How to Use Twitter


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A brief overview on how to use Twitter for business or professional use.

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How to Use Twitter

  1. 2. Using Twitter Mov éo Meetup #1 twitter. com/moveo ( @moveo )
  2. 3. Why use Twitter? > Conversation enabler > Marketing/engaging with followers > Breaking news > Follow industry leaders/networking Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter Overview You can use your Twitter profile for business or personal use, or both. Just make sure your Tweets are relevant to your audience.
  3. 4. Followers and Following > Utilize Twitter’s search function > Many people will reciprocate a follow > Block spammy followers > Visit your favorite Websites to see if they Tweet > Let people know you’re on Twitter Mov éo Meetup #1 Following on Twitter Looking for people to follow on Twitter? Go to and start searching for people that interest you. Make sure to follow your friends and co-workers as well.
  4. 5. Apps make it easier to manage an account Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter Desktop/Mobile Apps A few popular desktop and mobile apps... TweetDeck Seesmic Twitterific
  5. 6. There are a few things you need to know about Tweet semantics... > @ (at) replies - public reply to a particular user > Direct messages - private message to a follower > Use a URL shortener, like Mov éo Meetup #1 Messages/Tweets URL shorteners make it much easier to Tweet messages that contain URL’s in less than 140 characters. Compare URL shorteners here: bit. ly/dwDyoL
  6. 7. Twitter has become more organized > Anyone can create or use hashtags for context Example: #motrinmom > Lists allow you to aggregate your feeds Example: @moveo/team Mov éo Meetup #1 Lists/Hashtags With endless amounts of Tweets and Tweeters, it’s difficult to keep track of everything that is going on. Enter lists and hashtags.
  7. 8. You can automatically integrate other social media into Tweets, like... > Blog posts > Foursquare check-ins > Yelp reviews > Facebook activities > Nike Plus > Pandora Mov éo Meetup #1 Integrating other platforms You can let your followers know what you’re up to by integrating other social platforms. But be careful not over-do it. Followers may not want to know about every place you check-in to on FourSquare.
  8. 9. How do I use Twitter for business? > No easy task to measure social media ROI > Track followers, re-Tweets, referrals > Build relationships and engage with potential customers > Have someone manage the account on a daily basis Mov éo Meetup #1 Twitter for Businesses Businesses dedicated to using Twitter: @comcastcares @southwestair @groupon
  9. 10. Mov éo Meetup #1 Mov éo on Twitter Follow us... @moveo Kevin Randall @kevinbrandall Jeff Swanson @jeffgswanson
  10. 11. Conan on Twitter ( @conanobrien ) Mov éo Meetup #1 Some people to follow For a good time, follow... Tim Siedell @badbanana Seth Godin @thisissethsblog Brian Clark @copyblogger