Building a successful intranet business case seminar


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These are the slides from Interact Intranets Building a Successful Intranet Business Case seminar

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  • Can you identify yourself by holding up the appropriate icon.Magnifying glass – you need to prove the caseDice – your assessing solutions.
  • Building a successful intranet business case seminar

    1. 1. Agenda9.45 – 10.30 American Golf: Customer Case study10.30 – 11.15 Structuring Your Intranet11.15 Break11.30 – 12.00 Projecting ROI Launching an Intranet – Best Practice Tips12.00 – 12.30 Hands on Time with Interact Intranet12.30 – 13.00 Lunch
    2. 2. americangolf Clubhouse Malcolm PayneManagement Information Manager Twitter = @MALJPAY
    3. 3. Our BusinessEurope’s No1 Golf Retailer.91 Stores.Covering UK and IrelandLargest E-commerce division in the Industry3 Major internet brands • • • Onlinegolf.deSelling into Europe and beyond • UK / Ireland =64% • Western Europe =19% • Eastern Europe =14% • Other (Iceland, Australia, New Zealand) =3%2 UK based Head Offices • Warrington and Harlow
    4. 4. What we use to do• Over reliant on e-mail.• No coherent communication strategy.• Very manual system for data collection.• Large payroll overhead in processing data.• Inconsistent data formats, free text.• Lack of tracking and checks, control.• Some information / data not collected due to time and effort required in collation.• Unable to keep up to date with changing business model.• Expanding Store and office base requiring more information.• Speed of Communication very slow.
    5. 5. Our Objectives• Ability to send the correct communication to the people that need it.• Control the two way communication from RSC to Retail stores.• Ability to Deliver Operations strategy.• Version control documents and policies so that they are always up to date and relevant.• Take reliance away from e-mail and mitigate need to upgrade.• Ability to gather information from users back to RSC including collation and analysis of retrieved information.• Use as the main portal for reporting from Senior Management to Sales Person.
    6. 6. Key Features Used• Workflow and forms. - Timesheets, expenses and many more.• Absence Manager - Control of staffing levels.• Interact Teams, Discussion boards and People directory - Greater Collaboration.• Question bank - Targeted Questionnaires.• Recommends - Smart document management.• RSS feeds - Outside world in.• Statistics and Search Analytics - Understanding of what end users are looking for.• Mandatory Read - Greater control of Communication delivery.
    7. 7. Our Intranet - Clubhouse
    8. 8. Workflow and FormsForms UsedTimesheets.Expenses.HSE check sheet.Appraisals.Security Alert.
    9. 9. Customer ROI Statistics• Reduction in email traffic meant no need to annually upgrade to a new email system – £30,000 p/a saving• Reduction in errors filling in timesheets and H&S forms (½ hour per form), and reduction of errors created in stores – £23,000 p/a saving• Reduction in time for payroll staff to consolidate and validate figures – £12,500 p/a saving• Savings in reduction of errors in over payments and paper involved for underpayments – £6,000 p/a saving Total tangible ROI £71,500 p/a
    10. 10. Intangible ROI• Greater collaboration between stores and RSC also between project teams.• Stronger communication.• Automation of processes.• One port of call for ALL information.• Extended range of communication.• Extended range of functionality.• Future proof ........
    11. 11. Building a Successful Business CaseSteve OsborneIntranet ConsultantFollow me on Twitter @Steven_Osborne
    12. 12. Which one are you?
    13. 13. • Increased Business Efficiency• Improved Staff Morale• Increased Revenue• Reduced Direct Costs
    14. 14. Increased Business Efficiency Document Management Ensure key documents andOne stop shop for information communications are channelled through the intranet. Social Intranet Share knowledge and collaborate; salesReduce duplication of effort team sharing knowledge on competitors to help win pitches. Intelligence StoreQuicker access to right What do people look for, and how? Caninformation you ensure that the right content finds them?
    15. 15. Identify Pain Points
    16. 16. What to do • Online Surveys • Focus Groups • Stakeholder Interviews • Workplace Observation • Usability Testing • Usage Statistics
    17. 17. Identify other challenges • No-one uses it • Ineffective Search • Difficult to upload content • Irrelevant Content • Lack of collaborative tools
    18. 18. Opportunity Statements “We have the opportunity to improve our customer service performance by …” “A new intranet will give us the opportunity to break down silos and improve across function communication.” “This is an opportunity to introduce a more streamlined process to save time and duplication of effort.
    19. 19. Future Trends • Collaboration • Gamification • Smart/Big Data
    20. 20. Steering Group & Champions Key People • HR • Communications • IT • Marketing • Knowledge/Information • Management
    21. 21. Building a Successful BusinessCaseNicholas LethbridgeVP UK SalesFollow me on Twitter @Nicklethbridge
    22. 22. Things to Consider when Buildingyour Business CaseInternal sales• Who makes the decisions?• Who are influencers?• Who do I need to involve?What are the processes?• Tender Process• ProcurementWhat do I need to prove?• ROI• Reduced TCO• How will this benefit the business?
    23. 23. Intranet SeminarCalculating Intranet ROI
    24. 24. Agenda• What is ROI?• The classic method for calculating intranet ROI• ROI by solving business problems• Case Studies• ROI is only half the story• Where can I find Help?
    25. 25. Defining Return on Investment Gains from Investment – Cost of InvestmentReturn on Investment % = Cost of Investment £50,000 - £30,000 66% = £30,000
    26. 26. Why is ROI Important?• Helps Internal Sales• Business plans require ROI• Shows the benefit of an Investment to the business• Measurement of Success
    27. 27. Types of ROIHard ROI Hard costs that can be reduced due to implementation of a new Intranet. Tangible benefit to the organisation, easy to prove, looks good on balance sheet. I.e. We can reduce wage bill or IT CostsSoft ROI More difficult to prove but can lead in turn to hard ROI. Reduction in Time can lead to reduced staffing.
    28. 28. Classic Intranet ROI Information Retrieval Process Improvement “Increase Productivity” IT Savings Reducing Duplication of Effort
    29. 29. Information Retrieval“Using old methods, it takes 2 minutes to find document X. With ourintranet, it takes 30 seconds to find the same document”Each day, our staff look for 3 documents.We have 200 staff.This time equates to 15 hours a day – equivalent to 2 full workdayswasted.
    30. 30. Process ImprovementWell documented processes and procedures make businesses moreefficient.Electronic Forms and Workflow mean:• Less manual data input• Better reporting and business intelligence• Faster signoff
    31. 31. IT SavingsReduction in:• Duplicate documents• Email traffic• Sent attachmentsResults in lower costs for storage, networking and offsite DisasterRecovery / Hosting
    32. 32. Reducing Duplication of Effort• Large organisations often have teams inadvertently working on the same or similar projects• Organisations of any size have multiple people trying to solve the same problems• Potential huge savings to be made by discovering these overlaps and: • Preventing future overlap • Combining great teams and ideas • Cancelling wasted time
    33. 33. Questions you are faced with• Immediate Return on Investment is in time, not money• Employees may not use the time saved profitably• Salary bill does not decrease• Relies on staff using regained time to generate more sales• Regained time to individuals may be too small to leverage The bottom line value of this ROI may only be a fraction of the calculated value
    34. 34. Finding ROI by Problem Solving• Sometimes no form of ROI is enough to convince cynical FD’s.• The best approach of all is to find a problem in the business and solve it.• This gives direct, measurable savings over a short term.• Long term Savings and Impact • Change in Culture • Increasing staff retention
    35. 35. Case Study 1: RomecProblem "Our staff are wasting money not using vendors we have negotiated discounts with"• Thousands of mobile engineers who work out of vans• Romec have negotiated company-wide discounts with a number of retailers• Engineers had no directory of approved retailers and were prone to using the first one they could find.
    36. 36. Case Study 1: RomecSolution Implemented the Engineer Preferred Supplier Database on the Interact Intranet platform. Engineers can search for local supplier details using their GPRS enabled Toughbook laptops, or Handheld Mobile Devices.
    37. 37. Case Study 1: RomecROI• £80,000 direct savings in year one.• Total year one intranet spend: £63,690• ROI: 25%
    38. 38. Case Study 2: HMVProblem "Our HR team are swamped with enquiries and we need to hire more people to handle them"• Employs thousands of people on a seasonal, temporary or part time basis as well as its store managers and HQ staff.• Staff generate a vast quantity of personnel queries and issues which must be solved rapidly by an HR expert• Volume of queries had grown to the point where the HR team were no longer able to respond quickly
    39. 39. Case Study 2: HMVSolution Interact provided an Ask HR system - a combination of helpdesk and knowledge base - which has reduced the number of incoming calls to HR by almost 50%. Now, 97% of online queries are responded to within one hour, and there is a rapidly growing self-service knowledge base to prevent enquiries being logged in the first place.
    40. 40. Case Study 2: HMVROI No additional staff required - £50,000 per annum minimum including recruitment fees, initial and ongoing training as well as salaries. £14,500 spent 244% ROI.
    41. 41. ROI is only half the story … the other half is Risk
    42. 42. Mitigating Risk• Proven software• Proven implementer• Project management excellence• Ease of use• Active development cycle• Trusted supplier to large organisations
    43. 43. To Recap…• Return on Investment can be approached from several different angles• Increased Productivity may be enough in huge organisations• Hard and Soft ROI is needed along with Short and Long term benefits.• ROI by problem solving best proves short-term payback but requires time, effort and understanding of the business
    44. 44. Seek out Help Get tips & advice on Twitter • Follow @Intranetexperts • Watch the trend #intranet
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