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March of Dimes Foundation


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March of Dimes Intranet Journey by Aland Brogdon

March of Dimes Intranet Journey by Aland Brogdon

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. March of Dimes Foundation Alan Brogdon VP & CTO @abrogdon1
  • 2. Quick History of the March of Dimes• Founded by FDR to find a cure for Polio.• March of Dimes funded the research for vaccines developed by Jonas Salk, MD (1955) – Polio Vaccine• Responsible for Surfactant Therapy – Helps baby with underdeveloped lungs.• Responsible for 14 different vaccines.• Mission Change (1958) - To improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. • Rates of preterm birth have dropped for five consecutive years, to a ten year low of 11.7% in 2011, or 1 in 9 babies.
  • 3. March of Dimes Org Structure• 1600 employees in the US.• 255 Remote Offices• Headquartered in White Plains, NY• IT Staff of 35• Hold over a 1000 different events a year
  • 4. Why Change Now?March of Dimes purchase of Plumtree software 8/05 2005 Launch of current dimension 9/06 2006 Plumtree acquired by BEA Systems 8/06 2007 2008 BEA Systems purchased by Oracle 6/08 2009 2010 Oracle announces product end of life 9/10 Market research 2011 Goal: Solution selection 2012 Goal: Solution Implementation 2013 2014 End of Oracle support 1/14
  • 5. Market Research: VendorsOracle WebCenterIBM WebSphereMicrosoft SharepointLiferayJive SoftwareInteract IntranetIntranet DashboardThoughtFarmer
  • 6. Market Research: Organizational FitSoftware Cost • $100k – 300kCustomized • Need for additional resourcesOut of the box • Enhancement limitationsInternal skillset • .NET
  • 7. Market Research: TrendsCollaborative & Social Tools Revenue growth of social businesses is 24% higher than less social firms -McKinsey and CompanyExpectations Consumers have far different expectations of their organizations portals and websites than what they had only a few years ago. They expect portals to be highly personalized, engaging, social, accessible, mobile, easy-to-use and synchronized across a wide range of channels. -Gartner
  • 8. Interact: Charity CompetitionInteract announced a contest giving away a freeintranet to a non-profit organization
  • 9. Interact: Charity CompetitionWe won!• User licenses• Modules (surveys & pools, blog, AD sync, statistics)• Design• Support (1 year)• TrainingTotal value of $86,000
  • 10. Intranet Strategy• Increase Collaboration• One stop shopping for all organizational information.
  • 11. Site Overview – Key Areas• Home Page• Teams - Discussion Boards• Social Features – Blogs, tagging & hash tagging.• Custom Integration.