ePB 10-Minute Round-Up

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As presented as Participatory Budgeting Conference, March 30, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY.

As presented as Participatory Budgeting Conference, March 30, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • 1. ePB 10-Minute Round-UpTim BonnemannFounder & CEO, Intellitics, Inc.March 30, 2012
  • 2. About Me• Tim Bonnemann• Founder & CEO, Intellitics, Inc.• San José, CA• We help you deliver great participation experiences online.• Board of Directors, IAP2 USA• Member, NCDD tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 3. Today’s Session Goals• How to make sense of the wide variety of online tools suitable for PB• Project examples• Get you excited about technology-enabled public participation tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 4. Housekeeping• Please hold questions until the end• Slides will be shared online• Feel free to contact me directly tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 5. The PB Process • Outreach • Diagnosis (needs analysis, idea generation) • Proposal development (collaboration) • Proposal selection (deliberation, voting) • Implementation • Monitoring tim@intellitics.com @intelliticsSource: PB Project website +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 6. Technology Options• Information & Communications Technology (ICT) can support each and every aspect of the PB process • Pick your battles, no need to tech-enable everything all at once• Diverse tool landscape (opportunity) • 100+ tools, each w/ different (relative) strengths/weaknesses• Need to know which function to support and why (purpose) tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 7. Tool-to-Function Matrix • Outreach Diagnosis Prop Dev Delib Prop Sel Impl Monit ?Large-group dialogue: Standarddiscussion forum, EngagementHQ, X X XDialogue App, ZilinoCrowdstorming: IdeaScale,UserVoice, Allourideas XCollaboration: Wiki, Etherpad,screen sharing, phone/web Xconferencing etc.Budget simulation: BudgetAllocator, Budget Simulator, BackseatBudgeter, DEMOS-Budget, Citizen XBudgetSMS X X XSocial Media: blogs, socialnetworks X X
  • 8. Project Examples• Cologne Citizen Budget 2010 • Budget consultation in the City of Cologne, Germany • https://buergerhaushalt.stadt-koeln.de/2010/site/downloads/ 10454_15_Evaluationsbericht_BHH_final_bf_abA7.pdf• Recife Participatory Budget • http://www.vitalizing-democracy.org/discoursemachine.php? id_viewback=142&menucontext=43&page=detail&id_item= 1324&detail_layout_field=itemtype_layoutmisc4&menucont ext=4 tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 9. 10K+ registered users1,200+ suggestions4K+ commentsTop 100 suggestions were processed
  • 10. Online/mobile voting
  • 11. Key Take-Aways• Technology can support each and every portion of the PB process• Pick your battles wisely• Have a clear purpose before you choose your tools• Get excited and make amazing things happen! tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf
  • 12. Thank you!tim@intellitics.com tim@intellitics.com @intellitics +1 (408) 627-0700 #PBconf