Mobile TV Solution (powered by XManager)


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The presentation describes Interact SpA end-to-end solution for multimedia content delivery over wireless networks and Mobile TV.

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Mobile TV Solution (powered by XManager)

  1. 1. Mobile TV XManager Rome, January 2010
  2. 2. Agenda - Interact SpA: Company Profile - XManager - Architecture - Core functionalities - Key features for a Mobile TV project 2 XManager Mobile TV
  3. 3. Interact SpA - An italian company founded in Fatturato 1998-2008 1995 - €5,000,000 A joint-stock company since €3,750,000 December 2008 - International presence with €2,500,000 €1,250,000 operations in Egypt, Algeria, 1998 2000 2002 €0 Tunisia, Pakistan and Greece 2004 2006 2008 - Subsidiary of the Eurel Group with offices in Italy, Luxemburg and Egypt Certified Member of the Member of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2001 Internet Society Semantic Technology Institute International 3 XManager Mobile TV
  4. 4. XManager
  5. 5. Open Source - Based on Open Source technologies (Ubuntu, RubyonRails, MySQL, Ajax con Prototype) - Developed using Agile methodologies on RubyonRails - Source Code available for Public Institution, Research Institutes and on project-basis 5 XManager Mobile TV
  6. 6. Software Platform HTTP Acceleration - Varnish Web Publishing - NGnix - Ruby on Rails on RoR Memchaced Data Caching - MemcacheD System DB Prj 1 DB ... Prj n DB DBMS - MySQL (XManager DB OS + Project DB) Virtualization - Ubuntu + Xen 6 XManager Mobile TV
  7. 7. Data Editor Web Designer Architecture Design Edit Content Data Editor GUI Design X X Asset XManager XManager Edit Publish Web Web Browser Storage Storage Upload Publish Read Only Internet Web APIs LinkedData (N+1 redundancy DBMS DBMS (N+1 redundancy) Mobile / Voice Read Only Mobile Phone Resource Active Data Data - Virtualized (Xen, VMWare) X Source Source .CS V XRest .XM L - Cloud-aware (Amazon EC2, S3, RDS) Import Import - .TXT .RS S Multi-tenant to ensure .XLS (N+1 redundancy) DB scalability, security and failover - Compatible with SOAP and Rest for “mash ups” and service re- use 7 XManager Mobile TV
  8. 8. 9 Workflow - Design of the Knowledge 8 Sharing 1 Domain Analisys 7 2 & Domain - Data Modeling Reports Design - Content Import via XRest and XForm (web ingestion) XManager - Interface Design via XEditor Delivery Data (editor WYSIWYG) Modeling - Publishing of contents on front- Content Repository end nodes - - User identification (terminal and user-profile) and profiling of contents Content Distribution 6 Profiling Content Import 3 - 5 4 Analysis & Reporting organized per content and user groups Publishing Web - Sharing of data via Web APIs Design and RSS Atom Feeds 8 XManager Mobile TV
  9. 9. Core functionalities
  10. 10. Models - are object classes (content resource) - represent a content type - are stored as tables in MySql - there are 3 kinds: - ActiveResource - ActiveRecord - ActiveShadow 10 XManager Mobile TV
  11. 11. All the items Filters - Are the search queries - The editing of the parameters is done with an easy-to-use web gui All the items with property1 = value1 - Are bound to Models - They can be parametric or static - Enable data ordering, selection of distinct values, threshold control and filtering of fields or of relationships All the items with - property1 = value1 They are stored on the DB and shared at property2 = value2 the application level for easy re-use - They are also available as Web Services XML, JSON and RSS Atom feeds 11 XManager Mobile TV
  12. 12. Title = Title 1 Meta-tag 1 = Resource.Name Meta-tag 2 = Property 2 Views Widget 1 - Are the page templates Widget 2 - Are made of a layout and one or Widget 3 more Widget - Have properties such as title, doc- Widget n type, meta tags and style-classes - Each property can be set manually or with dynamic parameters - The URI of the View is user-defined 12 XManager Mobile TV
  13. 13. Widgets e Imag - Are the page building blocks - Are organized hierarchically: can Tree M contain or be contained in other enu widgets - Can be static or data-driven Lin k - Can request or send parameters to other widgets Text - Are managed with a web gui (XEditor) 13 XManager Mobile TV
  14. 14. Visualizations - Are re-usable presentation modules based on field selection and transformation B - Are bound to Models A - Allow within the code: - Search&Replace, format change, mathematical expressions, HTML tags, date formatting, links and more 14 XManager Mobile TV
  15. 15. XForms file _video - Bound to Models - Enable granular access permission for content upload and editing - Trigger external application to create renditions of the same content item (ie. thumbnail, low-fi version, ...) - Integrate with Helix Mobile Producer for VOD encoding 15 XManager Mobile TV
  16. 16. Key features
  17. 17. End-to-End Service Delivery Platform (Web & Mobile) - A carrier-grade platform developed for multimedia content delivery - Enables easy control and management of existing and new VAS services - APIs to interface with carriers networks (charging, messaging, streaming, RBT, ADM and IVR) - Integrated reporting tool for business analysis and revenue sharing - Support for a tailor-made customer care 17 XManager Mobile TV
  18. 18. Increased Revenues through Central Management - Single point of management for Mobile TV, Mobile Site, On Device Portal, Voice Portal and Web Site - Centralized content ingestion to aggregate contents from 3rd party CPs - Tight integration with Helix Media Delivery for content monetization, server-side playlist and Ad insertion - Ready to integrate with external MAP and Mobile CRM 18 XManager Mobile TV
  19. 19. Best User Experience - +7.000 devices handled - Centralized user profiling for community services and content personalization - Viral share features and user rating - User-Centered interface design - Ready for Rich Media Client 19 XManager Mobile TV
  20. 20. Mobile TV - functional diagram User Equipment CMS - Mobile Portal Mobile Network Operator AAA Charging Browser Player Portal XManager Helix CRM Interfaces GW 1. Request for Mobile TV 2. Check Subscription 3. List of Mobile TV Channels 4. Request a Mobile TV Channel 5. Request a Crypted URI 6. Accounting Request 7. Send Request to MNO's Platform 8. Open Player 9. Open Streaming Session (Crypted URI) 10. Close Streaming Session 11. Notify Session Close 12. Accounting Request 13. Send Request to MNO's Platform 20 XManager Mobile TV
  21. 21. Interact SpA Via Angelo Bargoni, 78 00153 Roma THANK YOU XManager Mobile TV 21
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