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describing who are audience is.

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Our audience

  1. 1. Our AudienceWhen researching into who our targeted audience would be for this advert we had tothink mainly about what’s going to be happening in our advert and who’s going to beviewing it the most.We had to take into consideration that out advert is set at a party and what age groupattends parties the most, so we decided that it would be set for late teen’s this isbecause this age group visit clubs and go to parties the most out of any other agegroup. Late teens are from 18-20 just before they are considered to be an adult. Wealso had to think of what most people this age budget is so we can connect with themthe most and not make it look over budget or under. We found out that 18 years oldeither will ever going off to university or be working so they will not have to muchmoney to be spending so some of the products that are seen in the advert should cheapsupermarket products, but then this depends on if it’s a home party or a club, so wedecided that it would be more middle class who would be able to relate to this advertthe most. We also decided this audience because they are still young and its easier totry and put new ideas in young minds than older ones and also because if they dowhat we are trying to get across and then they can influence the next generation.Our secondary audience would be the young adult of the age 20-30 this is because thisage group are still considered to be into partying and having a good time out of anight. The income we decided would be more lower classes this is because when youthink of upper class we think of them being elegant and going to more upper marketplaces of a night, but by saying that all we are doing is stereotyping a class.Deciding if are targeted audience is male or female is also broadcasted thought out theadvert, this would be done thought what bottles we use weather the bottles or cups arelook masculine or femeine, but that would depend on if we had a male and a femalevoice on the cup and bottle, but we are only have male voices and doesn’t matter, butthis is something that would have to be considered if we were using a male andfemale voice.