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Interact Media Overview
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Interact Media Overview


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  • 1. The Interact Customer Journey™ Creating High Value Opportunities to Interact Created by Mobile Marketing Experts for Marketing Professionals Jon Parker Scott Davies07710 359420 07545 808481 Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 2. Use Interact to drive Engagement• Print - Interact provides a measurable call to action connecting traditional advertising and PR to digital.• Outdoor advertising - connecting traditional billboards to digital & capturing user data (not QR).• Digital Signage - enabling interactions and ‘name & picture’ in lights.• Mobile - SMS/MMS campaigns• TV - interactive advertising, synchronised companion apps• Radio – Listener Response (advertising) and Broadcast InteractionAll our campaigns and projects are aimed towards mobile & tablet users – Managed on a SINGLE platform Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 3. Why Interact™?Because Interact achieves three benefits1) Improve the Customer Experience: • By providing opportunities for prospects to ‘self-serve’ for instant, relevant information with context to their requirement.2) Drive Business Development & Support the Customer Journey: • By generating qualified leads – identify prospects and capture pertinent profile data. Ideal for delivery of eVouchers, special offers etc. for driving footfall/sales/web traffic.3) Increase ROI and reduce ineffective spend: • Measures campaign effectiveness - deliver significant ROI whilst tracking the effectiveness of all mobile, social, web and traditional marketing. Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 4. Subliminal Message The Interact Customer Journey provides our clients with:• A future-proof interactivity platform generating interactions from social (FB &Tw), mobile (SMS & MMS), NFC, QR, mWeb & offline marketing e.g. Print. – in fact anything you have or have not even thought of.• A demonstrable ROI and cost-savings• A tool to inform & direct campaigns• A clear & effective mobile strategy Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 5. Executive Summary - Service Overview Event-Based Calendar Ad Hoc Strategic Dates & Broadcast Campaigns Anniversaries Tactical Customer Journey Timeline Acquisition Conversion Retention Lead Generation Presentation Self-Service Qualification Illustration Cross-sell Call2Action Quotation Upsell Direct Response Ads Contract Insight - VOC Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 6. Limited Only By Our ImaginationRadio SocialTV Property Retail Sports AutomotiveStrategic PartnershipsCreative Agency (Production)Creative Media Agency B2C B2B B2E Textwave Resellers Managed Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 7. Managing Interactions Centrally All interactions are managed in our Interactivity Control Desk (ICD) Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 8. Here’s How We Do What We DoSteps for Success1. We work with you to plan your campaigns and align them with business & marketing objectives2. All services are created along a customer timeline and incorporate calendar dates and events specific to the customer within the campaign framework3. We build and test your campaign ideas4. We launch and monitor results5. We adjust & improve as we go.6. We provide performance MI for your consideration Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 9. Example of an Interact Customer Journey Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 10. Brand Awareness to Accelerated Sales Cross Platform – Cross Media – Cross ChannelBillboards / Digital SignagePrint / MagazinesTelevision AdvertisingOn Pack Promotion Create an ongoingIn Store Promotion dialogue with your customer while they are on the move Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 11. Interaction comes from many sourcesInteraction isn’t just about collecting numbers. Implementing the correct service for the rightreasons will create a more detailed database, track users, drive deeper relationships withconsumers, drive footfall and ultimately increase revenue. Product information - Txt / WAP / URL Subscriptions, VIP offers, news, alerts Data collection Competitions, games, registration drivers ProfilingCustomerswill text for Polling opinions/feedback, voting Voucher redemption Registration requests / sampling request Tracking Voucher code distribution, online drivers Barcode redemption, QR code launch Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 12. Our ToolsInteractMedia specialises in implementing unique mobile strategies from one-off promotionalsolutions through to integrated mobile systems to support ongoing marketing campaigns.Our innovative build solution makes us more agile than any other solution on the market. Thismeans we can provide the right solution for the right outcome, at speed and on budget.We visually create your solution, instantly manage the content and data, launch quickly. Dear Mr Davies, thank you for your comments. As a reward use this code for 10% off at VISUAL BUILD REALTIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS LAUNCH Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 13. The Possibilities… The possibilities are endless! Mobile is the only 24/7 communication device that connects directly to the consumer. Attracting the consumer is only half the battle… the next steps are to… Engage With simple calls to action can generate interaction with rich media. Motivate By creating a value added service Reward Customers by allowing the to see their name in lights, or posting opinions and receiving voucher rewards. Communicate With ongoing dialogues strengthening brand awareness and sales opportunities. Delivering an Interact Customer Journey
  • 14. InteractMedia UK Ltd43 The Greenhouse. MediaCityUK. Salford. Manchester. M50 2EQ. Tel +(44) 7710 359420 E: W: Delivering an Interact Customer Journey