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10-10-06-02 Paul Copioli VEX
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10-10-06-02 Paul Copioli VEX


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Published in: Education

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  • The analogy we like to use for robotics is the Flintstones vitamin: - Teachers like it because of it’s educational ingredients Kids like it because it’s fun Robotics taps kids’ interest in computers and building things.
  • The analogy we like to use for robotics is the Flintstones vitamin: - Teachers like it because of it’s educational ingredients Kids like it because it’s fun Robotics taps kids’ interest in computers and building things.
  • Innovation First launched in 2007 to serve the educational and competition robotics community. The site is the comprehensive source for the premier robotics competions and list hundreds of competitions, workshops and industry events. The site serves event organizers as a venue to promote their events and even allows them to collect registration fees online.
  • Classroom lab kits are the easy answer for teachers who want to know everything they need to start a program in the classroom. Kits that serve 2-5 students begin at $699.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Think. Create. Build. Amaze. VEX. intelitek and VEX Robotics: Partnership for Growth
    • 2. Topics
      • VEX Robotics & Innovation First Overview
      • VEX Robotics STEM Philosophy
      • VEX Robotics in the Classroom
        • VEX Robotics and intelitek
      • VEX Robotics Competition
      • VEX Product Roadmap
    • 3. Innovation First International
    • 4. Innovation First International HONG KONG UNITED KINGDOM UNITED STATES CANADA
    • 5. Innovation First Labs Hexbugs INNOVATION FIRST INTERNATIONAL IFI Manufacturing Rack Solutions VEX Robotics
    • 6. VEX Robotics STEM Philosophy
      • Broaden the base of student STEM knowledge in North America, while simultaneously extending the peak of that knowledge.
    • 7. VEX Robotics STEM Philosophy The STEM Pyramid Basic Exposure High Interest High Skill Basic Exposure High Skill High Interest Basic Exposure High Skill High Interest
    • 8. VEX Robotics STEM Philosophy
      • Make Technology Accessible
      • Utilize Project Based Learning
        • Learn by doing
        • An end goal or set of objectives
        • Students don’t like being lectured at
      • Make it Fun, but How?
      • Robotics Curriculum combined with Robotics Competition is our answer
    • 9. What’s the attraction? Fun Smart
    • 10. What’s the attraction? Smart Classroom Fun Competition
    • 11. Robotics in the Classroom
      • First Piece: Robotics Hardware Built with the Classroom in Mind
      • Next Piece: Easy to Learn, but Powerful Software
      • Final Piece: Smart Curriculum Built Around the Hardware Platform
      What is needed to succeed?
    • 12. VEX Robotics in the Classroom
      • VEX designed the hardware, but was missing the other elements.
      • intelitek provided solutions to those elements
    • 13. VEX and intelitek Partnership
      • VEX provides…
      • Custom VEX kits
      • VRC thru RECF*
      • Education channel support
      • Hardware support
        • Phone, email, forum
      • New Product Development
      • intelitek provides…
      • easyC software
      • REC (Robotics Engineering Curriculum)
      • Reseller network
      • Software support
      • Competition support
        • easyC help desk
        • Game Design
    • 14. Intelitek easyC Programming Software
    • 15. Intelitek $1,295
    • 16. VEX Robotics in Competition Partnered with Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (RECF), a 501(C)3 organization. RECF will organize and run the VEX Robotics Competition for the 2010-2011 season. Partnered with BEST, a 501(C)3 organization that has its own extra-curricular robotics competition. BEST is using the VEX Robotics Cortex Control System in all of their robots.
    • 17. VEX is the only middle and high school robotics platform with significant penetration in both daytime classroom instruction and extracurricular competitions.
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. VEX Round Up
    • 21. 2010-2011 status update 200+ events 20+ countries 3,000+ teams
    • 22. VEX Robotics Competition Asian Robotics Championship November 2010 Pan Pacific Championship December 2010 Championship of the Americas March 2011 LOCAL REGIONAL NATIONAL April 14 - 16, 2010
    • 23. VEX Robotics Competition Dallas Convention Center April 14 - 16, 2011
    • 24. “ Low Hurdle” Registration $75 registration; $25 for additional teams Includes Welcome Kit!
    • 25. Robotics team fundraising
      • $10 retail
      • 45% to 50% profit
      • $1,500,000+ raised
    • 26. Event Partner Support
    • 27.  
    • 28. Jason Morrella Tonya Scott Marc Couture Karthik K. Brad Lauer Corporate HQ Event Partner Support Provided by RECF Rick Tyler Rick Folea
    • 29. RobotEvents Manages team and event registration
    • 30. Classroom Competition Program
      • $499 turn key 8 x 8 tool-less field
      • Teachers Competition Handbook
      • Robot “one kit wonder” Bundles
    • 31. VEX Robotics Design System
    • 32. Goal: the best value
      • Starter bundles range from $299 to $699
      • Minimal tools required
      • Safe
      • System of over 200 items
    • 33. Classroom Lab Kits $699 $849
    • 34. Control system evolution 75 MHz Upgrade VEX net Discontinued native VEX net Now Shipping
    • 35. Microcontroller assortment VEX v.5 Microcontroller VEXnet Upgrade VEX Cortex Microcontroller Cortex M3 ARM - 90 MIPS (9x current) - 384KB Flash (12x current) - 64K RAM (35x current) VEX PRO ARM9 Microcontroller
      • OMAP ARM9
      • Runs Linux OS
      • 220 MIPS (22x)
      • 16MB Flash (512x)
      • 32MB SDRAM
      • Video support
    • 36.  
    • 37. Thank you! Questions?