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Building a Successful Intranet Business Case Webinar


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In this free webinar our experienced intranet consultant, Steven Osborne, will take you through the key stages & considerations for: …

In this free webinar our experienced intranet consultant, Steven Osborne, will take you through the key stages & considerations for:
• Future proofing your new intranet
• Understanding current user requirements
• Creating clear business objectives
• Demonstrating potential return on investment

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  • Broadly speaking you will fit into one of 2 categories.You’ve identified that there is need for a new intranet and you now need to persuade others, you need to gain evidence to prove the caseYou’ve been asked to source a new intranet – the case is proven and you need to assess the solutions.Can you identify yourself by holding up the appropriate icon.Magnifying glass – you need to prove the caseDice – your assessing solutions.
  • In order for any business case it worthy of progression it is essential to show the business benefits.The benefits that an organisation can gain from an intranet can be summarised into the following key areas;Decide on your key objectives and start to focus on what exact benefits will be achieved and how they can be achieved.
  • Lets look at an example of increased business efficiency.[Benefit -> Feature]An intranet can be a one stop shop for information – a new intranet can help with document management and ensure key documents….An intranet can reduce duplication of effort – a social intranet can facilitate the sharing of knowledge and collaboration ….An intranet can deliver quicker access to right information – If it has an effective Intelligence store – What do people look for and how ….
  • Identify Pain PointsBy identifying pain points you can start to bring together a case for why and how a new intranet would bring value to the business.Identify challenges that the business and employees face on a day to day basisIdentifying challenges with your current intranetTake a couple of minutes thinking about how you can identify these.
  • Techniques that can be used to identify staff needs include;Online surveys – good for mass appeal and inclusion, may produce quantitative data not qualitative Focus groups – representative users, need to be wary of the make up of groups as the presence of some people may affect the participation of others.(Think about having focus groups based on roles or responsibility)Stakeholder interviews - however the draw back of this is that it can be based on assumption and what someone else thinks that someone else needs.Workplace observation – seeing people in their natural environment (may not actually involve the intranet)Usability Testing Usage statisticsIT call logs
  • What might these be? Ask before revealing.No-one uses it may be true, but too broad. Why are they not using it?Ineffective searchDifficult to upload contentIrrelevant contentLack of collaborationothers; Duplication of effortSilosLocalised contentInaccurate contentDated contentIf trying to convince for the need of a new intranet. What are the implications of not implementing a new system?
  • Who are the key people who will be involved in the project and will act as on-going champions for its success?Important to clearly identify the roles & responsibilities of those in the steering group and get their agreement on what their role is.Governance starts early
  • Why are you doing this - You have the opportunity to turn these pain points into opportunity statements. You can position the new intranet as the solution to the problems identified.
  • Don’t just think about today. The intranet should be able to evolve to meet the challenges of the business as they change. Therefore don’t become solely focused on “today” and the solution to those problems, but also think about “tomorrow” and the challenge that the business will face. How future proof is your intranet platform.Some of this may require a culture change
  • More detail within the Business Case Template Have a matrix that allows direct comparison between solutions, and easy assessment. You will need to ensure that you have identified required features (to be the solution to solve the problem of your pain points)Key point Look at the services that a supplier can offer as well as the software as this will be critical to the success of your overall project. [Nick] will talk more about Return on Investment later and also introduce you to the “Business Case Template”
  • Why is ROI important? Helps internal sales, Business plans require ROI, shows the benefit of an investment to the business and is a measurement of successTypes of ROI - Hard ROI. Hard costs that can be reduced due to implementation of a new Intranet. Tangible benefit to the organisation, easy to prove, looks good on balance sheet. i.e. can reduce wage bill or IT CostsSoft ROI – more difficult to prove but can lead in turn to hard ROI. Reduction in time needed to do tasks can lead to reduced staffing. Improved staff morale through improved communication and collaboration can lead to lower staff turnover and reduced recruitment costs.
  • Defining ROI - Run through calculation
  • Info Retrieval; Using old methods, it takes 2 minutes to find document X. With our intranet, it takes 30 seconds to find the same document.Each day, our staff look for 3 documents. We have 200 staff. This time equates to 15 hours a day – equivalent to 2 full workdays wasted.Process Improvement; Well documented processes and procedures make businesses more efficient.Electronic forms and workflow means; Less manual data input, better reporting and business intelligence and a faster signoffIT Savings; Reduction in; Duplicated documents, email traffic, reduction in attachments.Results in lower costs for storage, networking and offsite Disaster Recovery / HostingReduced Duplication of effort; Large organisations often have teams inadvertently working on the same or similar projects. Organisations of any size have multiple people trying to solve the same problems. There are potentially huge savings to be made by discovering these overlaps and preventing future overlap, combining great teams and ideas and cancelling wasted time.
  • Sometimes no form of ROI is enough to convince cynical Finance director, the best approach of all is to find a problem in the business and solve it.I covered how to go about this earlier, this approach gives direct, measurable savings over a short term that can also have long term savings and long lived impact.
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    • 1. Welcome toBuilding a Successful IntranetBusiness Casewith: Steven Osborne Sara Burgess Intranet Strategist Intranet Evangelist @Steven_Osborne @SaraLFBurgess @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 2. Business CaseHow to ask questions... Please ask questions using the Questions Interface in your GoToWebinar toolbar. @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 3. Business CaseHow to ask questions... Ask questions on twitter: @intranetexperts #iBusCase @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 4. Welcome toBuilding a Successful Intranet Business Case @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 5. Which one are you? @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 6. Increased Business Efficiency Improved Staff Morale Increased Revenue Reduced Direct Costs @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 7. Increased Business Efficiency Document Management Ensure key documents and communications areOne stop shop for information channelled through the intranet. Social Intranet Share knowledge and collaborate; sales team sharingReduce duplication of effort knowledge on competitors to help win pitches. Intelligence StoreQuicker access to right What do people look for, and how? Can you ensureinformation that the right content finds them? @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 8. Identify Pain Points Challenges faced by business Challenges faced by users Challenges with current intranet @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 9. What to do Online Surveys Focus Groups Stakeholder Interviews Workplace Observation Usability Testing Usage Statistics @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 10. Identify other challenges No-one uses it Ineffective Search Difficult to upload content Irrelevant Content Lack of collaborative tools @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 11. Key People HR Communications IT Marketing Knowledge/Information Management @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 12. Opportunity Statements “We have the opportunity to improve our customer service performance by …” “A new intranet will give us the opportunity to break down silos and improve cross function communication.” “This is an opportunity to introduce a more streamlined process to save time and duplication of effort. “ @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 13. @intranetexperts#iBusCase
    • 14. @intranetexperts#iBusCase
    • 15. @intranetexperts#iBusCase
    • 16. The Maths bit … Gains from Investment – Cost of InvestmentReturn on Investment % = Cost of Investment £50,000 - £30,000 66% = £30,000 @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 17. Classic Intranet ROIInformation Retrieval Process Improvement “Increase Productivity” Reducing Duplication of IT Savings Effort @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 18. Identify problems and solve them @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 19. @intranetexperts#iBusCase
    • 20. Question Time @intranetexperts #iBusCase
    • 21. @intranetexperts #iBusCase