl - Design of the Knowledge Domain - Data Modeling - Content Import via XRest and XForm (web ingestion) - Interface Design via XEditor (editor WYSIWYG) - Publishing of contents on front-end nodes - User identification (terminal and user-profile) and profiling of contents - Content Distribution - Analysis & Reporting organized per content and user groups - Sharing of data via Web APIs and RSS Atom Feeds 8 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 9. Core functionalities
  • 10. XRest - cleanse and standardize data sources for XManager - reads XML, TXT, Database MySQL/MSSQL, Oracle, RSS, y CSV, XLS and Filesystem - transform and validates imported data - publishes data via REST using ActiveResource - it’s a reusable stand-alone software component p 10 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 11. from XRest to XManager - XRest is not a live source! - XRest is 100% compatible with ActiveResource (AR) - AR Models of XRest are stored as ActiveShadow via HTTP calls - Synchronisation can be application-driven, time-based or manual - data acquisition can be incremental - existing records can be kept or updated - ActiveShadow models can be enriched! 11 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 12. Data Model - based on ActiveRecord (RubyOnRails) - 2 MySQL Databases: - System DB - Project DB - UTF-8 Support UTF 8 S t - data creation and management is done with an easy to use g y Web GUI 12 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 13. Models - are object classes (content resource) - represent a content type - are stored as tables in MySql - there are 3 ki d th kinds: - ActiveResource - ActiveRecord - ActiveShadow A ti Sh d 13 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 14. Filters - are the search queries - the editing of the parameters is done with an g p easy-to-use web gui - are bound to Models - they can be parametric or static - enable data ordering, selection of distinct ordering values, threshold control and filtering of fields or of relationships - they are stored on the DB and shared at the application level for easy re-use - they are also available as Web Services XML, JSON and RSS Atom feeds 14 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 15. Views - are the page templates p g p - are made of a layout and one or more Widget - have properties such as title, doc- p p , type, meta tags and style-classes - each property can be set manually or with dynamic parameters - the URI of the View is user-defined 15 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 16. Widgets - are the page building blocks - are organized hierarchically: can contain or be contained in other widgets - can be static or data-driven data driven - can request or send parameters to other widgets - are managed with a web gui (XEditor) 16 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 17. Visualizations - are re-usable presentation modules p based on field selection and transformation - are bound to Models - allow within the code: - search & replace, format change, mathematical expressions, HTML tags, date formatting, links and more g, 17 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 18. XForms - bound to models - enable granular access permission bl l i i for content upload and editing - trigger external application to create renditions of the same content item (ie. thumbnail, low-fi version, ...) 18 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 19. Publishing - granular control to publish: - the whole project (data and presentation) - data only y - data of specific models - selected widgets l t d id t - attachments only - works on multiple server and within different environments (ie stage, intranet, Internet) - archives the last 5 releases of a project 19 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 20. Mobile Support - User Id tifi ti U Identification - Adaptation Layer (Content Filtering, Content Adaptation and Layout control) - Multimedia Content Delivery (DRM) - Integration APIs I t ti API - Messaging Gateway (SMS & MMS VAS Management) - Customer Care interface (Transaction tracking & Content re- send) - CDR Reporting Tool 20 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 21. Key features
  • 22. Powering the Web of Data - Web Data Management: to model, standardize and distribute data d t coming f i from diff different DBs and external sources (R t DB d t l (Rss, Media Rss, XML, CSV) - Linked Data: improved machine accessibility of knowledge machine-accessibility domains for best content re-use and increased findability ( (Web 3.0) ) - Web Services, Atom and RSS feeds: for content syndication and “mash-ups” (Web 2.0) 22 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 23. End-to-End Service Delivery Platform (Web & Mobile) - A carrier-grade platform developed for multimedia content delivery - Enables easy control and management of existing and new VAS services - APIs to interface with carriers networks (charging, messaging, streaming, RBT, ADM and IVR) - Integrated reporting tool for business analysis and revenue sharingg - Support for a tailor-made customer care 23 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 24. Increased Revenues through Central Management - Single p g point of management for Mobile TV, g , Mobile Site, On Device Portal, Voice Portal and Web Site - Centralized content ingestion to aggregate contents from 3rd party CPs p y - Tight integration with Helix Media Delivery for content monetization, server side playlist and monetization server-side Ad insertion - Ready to integrate with external MAP and Mobile CRM 24 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 25. Best TCO Content Existing Assets CMS/ECM - Flexibility and control over content life-cycle y - Easy to use Web GUI for Service Creation Online - Centralized management TV for m lti site en ironments multi-site environments - Fast integration with Web 2.0 and Social Media 25 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 26. Best User Experience - +7.000 devices handled 7.000 - Centralized user profiling for community services and content personalization - Viral share features and user rating - User-Centered interface design - Ready for Rich Media Client 26 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 27. First Class Editorial Support - Real people to support you on day-by-day operations and strategic planning: - Collaborate with you and the CPs to define, implement and manage smart workflows for the mobile content life cycle including archiving and removal - Be constantly vigilant in assuring design/IA y g g g requirements remain valid for all content development projects - Audit, analyze and report on content offering and Subscribers activities - Develop and employ best practices to increase usability, navigation and revenues 27 XManager Service Delivery Platform
  • 28. Case Studies
  • 29. WIND (Italy) - Project goal: To develop a management platform for video streaming and video download for and portals, and provide content protection for the video sharing community - Roll out: 3-6 months - Features - Automated workflow for the acquisition and publication of a wide range of contents coming from different content providers. - Contents delivered by channel on the basis of a schedule defined by the operator 29
  • 30. Mobilink (Pakistan) - Project Goal: To provide, along with Arpu+ (M bi A (Mobizone), a t k solution ) turnkey l ti including MobilinkTV, the mobile portal designed for streaming services. The platform is capable of delivering live and on demand multimedia contents. - Roll out: 3-6 months - Features - Easy-to-use environment offering a wide set of live and on demand media. d d di - Portal integration entirely based on XManager content management system, which allows content aggregation and g y , gg g service delivery - interact Video System for multimedia management and mobile TV delivery l bil d li leveraging MPEG 4 and 3GPP mobile i MPEG-4 d bil streaming - Integration with the existing Web and WAP portals g g p 30
  • 31. Djezzy (Algeria) - Project goal: To build rich multimedia service offerings and open Dj ff i d Djezzy network to hundreds t kt h d d of content providers, enterprise and communities via an innovative multimedia mobile portal featuring headline news, sports, games and mobile TV contents. - Roll out: 3-6 months - Features - Easy-to-use environment offering a wide set of live and on E t i t ff i id t f li d demand media. - Portal design and management entirely based on XManager for content aggregation and service delivery - Interact Video System for multimedia management and mobile TV de e y - live Broadcasting (s ea ob e delivery e oadcas g (streaming o 8 TV a d g of and 8 radio FM channels), Video on Demand, Video Download - Ready for GPRS and Edge 31
  • 32. Interact Egypt 7B Omar Shaaban, Nasr city, Cairo THANK YOU XManager Service Delivery Platform 32