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Pitch Deck for 2nd round funding

Pitch Deck for 2nd round funding

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  • 1. Geintar, Inc
    John H. Lars
    (415) 300-7000
    Pronunciation: ˌje-nə-ˈrā-shən Function: noun
    A particular stage in the development of a product
    or technology, especially one marking a significant advance
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 2. Market Opportunity
    Today, U.S. Consumers’ spending totals $899.4 billion - 31% higher than it was only five years ago.
    Almost 15% of credit card users chargemore than $9,840 in credit card debt.
    Credit card charge-off rates in 2009 were 40% higher than 2008 at over 8%.
    There are about 18 million Americans that are facing active collection activities today.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 3. Current Solutions
    To these 15 million consumers the only current solutions available are:
    • Bankruptcy (2 million)
    • 4. Credit Counseling (1 million)
    • 5. Debt Settlement (0.5 million)
    They all involve third party companies and substantial costs to the consumer leaving over 10 million consumers without a solution .
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 6. Value Proposition
    With the downturn of the economy there are a growing number of consumers that are struggling with personal debt.
    More and more of these consumers have a “do-it-yourself” mindset and refuse being helped by any of the current solutions.
    Geintardeveloped and operates yPoodle.com:
    • providing support, answers education and a virtual settlement solution to these debtors.
    • 7. offering creditors the ability to settle with more consumers.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 8. Value Proposition
    Your company
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 9. Revenue Streams
    The core business will create revenues by charging a handling fee
    to Creditors while providing the services free of charge to consumers.
    These services include:
    • First time debt settlement
    • 10. Repeat debt settlement (approx. every 6 months)
    • 11. Continuous credit counseling
    Additional income are generated by reselling other
    financial products such as:
    • credit reports
    • 12. credit score monitoring
    • 13. tax preparation software &
    • 14. credit card offers geared towards rebuilding credit.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 15. Competitors
    There is no direct or indirect competition to this business model in the B to C market place.
    The closest competition would be in the B to B arena where companies such as Competitor1.comand Competitor2.com offer a custom branded virtual collector as an additional tool to current Debt Collectors software.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 16. Go to Market Strategy
    Current Situation: News and information about debt, debt resolution and debt education are still making headlines from all types of media.
    Short Term Strategy: The next 3 months strategy will focus on taking advantage of this interest. We have secured a known Public Relations companies and Cutie Pie will be relaying our message from the standpoint of average consumers.
    Long Term Strategy: We will focus on additional internet marketing and advertising to increase the viral effect or our short term strategy. This will include direct email marketing to targeted groups as well as online advertising. This model was already proven by a static site talking about debt but not selling any products earlier this year. As capital is raised more traditional marketing approaches will be used.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 17. Team Composition
    John - Founder - CEO brings a total of 15 years experience in the debt collection and debt settlement industries and was the owner of a “brick and mortar” debt settlement company managing in excess of $750,000,000 debt under management.
    Nicholas - VP Business Development has 35 years of experience managing multi-million dollar businesses by relying on his strength to develop teams and to manage multiple projects in fast pace environments.
    Ngu – CTO has defined and led major development for several startups and Fortune 500 companies. He founded and still manages a website development firm PapaInc (now know as Florox) in 2001,
    Don - VP Technology is an Information Technology and Information Security professional with over 16 years experience who provide support for organizations within the Defense, Technology, Legal and Financial Services industries
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 18. Potential Exit Strategies
    A strategic purchase by one of the major public or private:
    • Debt Collection/Debt Buyer companiessuch
    as Encore Capital Group, Inc.
    • Consumer Financial Services companies
    such as Intuit, Inc
    • Credit Reporting Agencies such as Equifax
    • 19. Private Equity Group which is investing in
    similar businesses such as The General
    Finance Group
    • Online Marketplace & Payments
    companies such as Ebay Inc
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 20. Milestones
    Reaching 350,000 unique visitors year 1
    Sign up top 20% of debt collectors
    Write in more…
    Write in more…
    Write in more…
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 21. Financial Projections
    Disclaimer: Results are projections and are highly speculative. These figures were prepared for discussion purposes with experience investors only. The figures are not intended to imply or provide any guarantees of any kind.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential
  • 22. Capital Request
    Financing Sought:
    $2.5 Million
    Current Investors:
    Johnny: $500,000
    Use of Funds:
    20% Product Development
    80% Marketing.
    Geintar, Inc Proprietary & Confidential