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Multi-Talented International Baccalaureate from Taylor's college gave prospective students and their parents valuable insights into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

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Taylor's college, International Baccalaureate

  1. 1. TAYLOR’S PRE-UNIVERSITY MARCH 2012 | ALL STUDENTS IN UNIVERSITIES OF THEIR CHOICE Showcasing the IB talentsMulti-talented IB students gaveprospective students and their parentsvaluable insights into the InternationalBaccalaureate Diploma Programme(IBDP) at the IB showcase held atTaylor’s College Sri Hartamas (TCSH).They enthralled the audience withsong performances in French; andgot the crowd cheering and laughingtogether with them as they wentall theatrical. Guests also had the ᕡ ᕢopportunity to experience life as IBstudents as they got their hands ‘dirty’experimenting with chemicals at thescience workshop.ᕡ Choir performance by IB French studentsᕢ Sharing session on how student life is like in TCSHᕣ One-on-one counseling session with Mr Frank Meagher, Associate Director, TCSHᕤ Students staged a theatre production which was a teaser to what they would be presenting on their learning trip to ᕣ ᕤ Cambodia. IB Students Share IBDP’s Theory of Knowledge Choosing IBDP was a natural The IBDP has so many different component teaches us the progression from the IB Middle Year elements that tie down to the foundations of knowledge. It Programme (MYP). I enjoyed the different cores – within the 6 asks what exactly is considered learning experience at MYP and that subject groups. We do a lot knowledge and gives you an was one of the reasons why I chose of our work outside of class. overview of everything you to continue within the IB curriculum. Unlike the A-levels the IBDP is learn. It really expands your horizons I am still not sure what career path I want not 100% exam orientated. That said, the as it acquaints you with the ‘five ways of to walk down in the future but I am very sure exams are tough and require just as much knowing’ which are sense perception, the IBDP will help me develop as an individual preparation. reasoning, language, emotion and authority. and when I figure out what I want to do, I will be prepared. Elysa Chen Ian Quah Saiyara Shehnaz Chemistry experiments under the guidance of Mr Joshua Cybulskie
  2. 2. Welcoming the UK PLACEMENTPhotography by Ngui Sui Yang, Student Photographer, Taylor’s Aperture Photography Cardiff University, Royal Holloway, Manchester HIGHLIGHTS University – these were just some of the universities Taylor’s Pre-U students got We Get You There to rub shoulders with at the Insights on Entry into Top UK Universities recent UK Universities Fair. Photography by Wong Hsu-Ven, Student Photographer, Taylor’s Aperture Photography With 37 participating UK universities and 1,400 visitors at both Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas, this was the largest placement fair to date. Representatives from four of the top-ranked UK universities met and spoke University of Liverpool to Taylor’s Pre-U students recently. This is an annual visit by London School of Economics, University College London, Imperial College, and King’s College London, to engage with our students. Actuarial Science in the UK Cardiff University Mr Nick Wood from the University of Kent, UK spoke to Cambridge A Level students on ‘Actuarial Science and Requirements for Qualification’ recently. According to him, the entry requirements to Actuarial Science are AAA or A*AB with an A in Mathematics. With 10 years of industry experience under his belt, he dispelled the myth that the industry needs actuaries to work long hours. However, he reiterated that it takes both brains and hard work to succeed. Mr Wood’s Tips – Deciding Where to Study 1. Does the course offer exemptions from professional papers? Royal Holloway 2. Does it include a year in industry? 3. Are the staff actuaries themselves? University of Liverpool has always enjoyed a good relationship 4. Is the ‘Prophet’ actuarial software taught as part of the curriculum? with Taylor’s College. One of the reasons why we enjoy working with Taylor’s is because of its fantastic reputation with high caliber 5. Does the university or faculty have links to Actuarial Science societies? students, who go on to perform very well at university. Hannah Stelman Engaging Universities Worldwide International Officer 1 March Bond University 7 March University of Sheffield International Recruitment and Relations Team 1 March University of 7 March International Medical University of Liverpool British Columbia University (IMU) 2 March University of 12 March University of Auckland New South Wales 13 March University of Birmingham Students from Taylor’s College are generally high achievers with a good command of English. They integrate very well and adapt 5 March Taylor’s University 15 March University of Bristol to challenges and changes very quickly. 6 March Curtin University 15 March University of Kent 7 March The University of Melbourne 27 March University of Warwick Helen Lytras International Officer 7 March James Cook University 28 March University of Queensland Royal Holloway International 7 March University of 29 March University of Leeds Western Australia
  3. 3. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTEveryone Has Hope, CPU CSR Project Gets the Spotlight Teaching Myanmar refugee children the art of photography is not an easy task. Over the past two years, the Everyone Has Hope project by CPU students, led by teacher and photographer Mr Colin Shafer, have dedicated their time every Saturday at the Alliance of Chin Refugees (ACR) Learning Centre. The refugee children document their lives with digital cameras donated by the public, and have been featured in two gallery exhibitions at The Annexe Gallery and KLPac. The next gallery exhibition is taking place on 14 – 27 April at The Cube Gallery, Ampang. The project recently came under the Everyone Has Hope Project is a life-changing experience for me spotlight when Malaysian TV channel, as it made me feel more appreciative towards life and recognise NTV7 opted to do a documentary how it is important for people to support each other, regardless of race, religion, language and culture.. shooting on the project. The documentary will be aired on NTV7, 13 Anna Sabrina Binti Ahmad Sopian CPU July 2011 May (Sun) at 3.30pm.Dawn of a New AgeCambridge A Level Principal, ArleneCorrigan, wrote an article for The EdgeWeekly which was published in the ‘MySay’ column on 19 March 2012.She discusses how advances intechnology have influenced educationtoday by enabling us to interact withinformation, instead of just acquiringand consuming it. Arlene emphasizedthat teaching approaches in the 21stCentury – termed the Interaction Age– need to be compatible with this to ompatibleimprove student engagement and ntachievement.While making the shift is not easyfor educators, Taylor’s Pre-U teachers Pre-U ehave bit-by-bit begun adopting newteaching techniques such as: niques• Blended Learning (combining rning online and traditional learning raditional environments) ts)• Informal learning on social media rning and online platforms for students to discuss and share information• Creating YouTube videos uTube• With technology, a student’s learning logy, g will take place anytime, anywhere. ce So, who says it needs to be s confined to the classroom?
  4. 4. STAFF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT Creating a Sense of Discovering IT Belonging Ms Bronwyn Clarke from RMIT University, Australia, shone the spotlight on student engagement when shared about the results of a pilot research entitled ‘The Belonging Project’ with Taylor’s Pre-U staff listening attentively. 38 South Australian Matriculation (SAM) students found out a little bit more about the IT industry when they visited TH IT Resource The project aimed to create happy students at the university by Centre. Through the visit, SAM students were able to view how an focusing on student development and engagement activities IT business operates and functions. 8 SAM student leaders were throughout the semester. A peek into the activities implemented also selected prior to the visit, to help in the facilitation of various were coordinated orientation sessions, creating informal student departments within the company – Work Schedule, Rental Asset spaces, bridging the inter-cultural divide and preparation for the Management, Accounting Software (MYOB), Human Resources Management, Accounting System, Term Loan and Overdraft, Hire industry. Purchase and Leasing, and Marketing.Taylor’s Learning CarnivalThe Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas campuses were rocked with a carnival atmosphere at the Taylor’sLearning Carnival on 17 & 18 March, which aimed to showcase the Pre-University programmes offered andstudent life at Taylor’s Pre-U. Performances and booths spearheaded by students and an Apple store madeup the highlights of the learning carnival. Showcase by clubs and societies – Taylor’s Dance Club, Music Club, Choir Club, Ninjutsu and more. Live bands added to the carnival atmosphereCambridge A Level students show off their 3D illustrations of a cell process Colourful clubs and societies’ booth