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interact turnkey solution for WebTV makes it easy to upload, manage and distribute online video content

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Brochure Online TV Platform

  1. 1. interact Online TV Platform Integrated Media Delivery Content ingestion Content management Content delivery Upload or broadcast live your content via A powerful management system with all the Maximize your reach leveraging Adobe Flash a user-friendly interface, provided with an features you need. Video format. Engage users through powerful automatic transcoding engine. Preview, manage, organize and classify web applications or exclusive desktop clients, Tag real time and offline contents via the Digital all your multimedia assets with semantic maintaining total control of how your content Asset Manager Console by adding meaningful intelligence and fine-grained access policies. is delivered and displayed. metadata such as authors, topics or any user- Broadcast and distribute content along with Personalize user experience with custom- defined custom properties. your corporate production workflow. integrated features aligned with your existing Store detailed logs and backup versions of all Create playlists, syndications and advertising digital identity. files ingested in the system for later retrieval. policies and integrate with major social media Analyze users’ behaviour with reporting and Apply the advertising rules for any content platforms. analytics dashboards to keep track of video directly from the content ingestion interface. statistics and emerging trends. Monetizazion Hosting & distribution Integrate monetization strategies into your content Distribute your content accordingly to your need: through campaigns, channel subscriptions, video - Integrate with your existing infrastructure; “ A turnkey rental and download-to-own. - Scale up to cloud serving for major events; Define zone-based advertising for a better user - Start from scratch using our cloud serving experience. platform to distribute content with low latency, Manage various ad formats, fully compatible with IAB standards, for advertising and export high data transfer speeds and no commitments. solution that interaction reports for subsequent calculations and insight. makes it easy to Analytics Semantics upload, manage Analyze trends and potentials of your assets through our dashboard application, measuring Quick search while managing contents and further offer powerful video search features to and distribute accesses, traffic, requests, click-streams and any user interaction, including advertising your audience inside the video itself. Add semantic tags and relations to your online video “ management and user rating. Provide in-depth data with custom reporting assets, creating content networks controlled by application users and introducing a parallel layer content targeting external content providers or internal of valuable meanings to visual communication. audiences.
  2. 2. interact Why online video? In the early days there were words, now video is going to take their place on the communication planet. Today video is the tool for drawing the attention of users and make them aware of brands. In a world where old-school marketing tactics no longer reach their targets, video moves communication to a higher level of emotion and involvement. Why Adobe technology? Adobe delivers quality and consistency across operating systems to the largest of web TV audience: 99% of U.S. users, 97% worldwide, 80% of all on-line video markets with an ongoing growth reaching 8 million weekly installations* (*early 2009 statistics). Adobe has also introduced various Flash Server family components to maintain an end-to- end solution approach, from ingestion through to final delivery. Why user behavior analytics? Audiences are changing. Passive viewing (listening or reading) has revealed its limits and users long to be involved in something new, with greater intensity and appeal. Video is the answer, on condition that you deliver in the right way and to the right people without wasting effort. Consequently the right tools are needed to analyze user behavior: how consumers feel about applications, what application features or content they like best or what advertising strategies arouse their curiosity. The user experience All interfaces can be fully customized in terms of features, layout, graphics and functionalities. Video enhances user experience and can merge with other services such as social networks (by means of embedding, linking, mailing, feeding, fullscreen, subtitles, chapters, speech-search, timecode-comment, etc) nailing user attention. We also offer advertising flexibility, covering linear or non-linear video ads, banners, texts and all IAB standard formats. Brand, product or service awareness is achieved by graphic customization of all interfaces, both in back-end and in front-end layers. Revenue Platform reliability About interact Advertising policies can bring your revenue Harmonizing the video workflow of the Flash interact SpA has over 10 years potential to higher levels via quick time-to- Server family, the system comprises many market and appetizing user applications. different management interfaces from the experience in multimedia asset same engine, the Xmanager, which keeps them management and delivery onto digital Analyzing viewer preferences and behavior similar enough to avoid operator disorientation. networks. Combining intelligent enables targeting efficient monetizing All the consoles have a user- friendly design to strategies thus gaining time and effort. quickly solve the tasks they were created for. solution design with best-of-breed Every system component offers a redundant technology, interact enables brands, With the flexibility of campaigns, channels, and failure-backup architecture, ensuring organizations and content owners to zones and group targeting you can service maintenance under all adverse ensure the best Live or Video On Demand environmental circumstances. The platform achieve the full potential of their media experience ranging from web formats to full encodes many different video formats and assets, offering a comprehensive HD standards even using robust desktop broadcasts the encoded files onto desktop applications applications, websites, Flash-enabled set- multi-device publishing system top-boxes, mobile devices and can further designed to manage, deliver and be easily adapted for conferencing and video measure targeted video channels and collaboration purposes. streaming libraries. interact SpA - via angelo bargoni, 78 - 00153 roma | tel +39 06 58318301 | fax +39 06 58318303 | |