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Int dicks case_study_1

  2. 2. History Benefits achievedDick’s Sporting Goods was founded by its namesake Dick Stack when he was just 18 with new systemyears old in 1948. Stack worked at an Army/Navy store in Binghamton, New York, when • Achieved a 20% increase in productivity in the facility’shis idea of expanding its product line to include fishing supplies was mocked by the breakpack area.owner. Relating his disappointment to his family that night, his grandmother decided • Achieved a 10% increase into give him her life’s savings and instructed him to “follow his dreams” with it. Stack productivity in the facilities receiving area, with increasedopened the first Dick’s as a “bait & tackle” fishing supply store that same year, and volume.expanded into general sports merchandise in the late 1950s. • Experienced zero down time to existing operations duringIn the early 1990s, Dick’s Sporting Goods began chain operations, opening additional project implementation.stores across Upstate New York, before moving its headquarters to Pittsburgh in 1994.In 2004, the company acquired forty-eight locations from Galyan’s Trading Company,another sporting goods store. In 2007, they acquired Golf Galaxy which operated 65golf superstores.Through its 340 store locations and a growing internet order business, Dick’s providesauthentic full-line sporting goods with a broad assortment of brand name sportinggoods equipment, apparel, and footwear in a specialty-store environment.The FacilityTo accommodate the requirements of the facility and system, Dick’s Sporting Goodsexpanded the Plainfield facility from 360,000 square feet to 725,000 square feet. The IntelliMerge® in Receivingsystem consists of receiving, backstock, semi-bulk, quality audit/ ticketing/open to hang,active/singles picking, return to vendor/claims, breakpack, store consolidation,and shipping.Intelligrated developed an implementation plan with minor tie-ins performedat strategic times. Dick’s Sporting Goods continued to use the existing system untilnew areas of the system were ready for tie-in. The outcome resulted in a brand newconveyor system in an expanded building with no interruptions to existing operations.The SystemThe key components of the system include a high speed IntelliSort® sliding shoe sorterin the receiving and shipping areas. The breakpack sorter is a dual-sided high speedIntelliSort shoe sorter. A high speed IntelliMerge® is located in the receiving area and Dual Sided IntelliSort ® Shoethe shipping area. The merges and single-sided sorters are capable of running 630 feet Sorterper minute and are designed to sustain a throughput rate of 180 cartons per minutebased on a 24” average length case. The dual sided IntelliSort shoe sorter is capableof running 550 feet per minute and is designed to sustain a throughput rate of 100cartons per minute. 2
  3. 3. The breakpack area has 12 modules consisting of a “Intelligrated combination of gravity and powered conveyor with developed and shelving locations for store cartons. Operators put delivered an merchandise into store cartons via RF. Finished store implementation plan cartons are pushed onto a powered takeaway conveyor that allowed Dick’s and transported to the carton seal area. Empty cartons Sporting Goods are placed onto an empty corrugate conveyor for continuous transport to the trash baler. uninterrupted operations. The passion The ticketing area has banks of gravity roller conveyor and flexibility that Intelligrated provided was ® feeding workstations where the quality audit, refreshing and appreciated.” ticketing, or open-to-hang operation is performed. Cartons are manually pushed down active lanes to the Bill Palmire operators. Finished cases are placed onto a powered Sr. Director of Distribution takeaway conveyor for transport back to the receiving sorter and onto the next processing destination.The system is controlled via Intelligrated’sInControlWare® software that communicates with Full, open cartons that are destined for shipping firstthe Warehouse Management System (WMS), which travel to the carton seal location. The carton seal areais located at Dick’s Sporting Goods corporate has an Intellisort pop up wheel sorter for round-robinheadquarter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Support sorting to any of the 5 carton seal lines. Outboundcenter lets corporate trouble shoot system problems. sealed cases travel to the shipping IntelliMergeViewCenter, a 3D graphical representation of the merge lines.system, provides ease of monitoring the systemreal time. Shipping at Dick’s Sporting Goods Plainfield, Indiana facility is via palletized loads. The IntelliSort shoe sorterReceiving consists of 18 uptake lines for conveying shipping sorter has 33 aftersort diverts. The diverts arecases from trucks located at the receiving dock. These clustered into 8 banks of 4 divert lines. The last divert18 lines merge into 3 takeaway lines that feed the on the sorter is for backstock and also serves as thereceiving IntelliMerge merge lines. Also merging at no-read divert. Diverted cases travel off the sorter tothis location is the recirculation line from the receiving gravity run out lanes where the cases are scanned bysorter and a line from backstock. The receiving the operators and placed onto the appropriateIntelliSort sliding shoe sorter has 6 divert locations. store pallet.The diverts include 3 cross-dock lines, 1 no-read/jackpot line, 1 breakpack line, and 1 ticketing location. Cartons that are not successfully diverted travel to the recirculation line located at the end of the sorter.Cases destined for the cross-dock lines transport Full pallets are transported via fork lift trucks ordirectly to the shipping IntelliMerge merge lines. The pallet jacks to stretch-wrap machines. The pallets arebreakpack line conveys product to the dual sided wrapped and staged in the bulk storage area and areIntelliSort shoe sorter for delivery to the put-to-store now ready for shipment to the store.locations. Cases destined for ticketing transport to themezzanine level located directly above the breakpackarea. No-read or jackpot cases convey to a floorlocation near the first receiving uptake line. IntelliSort® Shoe Sorter in Shipping 3
  4. 4. About Intelligrated Intelligrated Service & SupportIntelligrated is a leading American-owned, single-point The in-house Customer Service and Support (CSS) programprovider of automated material handling solutions with offered by Intelligrated backs all of our products. Servicesoperations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Headquartered available include:in Cincinnati, Intelligrated designs, manufactures and • IN-24x7® technical support hotlineinstalls complete material handling automation solutions, • Spare parts logisticsincluding IntelliSort® line sortation systems, Crisplant® • Field servicetilt-tray and cross-belt sortation systems, conveyor systems,Alvey® palletizers and robotics, Real Time Solutions® • Equipment and system auditsorder fulfillment systems, warehouse control software • Upgrades and modificationsand advanced machine controls—all supported by 24x7 • Full service and maintenance contractsCustomer Service and Support. • Preventive maintenance • Customer trainingServing the warehousing, distribution, consumer product CSS is available 24x7 to provide all of the services neededmanufacturing, postal and parcel markets, Intelligrated to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.collaborates closely with its clients to develop productivity Whether it’s on-site support or troubleshooting viasolutions and responds to their needs throughout the life our hotline, Intelligrated has the most comprehensiveof their material handling systems. customer support program in the industry. Service and Parts Hotline Phone + 1 877.315.3400Intelligrated Products www.ontimeparts.comand Services• Systems Integration• Sortation Systems• Conveyor Systems• Palletizing Solutions• Software & Controls• Order Fulfillment Systems• 24x7 Technical Support• Design & Build Headquarters in Mason, Ohio For more information, contact: 7901 Innovation Way, Mason, Ohio 45040 + 1 866.936.7300 www.intelligrated.comCSDSG01 12.09 © 2010 Intelligrated. All rights reserved.