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Why Us??
Why do you select Intech software (Intech Group of companies), Dehradun , Uttarakhand. as your Offshore Software Development Partner? This page demonstrates Intech software (Intech Group of companies),Dehradun strengths that distinguish us among our competitors.
Experience and Expertise
Having worked on numerous projects, Intech software (Intech Group of companies),Dehradun has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customers' needs, expectations and budget.
All of our team members have several years of expertise developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial standards. Some of our team members have worked on software projects for industry leading firms. In addition, Intech software (Intech Group of companies),Dehradun. has a well-managed administrative support staff to assist in meeting your needs.
Experience and Expertise
Business Experience Intech software (Intech Group of companies),Dehradun has over 5 years’ experience in providing professional web development services for clients across the globe. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects of different sizes and complexity in various business and technology domains. Capitalizing on the accumulated experience Intech software (Intech Group of companies),Dehradun provides full-cycle services ranging from business analysis and consulting to project implementation and support.
Vertical and Domain Expertise Our rich business domain experience enables us to speak the same language with customers and understand their business needs easily. Our knowledge stretches from application design, development and integration to operating key processes. This knowledge base and experience help us save clients' precious time and deliver the right solution for every specific situation.
Technology Competence: Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Our Tech Lab constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever-growing customer needs. Our software development tools and products implement Object-Oriented design and programming. Further, we use the most modern development tools and technologies available on the market today. We are staying on pace with the fast evolving software development capabilities and uses of multimedia and the Internet.

Availability :: The Internet allows us to communicate with your team as easily as if we were in the next room. All of our project managers you will potentially interact with have strong English language skills thus eliminating language barriers. Also, because of our location in Banglore (India), we can receive our feedback in the morning and address your concerns before you arrive at work the following day.
Flexibility :: We are custom-build to client specific requirements. We have proven to be able to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions thrown at us during the course of a project.
Speed :: Because of our experience, the tools we have evolved, and our talented programmers (among other reasons) we can develop quality, customized systems very quickly.
Dedication :: Our programmers are professionals in the truest sense of the word. When we have your deadlines to meet we ensure the deadline is met. When you have a last minute change in specifications, we don't turn the lights off at five and go home. Our people put in whatever work is required, whenever needed, to keep our clients happy.
Reasonable cost :: India has very low operating costs and low-cost labor. India is a world technological superpower with a long tradition of investment in science and engineering. Our Hyderabad location provides us with a rich pool of technical talent and low-cost environment for operating, overhead and salaries. Therefore, we can pass on significant savings t

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Our Protfolio Cutomised Software

  1. 1. INTECH SOFTWARE ( Intech Group of Companies ) Dehradun, Uttarakhand INDIA CORPORATE PROFILE
  2. 2. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business Corporate OverviewWho We AreIntech Software (Intech Group of Companies), is an established IT Consultancy firm delivering high-end Software, Web Development& Internet Services of any complexity to clients worldwide. We have emerged as strong outsourcing and offshore IT service providerand have become a necessary offshore and outsourcing IT and Internet solution and service provider. Being in the IT Profession forover 5 years Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) have developed as a strong endeavor of highly technical expertise andformed an assured IT consultant to various businesses globally.. Our customers are companies of all sizes ranging from startups tolarge enterprises who realize that they need a professional internet solution to generate revenue streams, establish communicationchannels or streamline business operations.We are based Dehradun, which is an exotic and developing city in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Intech Software (Intech Group ofCompanies), an ambitious convergence of dedicated professionals and has its own vision that is its guiding the technological light to allits clients. Our prime objective is to remain on the leading edge of the technology without losing sight of customer requirements. Wehave always won accolades from past and present clients for our technical expertise, professionalism, dedication and most of allrespect to our clients. With a wide range of Technical Expertise, Business Process Analysts and Domain Epertise, we intend to work invarious industry verticals like Education (Schools, Colleges, and Universities etc.), Real Estate, Retail, Online Retail, BPO, Healthcare,Pharmaceuticals, Consultancy Solutions, Traders, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Units, Distribution Networks, Service sectors,NGOs etc.What We DoIntech Software (Intech Group of Companies) delivers highly comprehensive Software and Web Services ranging from custom websitedesign to development of complex internet systems (Cloud Computing and Saas Based solutions). We base our offerings on athorough understanding of client’s business and their requirements and provide target solutions. We combine business domainknowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximizethe client’s competitive advantage and productivity.Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies),Dehradun has provided custom solutions for a diverse array of industries, includingFinancial and Insurance, Publications, Aviation, Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, and Electronics, and OnlineBusiness Models among others. This extensive domain knowledge and expertise demonstrates our understanding of businessprinciples that apply across almost all the industries, as well as the ability and initiative to understand problems and immediatelyrespond with a target solution without wasting client’s valuable time.Our StrengthsOne-stop Internet Solutions VendorWhether you need an appealing website design or complex multi-tier internet system development or custom programming using latesttechnologies and industry trends (e.g. Web 2.0) – Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) have successfully acquired experienceand expertise to do it all.Intech Software-Corporate Profile
  3. 3. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your businessFull-Cycle Development ServicesAt Intech software (Intech Group of Companies),Dehradun we support a full-cycle development process from requirements definitionand specification, architecture design, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support. Depending on your specificrequirements our experts will take you step by step through each phase of solution development providing you with a sound advice ontechnology and application options.Experience and ExpertiseHaving over 5 years of experience in providing Software & Internet Solution & Services, and having completed more than TwoHundred and Fifty Projects in different domains, Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies), have build a large pool of Technicalas well as Business knowledge that enables us to deliver a highly “TARGET” solutions that addresses the needs of clients.Quality StandardsIntech Software (Intech Group of Companies), Quality Initiatives are based on a PENTA -Q Approach: Quality Understanding, QualityPersonnel, Quality Process, Quality Communications and Quality Delivery. Each project at Intech software (Intech Group ofCompanies), is under constant control of a Dedicated Quality Assurance Department that monitors project activities and results at eachdevelopment phase and make sure that every project is minutely processed via the PENTA-Q Approach.Vast Pool of IT ProfessionalsWhether you need a top-notch expert with a specific knowledge or a team with diverse technology skills and domain expertise Intechsoftware ( Intech Group of Companies), have a streamline hierarchy of professionals handling various aspects of Business. Ourhierarchy consists of IT experts including Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Architects, Web and Graphic Designers,Creative Team, Flash Animators, Software developers, Quality Assurance and Testing Specialists. Services Spectrum Software Application Development a. .Net Application b. Java Application c. CRM Application d. ERP Application e. Desktop Application f. Tailor-made Application g. Software Application Management Web Application Development a. Web 2.0 Applications b. Custom Web Application c. .Net Web Application d. PHP Web Application e. Custom Open Source Web Application f. Open Source Web Application g. SaaS Application h. PaaS ApplicationIntech Software-Corporate Profile
  4. 4. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business i. Social Media Applications j. Innovative Business Applications k. Web Application Platform l. User Interface Development m. Migration to Web Platform n. SOA Development o. Ecommerce Web Application p. B2B & B2C Web Application Web Design a. Custom Website b. Flash Website c. Corporate Website d. Business Website e. Personal Website f. Blog Website g. Interactive Website Graphic & Multimedia Design a. Corporate Identity Design b. 2D Design c. 3D Design d. Flash Animation Mobile Application Development a. iPhone Application b. Symbian Application c. Android Application d. J2ME Application Database Development a. Pre-integrated Postgre SQL, b. MySQL, c. MSSQL d. Oracle Server Hosting Services a. Linux Web Hosting b. Windows Web Hosting c. Linux Reseller d. Windows2003 Reseller e. Corporate Email Hosting Internet Marketing a. SEO/SEM b. Web Promotion c. Pay Per Click (PPC) d. Link Building Campaign e. Email Marketing f. Text Link Advertising g. Google Adwords h. SEO Expert Consulting Outsourcing IT Infrastructure Management Project Management Maintenance and SupportIntech Software-Corporate Profile
  5. 5. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business Technical Expertise SpectrumWe have a over 100 years of Cumulative Experience and have successfully catered more than 250 satisfied clients (Web+ Software) in a little span of five years. Possessing an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and perspicacious intelligence,our dynamic and qualified team of professionals is quick at grasping and mastering any technology. Intech Software(Intech Group of Companies) has always taken pride in being amongst the first ones to quickly adapt to this ever-evolvingtechnology scenario. WebPage Development HTML, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev (Preferred), Visual Interdev, Visual Studio .Net 2003 & .NET 2005 Drumbeat, Mojo, Frontpage, JavaScript, Jscript, VBscript. Designing Adobe Photoshop (Preferred), Image Ready, Flash, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Flash and Anipro for 2DAnimation, 3DMax and 3D Studio, Apple Quicktime, Adobe AfterEffects, Fireworks Operating Systems Windows 2003 .NET Server, Linux , Unix, Windows 95, Windows 98, Win ME/XP and Windows NT/2000. Databases Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server 2000 & MSSQL 2005, MS Access, Postgresql, MySQL 4.x/5.x. WebServer IIS, Apache, RedHatSecure. Server Side Development .NET, VB, Cake PHP , Zend Framework And all other current avaliable languages in the market. Server Side Scripting Php 3.x/4.x/5.x(Zend), CGI/Perl (Mod_perl/ActivePerl/ePerl), ASP, ISAPI/NSAPI, ASP.NET 1.1/ 2.0 Client side interfacing and programming Flash Action scripting & Gaming, Flash Communication server, Flash Remoting, Rich internet applications, FLEX, AJAX, XML Languages C/C++, , VC++, VisualBasic DAO, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ActiveX, COM, DCOM, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft Message Queing (MSMQ), VB.NET, C#. ColdFusion, Drupal, JAVA Wap Application Development WML, WMLscript, XML. Content Management System Customized, Mamboo, Drupal, PHPNuke, XOOPS ,DotNetNuke, Sitefinity, Pligg etc.Intech Software-Corporate Profile
  6. 6. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business Shopping Carts Customized, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, XCart,Magento etc. RIAs Audio/Video Streaming, Collaboration, FLEX, AIR Mobile Applications J2ME, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian Our Business PhilosophyWe at Intech software (Intech Group of Companies), Dehradun are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping themsucceed in a constantly changing and challenging biz world. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that oursuccess is tied with success of our clients. Our key business principles are: Understand Clients Needs We thoroughly study and understand the client’s requirement, needs and objectives and accordingly deliver highly targeted Solutions. We make the client aware of all available options and provide them with a competent advice enabling them to take an informed business decision. Partner with Clients Intech Software have always succeeded in becoming a long-term and trusted partners of its clients and aims to continue such practice which brings high level of satisfaction both the parties. Our priority is not only in providing professional services and solutions but also to become their IT partners, whom they rely on for all IT related queries and that too with ease. Earn Clients Trust and Confidence Our aim is to earn customers trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what they require and we can deliver and commitment to long-lasting relationship. We will go an extra mile to deliver you a measurable business value and help you adopt and succeed in the internet. Our work of Domains Final success of a Software Project greatly depends on the project teams expertise in the customers business domain. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies), have a vast experience and expertise in developing and supporting Custom Software & Web Applications and Internet Solutions in business and technical areas of the following industry verticals. o E- Commerce / Websites design/Store Front o Insurance & Finance/ERPS’s o Real Estate & Logistics o Information Technology o Pharmaceutics ,HealthCare, Hotels o Education( Schools & Colleges) o Warehousing, Wholesale and Retailing o Tourism and Entertainment o Workflow Management o 3D Graphics / AnimationIntech Software-Corporate Profile
  7. 7. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business o Mobile & Handhelds o Inventory & Accounting Corporate PhilosophyProfessionalism lies in knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) strongly believes in business expansion at appropriate time and in the right places to reduce risk and maximize benefits for clients. With systematic future planning and proficient development & delivery models in place, clients are provided with accurate proficient development & delivery models in place, clients are provided with accurate estimates of the work required from us. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) doesn’t false claims or showcase misleading offerings in any form. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) delivers what it says it delivers and does it on time. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) is Professional and clinical.When the going gets tough, the tough get going With the process-centric culture that lays utmost emphasis on business performance, Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) is trained to face wide-ranging business areas, tough market conditions and prevalent competitive environment with the highest level of patience and maturity. Teamwork and transparency form an integral part of Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) work ethics, motivation Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) to excel and ensure client satisfaction even under the most critical circumstances. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) is versatile and tough- you can count on us.Sky is the limit Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) has always measured its success in terms of the success of its clients, exceeding its projections every quarter irrespective of global economic conditions. With systematically calculated business risk mitigation strategies; Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) continued its performance during the initial global recession period, providing fledging business with dependable product engineering & Infrastructure. With its quality-focused solutions, Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) has achieved numerous technological breakthroughs in the process of maintaining desired levels of customer satisfaction. Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) is here to stay. For Intech Software (Intech Group of Companies) sky is the limit. Core Values at Intech Software ( Intech Group of Companies)Only when we have something to value, will we have something to evaluate, and we cannot value something that wecannot share, exchange and examine. Corporate values reflect the moral character of an organization. Personal andcorporate values are not very different. In fact they co-exist and complement one another thereby enhancing personal,professional and organizational growth and excellence. They add value and strengthen the steps we take toward success!At Intech Software we have identified for ourselves, four core values which we believe would TILT any business to its coreand supplement it in achieving maximum results. These four core values embrace almost any value we can think/speakabout.Intech Software-Corporate Profile
  8. 8. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your businessThey are, • Trust "Trust is hard to earn and never returns once we lost it" • Integrity "Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching" • Leadership "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail". Leadership is not about ability, it is a mindset that can be cultivated. • Innovation "To exist to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly". • Decision-making "It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off" • Ownership & Accountability "Accountability breeds response-ability" • Win-Win attitude "If you cannot change your fate, change your attitude". • Team work "Together everyone achieves more” through Trust, Empowerment, Attitude and Motivation. The key to the success of Intech Software ( Intech Group of Companies) lies in Regularly developing processes and methodologies which keep us ahead in the competition. Storehouse of Concrete Technical Expertise, Business Professionals and Creative Minds. Understanding the Client and their requirement well. Global Business Approach and Handling cross cultural issues with ease. Timely execution of contracts. Consistent and required quality level transcription. Competitive and cost-effective per line market rates. Consistent with project workflow, strategies, and communication with client. Employee satisfaction and participation on devotion level. Providing flexible man-hour solutions for our clients. The more work you provide the more staff we allocate.Intech Software-Corporate Profile
  9. 9. INTECH SOFTWARE (Intech Group of Companies) Value added services to your business Contact DetailsCorporate Office (Dehradun)(Reg)#40/1- Hathibarkala,New Cantt RoadDehradun - 248001,Uttarakhand (U.K), India.Land Line: +91-9808-767446Fax No: +91-9808-767446For General Contact :Mr. Arvind Jyala (IT Institutional Head,Director)Contact No: 91 9760456256Queries: arvind.jyala@intechsoftware.com,intechsoftware.services@gmail.comWeb Add: http://www.intechsoftware.com/For Business Development :Mr. Alok Tomar (CEO & MD,Director)Contact no-+91-9760027644Queries: alok.tomar@intechsoftware.com,intechsoftware.services@gmail.comWeb Add: http://www.intechsoftware.com/For Business Development :Mr. Rakesh Negi (Business Development Manager)Contatct No. +91-7830548177E-mail: rakesh@intechsoftware.comSkype: rakesh_negi1Web Add: http://www.intechsoftware.com/For Careers :Miss Shah (HRM): Contact no-+91-9760027644Queries: intechsoftware.services@gmail.com,intechsoftware.services@gmail.comWeb Add: http://www.intechsoftware.com/Intech Software-Corporate Profile