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There has been an unprecedented growth in demand for furniture packs in London. This concept of ready to move in furniture from specialist vendors has come as a boon for landlords looking for quicker decoration of the interiors in order to attract high quality tenants and immediate furnishing.

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Indtyle direct furniture services docoment

  1. 1. Furniture Packages Soar in Demand as More Discover The Economical Side and Speed There has been an unprecedented growth in demand for furniture packs in London. This concept of ready to move in furniture from specialist vendors has come as a boon for landlords looking for quicker decoration of the interiors in order to attract high quality tenants and immediate furnishing. So, a lot of property owners in London and other parts of the UK are enjoying the convenience, costs and time factors rendered by umpteen furniture packages. The furniture packs are always in tune with the tastes of the target audience. It is easy to classify furniture packs into these segments of, • Lighting • Kitchen packs • Bathroom packs • Window dressings Benefits The arrival of Furniture packs is mitigating the hassles of landlords in terms of the pains they suffered while furnishing on his own pace by trying to source furniture from many places. In furniture packs, the convenience is the off the shelf character giving a cluster of advantages such as style, contemporariness, durability and cost benefit. That is why furniture packages are a rage among all the savvy landlords.
  2. 2. Rationale of popularity Furniture packages had been popular among landlords for some time particularly with those who had a large portfolio of properties to let. But now the furniture packs cover every basic need with the right combination. There are hundreds of customized furnishing solutions to suit any taste. Basics to Luxury Irrespective of the budget, furniture pack providers are ready with solutions to meet any furnishing requirement. From the essential basic packs like kitchen packs to luxury packs are ready. All Time Advantage It is clear how furniture packages are a bonanza of all sorts of landlords. There is no need to own a huge portfolio to benefit from these packages. Leading furniture pack providers even offer a free survey of the property before planning the delivery. These kind of time-saving solutions is helping property agents also. Quick furnishing means faster turnaround time and that gives an edge over other competitors and business sense too. Perfect Solution Depending on the needs, there are furniture packs from specialist furniture package providers who have the resources to provide immediate, cost effective solutions to any number of properties. As far as London furniture packs are concerned, they can offer specific furnishing solutions for all audiences. For example the furniture packages in London for an apartment can be purchased for as little as £1,200 plus taxes. The prices will change according to the level of luxury. Value Added Services In addition to furniture packages there are refurbishment services like window treatments as part of the overall furniture package. London Furniture packs cater to all UK addresses in terms of assembly and installation. Even users from Glasgow and Edinburgh are now beneficiaries of this London business as they get the delivery the very next day.
  3. 3. Furniture Packs: Ways of Furnishing Property for Different Types of Tenants Furnishing a ‘buy to let’ property has many advantages. Fiscally it helps to charge more rent. For landlords furnishing comes with the factors like costs, quality, style, substance, Interior designer, options for furniture rentals and furniture Packs. Since different tenants have different needs, the furnishing has to be appropriate. Furniture Packs Landlord furniture packs have emerged as a sure shot solution. This is because the landlord has to manage the furnishing job at the minimum possible time. Secondly, he cannot get into avoidable hassles like searching for too many vendors, retailers for a few sets of furniture in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, patio and other rooms. So, landlords encountering problems in furnishing the property themselves landlord furniture packages are a great relief which are pre-compiled furniture packages designed by professional interior designers and are good for the whole house or individual rooms. Short Term Vs Long Term Tenants There are two types of clients—short term and long term. A furnished property will be a hit with short term tenants like students or young professionals, who want to quickly move into the property without purchasing too many furnishings and White goods by themselves. But a family may have its own set of household goods and furnishings and may not like an extensively furnished property as they tend to move in their own furniture. In such cases part furnishing a property is a great option of providing the essentials and a little extra to move in. Not Expensive
  4. 4. Furniture packs for landlord are not very expensive. It can be planned as a corpus of proposed increase in rent after furnishing the property with furniture packs. If a property is furnished with quality furnishings and additional features it will bring the right tenants at the right price. Also there are many landlord furniture services providing good quality furniture that can be recouped as the additional rent charged later. Here the quality has to be stringent by ensuring less breakage, less wear and tear, less replacement and less hassle. Furnishing the property with durable furniture will pay in the long term. First of all it will be suiting the style of the house. Secondly, buying such furniture is a costly strategy and time consuming too. The search for each kind of furniture can be a tedious as well as taxing job as they have to match the decor and function besides waiting for separate delivery times and separate costs too. Furniture rental For the landlord furniture rental offers flexibility in handling the needs of tenants. If they need furniture, use furniture rental, if it is only white goods, rent them. Rental furniture demands high quality and durable furniture as returns and breakages will cost them in the long run or lose customers. To sum up, furnishing a property for the rental market is not a problem at all, as far as a landlord is concerned. The options for high quality and cost effective furniture solutions are only increasing with each passing day.