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pricelist of ads and announcements

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Media-Info 2009 Świat Szkła

  1. 1. Media–Info 2009 pricelist of ads and announcements =The monthly =Catalogue of companies =Special editions =Newsletter
  2. 2. Media – Info 2009 Profile Distribution The materials published in What distinguishes the mon- The Świat Szkła provides practical know-how in The monthly is available through subscription and our magazine have a wide thly „Świat Szkła” from other the scope of glass structures, window production, at selected wholesalers. It is also distributed during glass facade construction and uses of glass in numerous trade shows events and conferences or audience of loyal Readers: professional magazines: interiors. It provides its Readers with indispensable sent in free mailing shots to a selected group of = Departments: trade, technical and marketing = ŚWIAT SZKŁA organizes technical seminars information, starting with selection of materials recipients, thematically related to the current issues. in companies dealing with manufacturing, and periodical meetings for representatives of and technologies, through construction and design processing and selling of glass and compo- this sector – including producers, contractors, nents for its production and processing designers connected with the industry, and works, to ready-to-use products and objects. The Promotion = Companies manufacturing, selling and lecturers include the staff of research institu- magazine is one of several specialist publications The monthly Świat Szkła is promoted through: of EURO-MEDIA Sp. z o.o. The magazine has been installing windows and their fittings, facades, tes, technical universities and academies as = professional branch conferences present on the publishing market since 1996. doors, furniture, and also distributing well as state-owned institutions; and training sessions components for their production = Content quality as well as quantity of the = meetings of designers and architects, = Companies manufacturing and selling information provided allows us to ensure Thematic Sections organised by Virtus, Proximus and Meeting machines and tools used in glass- and- high effectiveness of promotion to companies = Current events Factory window- making companies advertising in our magazine = Glass in architecture = specialist trade show events in Poland = Architects, artists and interior designers = The Catalogue of Glass – and Window- = Facades and abroad (GLASSTEC - Dusseldorf, = Building designers and contractors as well as Making Companies published every year, = Windows and doors VITRUM – Milan, Fensterbau/ Frontale supplies department personnel of construction presents the current offer and contacts to the = Skylights, roofs and winter gardens – Nuremburg,) companies enterprises is also available on-line = Glass in interiors = via periodically mailing shots of the = Institutional and individual investors – sece- at = Partition walls, glass monthly to strictly determined groups ding on selection of projects and contractors = Internet website – and automatic windows of recipients according to their specialization, = Members of professional associations and provides an information platform for the = Glass staircases and floors location, etc. technical corporations companies operating in this market sector. = Glass furniture = in catalogues, books and magazines = Lecturers and students of The website of the monthly magazine include = Stained-glass = on its own Internet website www.swiat-szkla. technical universities and practical information based on life activities of = Materials and technologies pl and cooperating portals:, academies the sector, such as: dates of trading sessions, = Standards and regulations conferences and trade show events.
  3. 3. Distribution and readership analysis Average monthly • Total number of issues monthly up to 4000 Readers of Readers per length of employment** % less than 5 years 20% distribution* • Average monthly distribution 3104 ŚWIAT SZKŁA 5 - 10 years 44% – regular and qualified subscription 2386 The analysis covers the period between more than 10 years 33% – other forms of distribution 718 1 June 2007 and 31 May 2008 lack of data 3% • Editorial, archive copies and returns 168 total 100% Voivodships % Readers per no. of employees** % Geographical dolnośląskie 5,2% 1 to 5 29% kujawsko-pomorskie 4,9% 6 to 20 30% distribution* lubelskie 1,8% 21 to 50 27% lubuskie 1,1% > 50 6% łódzkie 3,1% lack of data 8% małopolskie 5,1% total 100% mazowieckie 21,9% opolskie 0,9% Readers per profile** % podkarpackie 1,8% contractors/ maintenance 37% podlaskie 1,3% glass producers and processors 32% pomorskie 5,6% architectural studios/ designers 18% śląskie 7,8% trade/ distribution 8% industry associations/ universities 3% świętokrzyskie 1,7% other 2% warmińsko-mazurskie 1,4% lack of data 1% wielkopolskie 15,1% total 100% zachodniopomorskie 3,9% ZKDP export 0,5% undetermined 17,1% * based on Association for Control total 100% **based on Publisher’s own of Press Distribution’ s declaration data from 2007/2008
  4. 4. Pri cel i s t o f a d s a n d a nno u nc em ents effective as of 1 January 2009 Basic ad sizes and prices 1st cover 2nd cover 3rd cover 4th cover 1/1 of a page 205 x 200 + 5 mm for bleeds 205 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds 205 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds 205 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds – „for clipping” 205 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds EUR 1700 EUR 1500 EUR 1500 EUR 1600 – print area 176 x 218 EUR 1300 Please, add a 22% VAT. 1/2 of a page width - „for clipping” - 205 x 142 „for the text” - 176 x 107 1/3 of a page 1/4 of a page 1/6 of a page height - „for clipping” - 102 x 285 width 176 x 70 width 176 x 52 width 176 x 35 „for the text” - 86 x 218 height 56 x 218 height 86 x 107 height 56 x 109 EUR 870 EUR 650 EUR 500 EUR 340
  5. 5. Pri cel i s t o f a d s a n d a nno u nc em ents effective as of 1 January 2009 Special ad sizes BANDEROLA Label band 2nd cover + 3rd page Centrefold 420 x 100 + 5 mm for bleeds 410 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds 410/ 285 mm + 5 mm for bleeds EUR 780 EUR 2200 EUR 2150 Please, add a 22% VAT. 1st opening page Special module black and white Sponsored article 205 x 285 + 5 mm for bleeds 86 x 52 article 1/1 page EUR 1400 EUR 50 EUR 1000
  6. 6. Pri cel i s t o f a d s a n d a nno u nc em ents effective as of 1 January 2009 Discounts Loose inserts, CDs, adhesives, for repetitions for advertising space used sewn-in inserts 2 repetitions 5% 1 page 5% Inserts (leaflets, folders) for the entire circulation EUR 940 4 repetitions 7% 3 pages 10% size 190/290 mm, up to 20 g of weight per unit 6 repetitions 10% 6 pages 15% Advertisers willing to insert their CDs or other non-standard ads are asked to contact the Advertising Office. 10 repetitions 15% 9 pages 20% Adhesives/sewn-in inserts provided by the advertiser 12 repetitions 20% 12 pages 25% (for the entire circulation only) 1 card/2 pages (up to 20 g of weight per unit) EUR 1600 Max. format A4 Extra charges extra charges Extra charges are applied for positioning an ad on the right-hand 10% inserts where weight exceeds 20g per unit 15% side of the magazine (without page number indication) inserts with the weight of 30-50g per unit 20% Please, add a 22% VAT.
  7. 7. Internet Advertising effective as of 1 January 2009 Dimensions* Size File Price Type (pixels) (kB) Format (EUR) Banners in the middle column 550 x 80 80 gif, swf 155 animated 550 x 120 120 gif, swf 180 550 x 80 30 gif, swf, jpg 120 static 550 x 120 40 gif, swf, jpg 155 Banners on the right hand side 230 x 55 25 gif, swf 60 animated 230 x 110 25 gif, swf 80 230 x 55 15 gif, swf, jpg 40 static 230 x 110 15 gif, swf, jpg 50 pop-up banner 160 All banners are linked to a website chosen by the customer or PDF material. * Other non-standard dimensions of banners can be displayed when agreed in advance with the publisher. Banners and links are emitted for 30 days. Please, add a 22% VAT.
  8. 8. 2009 Publication Plan Deadline for Issue no. Issue date booking & material 2009 fairs, technical seminars, other events* Issues for 2009 delivery • Window and door profiles BUDMA 20-23 January, Poznań • Plastic boards 1/2009 16.01.2009 24.12.2008 • Designs featuring tempered glass BAU 12-17 January, Munich • Anti-burglary glass partitions 2/2009 12.02.2009 19.01.2009 INTERBUD 19-22.02 Łódź, R + T 10-14 February, Stuttgart • Fused glass products 3/2009 12.03.2009 16.02.2009 TARBUD 20-22 March, Wrocław, DREMA 31 March-03 April, Poznań, WINDOWS AND DOORS K?ev, • Bent glass – its applications Technical • Rod and bar constructions supporting glass elements Seminar 27.03.2009 19.03.2009 • Materials for insulated glass manufacturing • Glass as noise protection GLASS-TECH 01-03 April, Kielce, DOM 17-19 April, Kielce, • Spot fastened glass constructions 4/2009 16.04.2009 23.03.2009 • Automatic doors – requirements, testing, technical solutions TARGBUD 17-19 April, Katowice, BUD-GRYF 13-15 April, Szczecin • Films for glass lamination FURNITURE 03 - 06 May, Poznań, • Fireproof and fire protection glass partitions 5/2009 12.05.2009 17.04.2009 MURATOR-EXPO Warsaw • Glass office furniture Special • Glass heat treatment (tempering, bending) Edition 27.05.2009 14.05.2009 • Glass domes • Acoustic properties of compound glass 6/2009 11.06.2009 18.05.2009 GPD 12-15 June, Tampere, MIR STIEKLA Moscow • Glass stairs and floors 7-8/2009 17.07.2009 25.06.2009 • Blinds, canopies, roller blinds 9/2009 10.09.2009 17.08.2009 • Mirrors • Skylights and translucent panels 10/2009 08.10.2009 18.09.2009 VITRUM 28-31 October, Milan • Structural façades Companies 29.10.2009 15.10.2009 • Directory of Glass tempering – application • Glazing pools, hothouses, winter gardens 11/2009 10.11.2009 15.10.2009 BATIMAT 02-07 November, Paris, GLASSTONE 14-17 November, Poznań • Glass as sun protection Special Edition 13.11.2009 08.10.2009 • Glass partition walls • Irregular windows Seminarium Techniczne 04.12.2009 23.11.2009 • Laminated glass • Glass decoration (serigraphy, sandblasting, etc.) 12/2009 10.12.2009 16.11.2009 • Decorative window films • Thermal insulation of compound glass • Fittings and hardware in glass designs * The Publisher shall not be liable for postponing or canceling any of the fairs. • Hollow glass blocks designs
  9. 9. Te c h n i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n Publication cycle: Materials: 11 issues per year (joint 7-8 issue) the monthly is printed out according to CTP technology- we do not accept diapositives. Digital materials must be submitted on CD-ROMs or DVDs (formatted on PC) as TIF or EPS files Range area: convertible to curves. We do not place register crosses for printing. Photographic resolution is nation – wide 300 dpi. Please provide digital cromalin. Printing technology: colour offset, CTP, photographic resolution 2540 dpi / 180 lpi Materials „for typesetting”: should be submitted on one of the following carriers: a CD- ROM or a DVD in JPG, TIF or CDR Format: ver. 9-11, EPS formats. magazine format – 176 mm width x 218 mm height after clipping Photographs, drawings and texts: – 205 mm width x 285 mm height (please add 5mm from each side should be saved in separate files in RTF format. for clipping in the advertisement) If the order included developing the entire ad, the base materials should include logo, photos Graphics and typesetting: (slides) or catalogue illustrations and the text for the ad. Colours significant for a company Sadyba, should be indicated as CMYK or Pantone no. A draft outline of the ad is required. Printing: ABC Zakład Poligraficzny, ul. Wielkiego Dębu 27, 03-262 Warszawa
  10. 10. Contact: Euro-Media Sp. z o.o. Katarzyna Polesińska Sławomir Zalewski Al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 95 Chief Executive Officer Marketing & Advertising Director 02-777 Warszawa tel. no.: +48 22 678 84 94 fax. no.: +48 22 678 54 21 Helena Walas Robert Madejak editorial board: Financial Director Advertising Department Manager tel. no.: +48 22 678 84 94 advertising: Krzysztof Zieliński Subscription tel. no.: +48 22 678 35 60 Editor-in-Chief Commercial Department fax. no.: +48 22 678 54 21 k.zielinski@ tel./fax no. +48 22 678 38 05 Wojciech Kołodziejski Editorial Secretary
  11. 11. Terms and Conditions for Publishing Announcements and Advertisements Attachment to „Contract-Order” the date of the monthly magazine publication. If the announcement has already been submitted by the Publisher, the Customer shall be they have been used by the Publisher, the Customer should reserve this right in the „contract – order”. charged with operating costs based on the present price rates binding 18. Any complaints should be reported in writing within 14 days after the I. Terms of advertising space sales at the Publishing House. announcement has been issued, along with a detailed description of 1. The „contract – order” form, signed by an authorised representative of 10. Discounts are applicable in case when actually sold advertising space what is being questioned. Complaints filed after that deadline shall the payer, shall be the basis for publishing all advertisements and an- has been used. A change in terms of the order effects in a change of not be considered. Advertisements whose designs have been delivered nouncements in magazines issued by publishing house Euro-Media Sp. the discount. In such situation, the Euro-Media Sp. z o.o. shall imme- with no cromalin or match print are not subjects to complaints. z.o.o. The „contract – orders” form defines the type of advertisement, diately issue credit notes to the already issued invoices. its space, publishing dates, and terms of payment. 11. The Publisher shall not guarantee to the Customer that the adverti- 2. Prices listed in the pricelist shall be net prices, i.e. VAT should be added II Terms of Payment sement will be published on a specific page or that ads of the Cu- 1. Actual publication of the announcement in line with the order is the on top of them. stomer’s competitors shall not be published next to the Customer’s 3. Deadlines for reservation of space, submission of orders, and delivery of basis for issuing an invoice. advertisements, unless the Parties hereto agree otherwise in a separate 2. Based on the invoice, the Customer shall make a payment within 14 materials shall be specified in the publishing schedule. agreement. 4. Customer shall deliver, at its own expense, a ready-made advertise- 12. The Publisher, Euro-Media Sp. z.o.o, shall make all the necessary ef- days onto the Publisher’s account: ment in an electronic form - according to technical requirements for forts to make their publications the highest quality products both as to advertising materials. their contents and graphics. PEKAO S.A. III O/Warszawa 5. The Publisher shall bear no responsibility for colour saturation of the 13. Should the Publisher fail to execute or improperly execute the Contract SWIFT PKOPPLPW 48 1240 1040 1978 0000 0136 3656 advertisement should the Customer fail to deliver cromalin or match for reasons on the Publisher’s part, the Publisher shall again publish print. the advertisement or the announcement at the time agreed upon with 3. Should any delays in payment to the Publisher for rendered services 6. If the Customer wishes to use in other publications the elaborated and the Customer. If the advertisement or the announcement cannot be occur, the Publisher shall accrue statutory interest, starting on the day prepared advertisement or announcement, which are not a property of published again, the Publisher shall reimburse the remuneration alre- on which the delay has commenced. The Editorial Office also reserves the Publisher, and the advertisement has been elaborated by Euro-Me- ady paid by the Customer. the right to withhold the printing of ordered announcements and adver- dia Sp. z o.o., the Customer should obtain the Publisher’s permission 14. If the Customer has reserved a space for an announcement, which the for the use of advertisement design. tisements if the previous ones have not been paid for. Customer was to deliver in a ready-to-use form, and has not delivered 7. The prices listed in the pricelist do not include the cost of design of it by a deadline specified under the publishing plan or has resigned advertisement (announcement) and graphical works. For graphical se- from publishing it, the Customer shall be charged with a contractual III. THE FACT OF ORDERING AN ANNOUNCEMENT OR AN ADVERTISEMENT rvices - design and composition, e.g.: insertion of photos, processing of penalty amounting to 100% of the service ordered. MEANS ACCEPTANCE OF THE ABOVE SALES TERMS. delivered materials - the Publisher shall charge the Customer according 15. Text of the advertisement-announcement, a sponsored press article, to current price rates binding at the Publishing House. has to be clearly labelled pursuant to the provisions of the press law. IV. Any disputes not addressed by the above terms and conditions 8. Any amendments in the contents or form of an announcement prepared 16. The Publisher shall bear no responsibility for the contents of published shall be subject to the provisions of the Press Act and the Civil Code. and accepted by the Advertising Office should be reported in writing announcements and advertisements, and it may refuse to publish an not later than 21 days prior to publishing the announcement. After this announcement, advertisement, or an insert if their contents or forms Katarzyna Polesińska period, the Customer cannot make any corrections therein. violate the law, the magazine’s program policy and its profile. Chief Executive Officer 9. The Customer may cancel print of the announcement 6 weeks prior to 17. If the materials, delivered by the Customer, must be returned once Publishing House Euro-Media Sp. z o.o.
  12. 12. Specific industry press publishers Shortcut to specialists in glass and window-making industry. Sp. z o.o. FACHOWE CZASOPISMA DLA PRAKTYKÓW With our magazines you will reach: • Sales and technical departments, compa- nies manufacturing or processing glass and components for glass production. • Companies producing, selling and instal- ling windows and glass components. • Architects and designers. Euro Media Sp. z o.o. Advertisement Office Al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 95 02-777 Warszawa