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How to Use Twitter


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A brief overview on how to use Twitter for business or professional use.

A brief overview on how to use Twitter for business or professional use.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Using Twitter Mov éo Meetup #1 twitter. com/moveo ( @moveo )
  • 3. Why use Twitter? > Conversation enabler > Marketing/engaging with followers > Breaking news > Follow industry leaders/networking Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter Overview You can use your Twitter profile for business or personal use, or both. Just make sure your Tweets are relevant to your audience.
  • 4. Followers and Following > Utilize Twitter’s search function > Many people will reciprocate a follow > Block spammy followers > Visit your favorite Websites to see if they Tweet > Let people know you’re on Twitter Mov éo Meetup #1 Following on Twitter Looking for people to follow on Twitter? Go to and start searching for people that interest you. Make sure to follow your friends and co-workers as well.
  • 5. Apps make it easier to manage an account Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter Desktop/Mobile Apps A few popular desktop and mobile apps... TweetDeck Seesmic Twitterific
  • 6. There are a few things you need to know about Tweet semantics... > @ (at) replies - public reply to a particular user > Direct messages - private message to a follower > Use a URL shortener, like Mov éo Meetup #1 Messages/Tweets URL shorteners make it much easier to Tweet messages that contain URL’s in less than 140 characters. Compare URL shorteners here: bit. ly/dwDyoL
  • 7. Twitter has become more organized > Anyone can create or use hashtags for context Example: #motrinmom > Lists allow you to aggregate your feeds Example: @moveo/team Mov éo Meetup #1 Lists/Hashtags With endless amounts of Tweets and Tweeters, it’s difficult to keep track of everything that is going on. Enter lists and hashtags.
  • 8. You can automatically integrate other social media into Tweets, like... > Blog posts > Foursquare check-ins > Yelp reviews > Facebook activities > Nike Plus > Pandora Mov éo Meetup #1 Integrating other platforms You can let your followers know what you’re up to by integrating other social platforms. But be careful not over-do it. Followers may not want to know about every place you check-in to on FourSquare.
  • 9. How do I use Twitter for business? > No easy task to measure social media ROI > Track followers, re-Tweets, referrals > Build relationships and engage with potential customers > Have someone manage the account on a daily basis Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter for Businesses Businesses dedicated to using Twitter: @comcastcares @southwestair @groupon
  • 10. Mov éo Meetup #1 Mov éo on Twitter Follow us... @moveo Kevin Randall @kevinbrandall Jeff Swanson @jeffgswanson
  • 11. Conan on Twitter ( @conanobrien ) Mov éo Meetup #1 Some people to follow For a good time, follow... Tim Siedell @badbanana Seth Godin @thisissethsblog Brian Clark @copyblogger
  • 12.