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The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
The Sankalp Story
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The Sankalp Story


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. The Journey of India’s largest
    Social Enterprise &
    Investment Platform
    Catalyzing Impact Investing into
    Sustainable & Scalable Enterprises Globally | Mumbai | Hyderabad | Delhi | Palo Alto
  • 2. 2
    To build a collaborative platform designed to:
    • Source, Identify and Recognize scalable social enterprises with significant social impact.
    • 3. Catalyze the infusion of investments into such enterprises
    • 4. Ensurea consistently enabling ecosystemthat works towards the growth of social enterprises through capacity building and mentoring initiatives, workshops, local-level knowledge forums
    • 5. Bring all stakeholders, esp. policy makers together in order to garner nation-wide support in the growth of this industry
    The Idea
    A Unique Solution
    Emergence of India’s only platform dedicated to catalyzing investments in business models capable of scale and impact –
    The Sankalp Social Enterprise and Investment Forum
    Kindly Note: This was the previous Sankalp logo, and was representative of a very India-centric enterprise forum
  • 6. 3
    April 28-2009
    Sankalp’s 1st Edition
  • 7. 4
    NainaLalKidwai, Country Head, HSBC inaugurates Sankalp 2009
    Key Industry leaders including Gurcharan Das, ex-CEO, P&G India (centre), participate in Sankalp 2009
    Vijay MahajanfelicitatingAnurag Gupta, Founder of A liitle World and one of the 15 Sankalp 2009 Award Winners
    The Sector Showcase @ Sankalp – goes on to become a key feature of the forum
    Launch of Beyond Profit – A global magazine focusing on the social enterprise landscape
  • 8. 5
    What Sankalp 2009 Witnessed..
  • 9. 6
  • 10. 7
    The Mumbai Dabbawalas at Sankalp 2010
    May 4-5, 2010
    Sankalp’s 2nd Edition
  • 11. 8
    We were a sell out!Sankalp 2010 attracted many a global participant. Global Impact Investors keen on emerging economies, saw Sankalp enterprises as a serious investible pipeline
  • 12. 9
    The Sankalp Finalist Enterprise FilmsShort documentaries highlighting the problem areas/issues that the Sankalp finalist enterprises are addressing and their unique solutions, become a signature feature of Sankalp
  • 13. 10
    The Sankalp Mentoring Pit Stop 2010Sankalp 2010 saw the introduction of the Sankalp Mentoring Pit Stop in partnership with TiE Mumbai– A quick shot of advisory adrenalin by seasoned stakeholders to emerging enterprises. A regular feature at Sankalp today, it is one of the most popular side-events25 Enterprises received on spot mentoring
  • 14. 11
    ET Now’s Starting up features 10 Sankalp start-ups
    UTV Bloomberg does a Sankalp Special !
  • 15. 12
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. The Support Multiplies
    1 National Innovation Council
    Support Sankalp. Take this as an opportunity to act both as Jury and evaluate enterprises as potential pipeline
    May 5-6, 2011
    Sankalp’s 3rd Edition
  • 16. 13
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. Re-Positioned & Re-branded
    Sankalp is now a round the year global platform with local roots.
    The Local Impact:
    • Sankalp to witness more smaller sector based forums
    • 17. MSME focused capacity building workshops
    • 18. Short term and Long term mentoring support
    • 19. Strategic tie ups with incubators, network partners, thereby catalyzing the growth of social businesses
    The Global Footprint:
    • Enterprise focused forums in Africa and gradually other developing countries
    • 20. Investor focused forums in Europe and USA
  • 14
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. Defined Ecosystem
    Catalyzing Impact Investments, seed-funding, cash prizes, funding commitments
    Private Equity
    Agriculture, Food & Rural Businesses
    Venture Capital
    Clean Energy
    Angel Funding
    Health, Water & Sanitation
    Think Tanks
    Electronic, Print, Online
    Government Agencies
    Technology for Development
    Policy Channels
    Mentoring, capacity-building, incubation support, media showcase for enterprises
    Enabling policy environment, public-private partnerships for enterprise promotion
    NSDC, CIIE-IIMA, NVI, Villgro
  • 21. 15
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. The Support Multiplies
    25 Network Partners
  • 22. 16
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. The Support Multiplies
    114 Investment Houses
    attended Sankalp. 33 of these took this opportunity to act both as Jury and evaluate enterprises as potential pipeline
  • 23. 17
    Sankalp 2011 witnessed Major Shifts.. Their support humbled us
    ‘The National Innovation Council (NIC) is focused on creating an Innovation Roadmap for India for the decade with a focus on inclusive growth. We especially want to encourage platforms such as Sankalp which are engaged in driving innovation and entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid’
    -Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the 1000Cr. National Innovation Fund focusing on inclusive businesses as addressing the Sankalp audience as the Key Note Speaker
    ‘Sankalp can be an ideal ground for building the 21st century socio-economic development system in India’
    - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, addressing the Sankalp gathering
  • 24. 18
    Sankalp 2011... The beginning of Many Firsts
    SudeshMenon, Founder of Waterlife India, at India’s first exclusive Investor-Investee pitching to over 40 select impact investors looking at investment opportunities
    India’s first Social Businesses Investor – Investee Meet
    Sankalp 2011
    In partnership with the Grassroots Business Fund
    9 hand picked scalable social businesses seeking capital worked with the Intellecap team. Their business models were built and presented to the core investment panel below
  • 25. 19
    Sankalp 2011... The beginning of Many Firsts
    I3N –
    Intellecap Impact Investor Network
    Sankalp 2011
    AnuragAgarwal, Sr. Vice President, Intellecap, launching Intellecap’s International Impact Investor Network (Icube N)
  • 26. 20
    Sankalp 2011... The beginning of Many Firsts
    Sankalp Community
    We Built our own online Community!Sankalp 2011 saw the beginning of a strong Sankalp presence online. With close to 450 online Sankalp Fans and Supporters we hope to make it bigger and stronger year on year.
  • 27. 21
    MallikaKapur, Mumbai based CNN International correspondent (extreme right) moderates the panel discussion on Speed Scaling Vs. Scaling for Impact at Sankalp 2011
    RohiniNilekani(centre), moderating the discussion on the Curious Case of Missing Impact Investors
  • 28. 22
    VineetRai, moderating the 180 Degree Debate on the Government vs. Social Enterprise overlap at Sankalp
    Anil Swarup, IAS, Director General, Labour Welfare and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India – the man who crafted India’s largest micro- insurance healthcare scheme – The RashtriyaSwasthBimaYojana (RSBY) at the Healthcare Panel at Sankalp.
    ShantanuPrakash, Founder, Educomp, commenting on how the private and public sectors can work in coalition at the Education Panel at Sankalp
  • 29. 23
    Nick Hughes, Co-Founder m-Pesa and Managing Director, Signal Point Partners
    Anand Kumar, Founder, Super 30 on his journey to provide quality education to deserving underprivileged students. He received a standing ovation from the audience for his highly motivational speech
    The Guru MantrasSankalp 2011 introduced the Guru Mantras – a half hour slot by dynamic individuals who have managed to impact the lives of millions
    Vijay Mahajan, at Sankalp on maximizing financial capital at Sankalp
  • 30. 24
    Sankalp 2011... Ensuring Maximum Value
    Roundtable - I
    Investing for Success:
    The Role of
    Hosted by
    EdelGive and Intellecap
    The Deal Corner
    The Mentoring Pit Stop
    Social + Environmental Performance Reporting + Ratings Workshop
    Conducted by
    Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
    Inclusive Businesses for Bottom of the Pyramid Markets
    Hosted by
    Roundtable - II
    Roundtable - II
  • 31. 25
    And the Sankalp 2011 Award goes to….
    Emerging Enterprise Winners
    K Chandrashekar
    Forus Health
    Technology for
    Aniruddha Sharma
    Carbon Clean
    Clean Energy
    Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions
    Naveen Kumar
    Anuj Kumar and Kaushalenra Kumar
    KNIDS Green
    Agriculture, Food & Rural Business
    Amit Jain
    E-Health point
    Health, Water &
    Arghya Banerjee
    Levelfield School
    Growth Enterprise Winners
    Manish Khera
    Technology for FINO
    Naveen Krishna
    SMV Wheels
    Technology for Development
    Health, Water &
    Shwetank Jain
    P2 Power Solutions
    Clean Energy
    Agriculture, Food & Rural Business
    Star Agri
    Agriculture, Food &
    Rural Business
  • 32. 26
    Well, What's the Impact?
    640Social Enterprise Enthusiasts Attended Sankalp 2011 including 114 Investors and 180 Enterprises
    3 Years,
    314+ Investors,
    312+ Entrepreneurs, later…..
  • 33. 27
    The Profile of a Sankalp Entrepreneur..
    B. Brahma Naidu,
    Managing Director
    Tirumala Milk Products
  • 34. 28
    The Profile of a Sankalp Entrepreneur
    B. Brahma Naidu,
    Managing Director
    Tirumala Milk Products
  • 35. 29
    Sankalp 2011 in the Media
    ‘this is really the Woodstock of social investing in India’
    -next billion on Sankalp 2011
  • 36. 30
    Sankalp 2011 in the Media
  • 37. 31
  • 38. 32
    The Super Angels were at Sankalp!
    The Economic Times Now (ETNow) did a 11 minute Sankalp special on their popular show – Starting Up.
    Most importantly, as a part of their new show – Super Angels, the winner of the Sankalp Super Angel elevator pitch contest (restricted to the Sankalp Technology for Development finalists) got direct access to the Super Angel show on air
  • 39. 33
    They blogged and tweeted – till ‘Sankalp’ started trending on Twitter ….
  • 40. Thank You !
    The Sankalp Social Enterprise andInvestmentForum
    Knowledgeand Insights
    Rashmi Pillai
    +91-22-4035-9222 | 32