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Interaction 2013 - Customer Workshop - Steve Osborne - Piecing Together the Essential Intranet Puzzle

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Interaction 2013 - Customer Workshop - Steve Osborne - Piecing Together the Essential Intranet Puzzle

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Are you doing everything that you need to do to ensure that you have an essential intranet? In this interactive workshop Steve will discuss and reveal what the key factors of intranet success are.

Are you doing everything that you need to do to ensure that you have an essential intranet? In this interactive workshop Steve will discuss and reveal what the key factors of intranet success are.

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  • Applicable to all – not just for those of you about to implement a new intranet, but equally relevant for those of you who are looking after an intranet that’s established.
  • Governance is one of the foundation blocks of your intranet.
  • Be enthusiastic about Governance. It’s the success on which you will build your intranet.
  • What do you want to achieve? Do you have a clear statement for your intranets purpose?Why do you have an intranet?Would anyone like to share the objectives for their intranet?
  • How will you measure success? How will you measure performance against objectives? What Analytics will you use? What other evidence or feedback will you seek?
  • The intranets objectives should be closely linked to the business or organisational objectives. You need to show how the intranet can help the organisation achieve its aims. The better it can do this, the more essential it can be.
  • Roles and Responsibilities. Do you have the right people in the right roles. Do they know what they should be doing, why and when? Do they know the intranets objectives and the part they play in achieving them?
  • Roles and responsibilitiesStakeholdersIntranet TeamIntranet ManagerContent Managers (appoint a manager for each content area)UsersRoles should be defined and where appropriate have it incorporated into their job description and be given adequate resources (time)Support
  • The content of your intranet. The information it contains – be it the formalised content of the pages but also the expertise and knowledge of the user community.
  • You need to know what content the intranet will contain before it can be organised. Double check that it will help the intranet achieve its objectives.Content should be organised to suit the end users, the consumers of content, not the curators.
  • Does the IA of your intranet help users get things done?The Ipswich Path.
  • Launch – long wowExisting intranet – do users understand how to use the tools and do they use the most effective option?
  • If you had a mirror that fell off a wall, you shouldn’t blame the hammer you used to bang the screw in. You should question yourself as to why you didn’t use a drill and wallplug in the first place.Some users will need to be given guidance on how to use the tools at their disposal. Some users will require training ans support on the intranet
  • Brand – the design, the style, the name, the look and feel – or a combination of all of these that creates the identity of your intranet.How many have a named intranet?If you asked your users to pick some adjectives to describe your intranet what words do you think they would choose?
  • North West London Commissiong Support Unit – InSite – use same ‘brand idea with widget names
  • Of course Engagement doesn’t really just come in near the end – it is an important cornerstone of your entire intranet. They needs to be a clear purpose and benefit for users using the intranet.
  • Does your intranet answer the WIIFM question?Adoption is that they use it, Engagement is a deeper measure of what they do and how they feel and react towards it
  • Analytics – the other side of the objectives coin. What do you measure? Do you measure things that can help you judge your intranets performance against objectives. What action do you take where performance is below expectations. When you set objectives did you have SMART metrics? (ref Anna Downie)
  • Here are a couple of examples; [Reveal]SMART objectives can help you in the decision making process. For instance a member of senior management want something on the intranet changed. You could refer back to the intranet objectives to decide of the answer to their request is yes or no. The HR director comes to you and says “we need an HR page on the intranet where we can say what we do and who is in the team”You could refer back to the objectives, to the one that states “The intranet structure will be task based and fully tested before implementation” Having a departmental section with a welcome message would be contrary to this, but, you do not need to give them an outright “no” instead you can refer to the fact that there is a “new starters” area and what would be possible would be to produce a page within that section that summarised the departments key responsibilities and objectives for the current year”


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  • 20. 9/27/2013 #iic13 SMART Metrics for Objectives By January 31 20134, 60% of all users will have completed their profile by adding a role summary, profile pic and completing their expertise. By implementing an “IT FAQ” section on the intranet we will reduce internal queries to our IT team by 50% by end of the year. #iic13
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