Scientists as competitive intelligence analysts


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Using a well formulated competitive intelligence (CI) process, companies can gain the necessary information that they require to make educated decisions that will improve their market share and keep them one step ahead

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Scientists as competitive intelligence analysts

  1. 1. SCIENTISTS AS COMPETITIVEINTELLIGENCE ANALYSTSFor additional information about Competitive Intelligenceplease visit
  2. 2. www.Intelligence2act.comThe highly competitive global economy that companies find themselvesin, requires that they employ any tactic that is available to give them anadvantage over their competition.Using a well formulated competitive intelligence (CI) process,companies can gain the necessary information that they require tomake educated decisions that will improve their market share and keepthem one step ahead.The information that is collected is only as good as it can be used, andCI analysts help to analyze and compile the data, from multiple sources,into a report that management can effectively use.2
  3. 3. www.Intelligence2act.comCOMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE WITH A SCIENTIFICFLAVORWhile most of the CI gathering is usually done as a part of anotherdivision, the companies that fully embrace the CI analyst position andrealize the potential benefit can reap the maximum benefits.Proper data collection and analysis can provide your organization withtrends to predict future performance, make direct comparisons, andthen plot the overall impact that this has on market share, innovation,and increasing profits. The more efficiently and rigorously theinformation can be collected and analyzed, the better the decisionmaking process will be.Using a scientifically trained researcher and a solid CI process you canmake the most out of every piece of data that you come across.3
  4. 4. www.Intelligence2act.comPHD SCIENTISTS ARE USEFUL AS CI ANALYSTSThey often aren’t aware, but by the time that most PhD scientistsgraduate, they have developed a skillset of data collection and analysisthat can be extremely beneficial in the competitive intelligence realm.Their skills can be immediately utilized as they are already used tosifting and scanning through hundreds of peer-reviewed journals,scouring databases, and leveraging the internet to help gain answers tothe questions that they are searching for. This skillset is highly valuableand top companies are quickly finding that investing in PhD scientists ishelping their bottom line.As an added benefit they are able to work within deadline, with limitedresources, and are able to adapt quickly, which are all qualities that canincrease not only the competitive intelligence department but thecompany as a whole.4
  5. 5. www.Intelligence2act.comBringing a PhD into your business as part or lead of the CI team will giveyour organization the talent that it needs to gather and analyze the dataeffectively.As the tools and processes for gathering CI improves you will be able tofurther leverage your new asset by casting a wider net and using moredata for the analyst.Whether or not you choose to hire a PhD scientist or not, byimplementing some of the same concepts from the scientificcommunity to your CI department you can increase the efficiency andmake better decisions from the better quality information that youcollect and compile.5
  6. 6. For additional information about Competitive Intelligenceplease visit