Essential Intranet Strategy: 10 Key Elements to Intranet Success


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‘The Essential Intranet Strategy: 10 Key Elements to Intranet Success’ webinar discusses the problems intranet managers face when setting up and maintaining their company intranet and how having knowledge of Interact's Essential Intranet Strategy can help. Request a recording of the webinar from

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  • 10 elements.Governance is the key one. Definition of governance; “steering your intranet in the right direction by having a process for making decisions”Governance is the most influential factor in an effective intranet. If an intranet is successful it is because of its governance. If an intranet is unsuccessful or failing, it is because of its governance. We will revisit the importance of governance later, but for now we will discuss the other, 9 elements.
  • Essential Intranet Strategy: 10 Key Elements to Intranet Success

    1. 1. Welcome toEssential Intranet Strategy: 10Key Elements to IntranetSuccess Steven Osborne Matt McCourty Intranet Strategist Enterprise Sales Director @Steven_Osborne @mmccourty #iiwebinar
    2. 2. Essential Intranet StrategyHow to ask questions... Ask questions on twitter: @intranetexperts #iiwebinar #iiwebinar
    3. 3. #iiwebinar
    4. 4. A successful intranet needs to be able to demonstratehow it has helped the organisation towards achievingits goals.“To increase employee engagement score to 80% in the2013 survey”“To increase revenue by 12% in 2013/2014” #iiwebinar
    5. 5. Intranet objectives should be aligned to those of theorganisation, and be set in such a way that can assistthe evaluation of the intranet.Is this you?• To be the sole channel of corporate communications• To improve collaboration• To reduce the „siloing‟ of information #iiwebinar
    6. 6. • By 30 June 2013 60% of all users will have completed their profile by adding a role summary, profile pic and completing their skills.• By implementing an “IT FAQ” section on the intranet we will reduce internal queries to our IT team by 50% by end of the year. #iiwebinar
    7. 7. Getting the right people involved and ensuring that theyunderstand their responsibility and the expectations ofthem. #iiwebinar
    8. 8. • Which roles do you need?• Who is in each role?• Are you getting the right people?• Have you got job descriptions for these? #iiwebinar
    9. 9. "Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integratedapproach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing allof an enterprises information assets.These assets may includedatabases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in individual workers.”(Bryant Duhon) 1998 #iiwebinar
    10. 10. “The art and science of organising and labellingwebsites, intranets, online communities and software tosupport usability.”Information Architecture Institute #iiwebinar
    11. 11. From Morville & Rosen - Information Architecture for the World Wide Web #iiwebinar
    12. 12. Brand is the look and feel of the intranet. It is important asit can affect a user‟s perception of the intranet. A goodintranet design will result in increased user confidence andshould encourage the collaborative use of your intranet. #iiwebinar
    13. 13. #iiwebinar
    14. 14. #iiwebinar
    15. 15. Selecting the right tool or feature and using it in anappropriate and effective manner can deliver clearbusiness benefits and help an intranet achieve itsobjectives. #iiwebinar
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    17. 17. #iiwebinar
    18. 18. Engagement is a combination of the awareness that usershave of the intranet, their use of it, and their feelings aboutit.How engaged a user is could be measured by theirfrequency of use as well as by evaluating their assessingactions and interactions within it. #iiwebinar
    19. 19. Having a snapshot of how your intranet isperforming, and being able to drill down in detail ifrequired, as well as being aware of how the intranet isperforming in comparison with others is a powerful toolin managing and driving forward your intranet. #iiwebinar
    20. 20. Governance is about steering your intranet in the rightdirection and having a process for making the decisionsthat affect the intranet.It is a framework for success #iiwebinar
    21. 21. #iiwebinar
    22. 22. www.intranetconference.comTakeaways• One• Two• Three• Four• Five• Six #iiwebinar
    23. 23. Five Key Things to Take Away #iiwebinar
    24. 24. 1. Set SMART objectives which are derived from businessobjectives2. Build a team and ensure each person understand their roleand responsibilities3. Involve users in the creation and validation of the intranetstructure4. Consider the „long wow‟ approach – create an internalroadmap for launch and beyond5. Measure intranet usage and performance to demonstratemeeting objectives of highlight areas for focus #iiwebinar
    25. 25. #iiwebinar