Redefining Public Relations in Age of Social Media


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Every day a new gizmo, platform, website, app or social network is announced to supposedly help us to better connect, work, and interact- but.. how do these all work together and which are the best ones to use to actually make money? Allie Danziger, an expert in PR and Social Media, will talk about how to develop strategic communication solutions that make sense for your company.

Allie Danziger and her company, Integrate Public Relations, specialize in helping brands and individuals differentiate and prevail by embracing change and integrating new and traditional tools in their communication mix. Her well-connected finger is constantly checking the pulse of today’s fast-paced social media and digital worlds, always searching for the next big thing that can help their clients grow and flourish.

As a sought-after social media expert, Allie travels extensively, delivering her insight and unique perspectives to audiences across the nation. This young business owner has established unique management, leadership and business development skills while creating quite a niche in the industry for creating strategically “integrated” communications campaigns.

Allie Herzog Danziger is a thriving entrepreneur, contributing to the Houston economy and community each day.

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Redefining Public Relations in Age of Social Media

  1. 1. Meet @AllieDanzigerand @IntegratePR
  2. 2. Best Job in the World Campaign
  3. 3. @DrivingAHonda
  4. 4. Integrate Public Relationsis an award-winning PR firm thatstrategically integratesnew social media tools and tacticsinto “old school”communication methodology toachieve current and long-termbusiness goals
  5. 5. Goode Company’s Texas Tour
  7. 7. So.. Where does that leave us?
  8. 8. Demand  “Hyper-­‐Transparency”    Lightening  Speed    Dialogue  is  KEY    Compe?tors  have  the  same  tools    Information moves FAST
  9. 9. Everyone is a Member of the Media
  10. 10. “What  Facebook  and  TwiFer  mean  for  News,”  Pew  Research  Center,  2012  People are Getting News Online
  11. 11. Stories that Broke via Social Media
  12. 12. Everyone Has the Same FREE Tools
  13. 13. Social Media is NOT broadcasting...its engagement.
  14. 14. WHERE TO START??
  15. 15. Make it Interesting
  16. 16. The  Creative  Few:  Get Creative
  17. 17. Choose the Right Platforms
  18. 18. Like VS. Share VS. Comment
  19. 19. What to Post
  20. 20. What to Post
  21. 21. Quick TipsReactive Engagement > Proactive PostsListen FirstShare GREAT Content120 is the new 140Be PoliteUse the Tools!Tweet Chats
  22. 22. LinkedIn for SalesBuild your profile for your potential clientGet connecting but be carefulUtilize search and introductionsGive recommendations and endorsementsJoin groups but beware of spamInitiate contact with connections
  23. 23. Instagramming for Busiess
  24. 24. Pinterest for BusiessBeautiful photos will take you FARSearch is basic at this pointDon’t stick with the default boardsBe active – post and engage dailyPromote with other social media toolsHave fun with it!
  25. 25. Monitor the Dialogue
  26. 26. Why does social mediamatter??
  27. 27. Paid  doctor  bills  In  touch  with  F&B  director  of  airport  Offered  to  reimburse  for  missed  work    RESULT:  Came  back  to  Salt  Lick!!  
  28. 28. Dissect the “Voice”DistinctiveInformativeSuccinctSuperExcitingCreativeTargeted
  29. 29. Get to Know Your Audience
  30. 30. Engage the Loyal Ones!
  31. 31. Comment on External Stories
  32. 32. Open Dialogue with C-Suite
  33. 33. Measureable Business Results
  34. 34. Make a Schedule
  35. 35. Make a ScheduleThings to consider…•  Integrate other marketing strategies (advertising, sales, PR, etc.)•  Be flexible•  OK to be humorous•  Think through the photo•  Consider holidays, but don’t over use•  Don’t forget weekends, these matter too•  Plot out the big events•  Don’t make your audience work too hard•  Test and tweak!
  36. 36. Q&A  Q&AQ&AQ&A&A Q&AQ&A&A  Q&AQ&AQ&A?
  37. 37. Thank you so much!