Problems with innovation workshops avoid these pitfalls


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Most businesses run into problems that make their innovation workshops inefficient and possibly a waste of resources.

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Problems with innovation workshops avoid these pitfalls

  1. 1. PROBLEMS WITHINNOVATION WORKSHOPSAVOID THESE PITFALLSFor additional information about Innovationplease visit
  2. 2. www.InnovationGrow.comRunning an innovation workshop can be a great way to increase thecreative power of your team and give your company a boost ofinnovative ideas in a single day.With all of the resources and focus on that one productive day it isimportant to make sure that the workshop itself is optimized so thatyou can get the most out of your investment in creativity.Most businesses run into problems that make their innovationworkshops inefficient and possibly a waste of resources.2
  3. 3. www.InnovationGrow.comThe standard innovation workshop consists of the followingcomponents:• a warm-up activity to get everyone in the right mood;• statement of intent for the workshop;• a framing of the problem with details;• division of the team into smaller groups;• various idea generation activities;• idea refinement;• and group discussion.Using this process is a great starting point but most organizations tendto have one or more problems with this workflow.3
  4. 4. www.InnovationGrow.comThese problems tend to derail the outcome of the workshop and canoften be just minor details that are overlooked or gross errors.The missed opportunities can be remedied by minding these potentialproblems and fixing your innovation workshop process; before it costsyou another innovative gem.4
  5. 5. www.InnovationGrow.comPROBLEM: PRIORITIZING SINGLE IDEAS INSTEADOF SIMILAR GROUPSIf you are lucky enough to end up with too many good ideas, then youhave to prioritize them.The problem lies in how you list the ideas. It is much more beneficial togroup ideas into categories so that you can prioritize effectively.This way you can focus your attention and resources on developing afew ideas that are all in the same category.5
  6. 6. www.InnovationGrow.comPROBLEM: LOSING SIGHT OF THE BIGGERPICTURE – COMPANY INNOVATION VS.PRODUCT INNOVATIONWhen you reframe the innovative process and all of the workshopsaround innovating not only on that product or service, but on how itintegrates with your overall customer experience, you can make surethat all of the innovative ideas are pushing your company forward.Having a great idea that doesn’t apply to your overall companydirection isn’t what you want to be spending your resources on andwhat you don’t.6
  7. 7. www.InnovationGrow.comPROBLEM: BRILLIANT IDEAS CAN BECOMPROMISED BY GROUPTHINKWhen you have a group discussion you can have everyone in the groupconfirming an okay idea while they dismiss a great one.A great way to get the most out of the individual creativity within agroup setting is to spend a few minutes at the beginning of eachexercise to allow them to come up with innovative ideas on their own.Doing this will process allow the group to discuss all of the individuallycreated ideas to help refine and improve them, which is the best way toget and keep brilliant ideas.7
  8. 8. GROWING BUSINESS WITH INNOVATIONFor additional information about Business Innovationplease visit