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  • 1. Wrapping a Gorgeous Gift
    • When giving a gift to someone, it is important to put just as much thought into the gift wrapping as the gift buying. When the recipient sees a beautifully wrapped present, it increases their excitement about unwrapping the present.
  • 2. What you’ll need
    • Nice-quality wrapping paper
    • Sharp Scissors
    • “ Magic” Tape
    • Ribbon of your choice
    • Gift Box* (optional)
    • *You may want to put the gift in a box if it does not already have one
  • 3. Measure your paper
    • Place the gift in the unrolled paper
    • Bring the paper up around the gift until you have enough paper to cover the gift
    • Cut the paper so that you have about an inch of wrapping paper overlapping
  • 4. Measure your paper (cont)
    • Move the box to the edge of the paper so that both sides will reach about halfway up the sides
    • Repeat on the opposite end of the box
    • Mark the paper with a pencil and cut any excess paper
  • 5. Time to Tape
    • Wrap the paper around the box until the paper overlaps
    • Secure the paper with the transparent tape
  • 6. Folding the Sides
    • Make sure the box is centered inside the paper
    • Fold the sides until the paper overlaps
  • 7. Tape the Flaps
    • Tape the flaps using the invisible tape
  • 8. Finishing Touches
    • Turn the gift right-side up and center the unwound ribbon across the top of the package
    • Wrap the ribbon around the package lengthwise and twist it in the center under the box
  • 9. Tying the Bow
    • Bring the ends back up around the sides of the box
    • Tie the ribbon once in the center, then tie a bow
  • 10. Trimming the Ends
    • You can get creative when trimming your bow
    • Try trimming the ribbon diagonally or adding a fancy notch
  • 11. The End Result
    • When finished, you should have a beautifully wrapped present sure to please everyone
    • Don’t forget to add a gift tag!
    • Get creative by adding fancy cards or writing the name on the package with a metallic marker
  • 12. Outline
    • I. Wrapping a Present
    • A. Gathering the material
    • 1. Tape, scissors, wrapping, ribbon
    • B. Measure the Paper
    • C. Taping the paper
    • D. Trimming the bows
  • 13. Bibliography
    • Banner, Chrissa
    • How to Perfectly Wrap a Present . Online. 01 Feb 2008. <>.
    • Photos by Chrissa Banner