Filling Your Bucket: Community Service and Legacy Projects


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Orrville has a long and distinguished history in partnership with the Institute of Global Ethics. To perpetuate a sense of ownership in shaping the character of our youth, the Character Education Committee of the Heartland Education Community, Inc. worked with the Institute of Global Ethics to conduct a series of seminars that lead to the development of “shared values”. These seminars were held in 1994. Experts from The Institute of Global Ethics facilitated the process to identify shared values.

More than 25 seminars were held with more than 300 community members attending. In each seminar, the question was asked: If you could post ethical character traits over the door of our school, which traits would you select for the children and educators to model? The nine traits mentioned most often during the seminars became the “Words of the Month” for our community. The “Words of the Month” program is the foundation of our character education program and is an integral part of our yearly theme.

The theme for 2012-2013 “Filling Your Bucket with Good Character” integrated the words of the month and books by Carol McCloud to provide students with opportunities to create and support a caring community while providing moral actions. The service learning continued throughout the year, as students participated in 4 community service projects during the year.

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Filling Your Bucket: Community Service and Legacy Projects

  1. 1. Presented by Beverly Waseman - Orrville Elementary Principal Dave Sovacool - Orrville High School Principal
  2. 2. Background • Heartland Education Community, Inc. is a nonprofit 501( c)(3) developed in 1991 as a supporting organization for the Orrville City School District • Heartland Steering Committee incorporates members from a cross section of the community
  3. 3. Heartland Consortium • Institute for Global Ethics • Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation • Kepner-Tregoe • Kettering Foundation • Kent State University • University of Akron, Wayne College • College of Wooster • The J. M. Smucker Company • Orrville City Schools • City of Orrville
  4. 4. Foundation of Heartland Shift the focus from school to education and shift the responsibility from school to community
  5. 5. Basic Beliefs - The Five C’s • Community • Connecting Learning to Life • Critical Thinking • Character Development • Continuous Improvement
  6. 6. Character Education • The “C” of Character Development becomes Character Education program ̶ Increase understanding of ethics and values ̶ Improve school building atmosphere ̶ Encompasses community • Shared values defined ̶ Community consensus through IGE ̶ More than 300 community members participated
  7. 7. Words of the Month • One shared value featured each month ̶ Originally nine words for school year only ̶ Three additional words to continue the concept all year • January - Self-Control • February – Commitment • March – Fairness • April – Moral Courage • May – Cooperation • June – Sportsmanship* • July – Patriotism* • August – Integrity* • September – Honesty • October – Respect • November – Responsibility • December - Compassion
  8. 8. Words of the Month • Communicating the words ̶ Student posters in school buildings and around the community ̶ Character banners in downtown Orrville ̶ Character words and events featured in OrrViews Community Paper ̶ Character Education Week with theme
  9. 9. Character Education Week • Theme each year to engage students • Kick-off at home football game • Community service project
  10. 10. Helping Hands Build Good Character
  11. 11. All Aboard the Character Express
  12. 12. Filling Your Bucket with Good Character
  13. 13. 2012-13 Kick-Off Week
  14. 14. Beyond the Kick-Off
  15. 15. Part of the Culture • Visual demonstration (also used in the Middle School) • “Have you filled a bucket today?”
  16. 16. Award Winning Character • Builds upon Orrville designation • Encourage students to behave in an award winning manner • Will award students for practicing good character • Will encourage students to acknowledge the good character of others
  17. 17. Questions?