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Canadian Best Practices In Social Media Marketing for Economic Development 2010

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A look at the best practices of the use of social media marketing in Canada for economic development.

A look at the best practices of the use of social media marketing in Canada for economic development.

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  • 1. Canadian BestPractices In SocialMedia Marketing For Economic Development Results From Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index© 2010 September 2010
  • 2. About Intelegia Intelegia is a boutique consulting firm which realizes that the paradigm of doing business is evolving. Intelegia publishes the “Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index©”, an annual benchmark study of how well Canadian cities are using social media to market their regions for investment attraction and business retention. For information, visit www.intelegia.com2 2 © Intelegia 2011
  • 3. Agenda • Context of Social Media For Economic Development • Key Insights From Cities • Benchmark Results • Planning Points • Methodology Notes3 © Intelegia 2011
  • 4. Context of Social Media For Economic Development4 © Intelegia 2011
  • 5. Context of Social Media For Economic Development • What are the new rules of competitive success? • Marketing the unique selling point of each city or region is challenging • With the introduction of social media, business is not conducted in the same way. Tools are available such as LinkedIn which are used to enlarge and strengthen business networks.5 © Intelegia 2011
  • 6. Key Insights From Cities • Usage of social media is a moving target • Getting noticed in an ever growing noisy universe • Agencies are learning to deal with negative postings • Level of adoption from within is increasing • Content sharing on social media applications reinforces traditional hardcopy advertising • New in-house competencies are needed • Executive buy-in is still essential and growing • EDOs are regional catalyst6 © Intelegia 2011
  • 7. Benchmark Results7 © Intelegia 2011
  • 8. Benchmark Results – Final Rankings 1. Edmonton Economic Development Corporation 2. Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation & Greater Halifax Partnership 3. London Economic Development Corporation 4. Hamilton Economic Development Office8 © Intelegia 2011
  • 9. Best Practices9 © Intelegia 2011
  • 10. Best Practices – Blogs (Currency of Posts) : London Economic Development Corporation10 © Intelegia 2011
  • 11. Best Practices – Facebook Page (Currency of Posts) : Edmonton Economic Development Corporation11 © Intelegia 2011
  • 12. Best Practices – Facebook Page (Customized Tabs) : Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance12 © Intelegia 2011
  • 13. Best Practices – Twitter (Scheduled Posts) : Greater Halifax Partnership13 © Intelegia 2011
  • 14. Best Practices – Twitter (Level of Engagement) : Hamilton Economic Development)14 © Intelegia 2011
  • 15. Best Practices – LinkedIn (Percentage of employees on LinkedIn) : Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI)15 © Intelegia 2011
  • 16. Best Practices – LinkedIn (Easy to retrieve using LinkedIn Search) : Greater Halifax Partnership Search Query: Halifax + “investment”16 © Intelegia 2011
  • 17. Best Practices – LinkedIn (Easy to retrieve using LinkedIn Search) : PÔLE Québec Chaudière- Appalaches Search Query: Quebec + “investment”17 © Intelegia 2011
  • 18. Best Practices – YouTube (Channel Description) : Greater Halifax Partnership Greater Halifax Partnership’s “About Me” and “Interests”18 © Intelegia 2011
  • 19. Best Practices – YouTube (Channel Description) : Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) OCRI uses keywords such as “lead economic development corporation” and “technology” to position itself. .19 © Intelegia 2011
  • 20. Best Practices – YouTube (Channel Description) : Hamilton Economic Development Hamilton Economic Development uses keywords such as “business assistance”, “corporate relocations”, “expansion” and “retention”.20 © Intelegia 2011
  • 21. Best Practices – YouTube (Ability to find videos via YouTube Search) : London Economic Development Corporation Results For Query, London + Canada + keyword, "invest"21 © Intelegia 2011
  • 22. Best Practices – Videocasts : Invest In Hamilton - Hamilton Economic Development22 © Intelegia 2011
  • 23. Planning Points23 © Intelegia 2011
  • 24. Context of Social Media For Economic Development • It is not sufficient to just have a collection of social media applications. Each tool much be maintained to engage the audience on a regular basis. • LinkedIn is becoming an important business tool that aids in opening doors to investment initiatives. Along with a profile of the organization, it is essential that all members of the agency have their own profile complete with their position and job description. • All search will be in real-time. Web, blogs, social networks . . With this in mind, agencies must take advantage of tools such as Twitter, YouTube and content sharing Users of the internet are accessing social networks via smart phone and such agencies must provide data that is easy to read and navigate through. • To have sustainable Web 2.0 marketing campaign, a content strategy must be in place. A strategy will aid agencies answer questions such as, “What do we post to attract investors to consider our region?”, “How do we engage with our followers who have an interest in what we do?”24 © Intelegia 2011
  • 25. Methodology Notes25 © Intelegia 2011
  • 26. Methodology Notes The methodology used for Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index© 2010 considered the following elements for the evaluation of agencies’ social media applications. The agency’s social media applications were assessed based upon the appearance of: • Blog(s) • Facebook Page or Group • Twitter • LinkedIn • YouTube • Flickr • RSS Feeds • Podcasts and videocasts • Content Sharing Pluggins (ie, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc)26 © Intelegia 2011
  • 27. Stay In Touch… Isabelle Poirier isabelle@intelegia.com http://ca.linkedin.com/in/isabellepoirier facebook.com/isabelle.poirierintelegia http://twitter.com/#!/intelegia (Consulting and Training) http://www.intelegia.com2 27 © Intelegia 20117