SES London 2012 - Guy Parker - Advertising Standards: how to stay out of trouble online?


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Talk by Guy Parker at SES Conference & Expo in London, February 2012, on Advertising Standards and How to Stay Out of Trouble Online

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SES London 2012 - Guy Parker - Advertising Standards: how to stay out of trouble online?

  1. 1. Advertising standards: staying out of troubleonlineASA Chief ExecutiveGuy Parker
  2. 2. Topics to be covered• Legal, decent, honest and truthful: the ASA system• New online remit• Key ASA rulings• Help and advice• Stay in touch• Funding the system
  3. 3. Who are we?The one-stop shop for ad complaints• Both self- and co-regulatory• Funded by advertisers, agencies and media…• …who commit to being ‘legal, decent, honest and truthful’• Advertising Codes that protect consumers and maintain a level playing field• Committed to being transparent, proportionate, targeted and evidence-based
  4. 4. Two bodies, shared goals writes and helps enforce the advertising codes• CAP Broadcast – the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising• CAP Non-broadcast – the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising administers and enforces the rules laid out in the codes• ASA Broadcast – regulates TV and radio ads under contract from Ofcom• ASA Non-broadcast – regulates non-broadcast ads, sales promotions and direct marketing and is independent from Ofcom
  5. 5. 360º regulation• Mandatory Advertising Codes• Training and advice• Monitoring compliance• Complaints and investigation• Independent Council• Effective sanctions
  6. 6. The industry’s rule book• The Advertising Codes set standards that ensure that ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful• They cover the content and placement of ads, as well as things such as sales promotions, database practice and distance selling• Administered in the spirit as well as the letter
  7. 7. Extension of online remitCame into force on 1 March 2011Ensures the same high standards as inother media and covers:• Advertisers’ own marketing communications on their own websites• Marketing communications in other non-paid-for space under their control, such as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. 8. ASA adjudications
  9. 9. TripAdvisor
  10. 10. Media coverage
  11. 11. Mapperton Trust
  12. 12. Hutchinson 3G t/a 3
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Shaka Zulu
  15. 15. CheapFlights Media ltd t/
  16. 16. Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd t/
  17. 17. Copy AdviceA comprehensive range of services to helpadvertisers, agencies and media owners tocomply with the rules.In 2011, advice and training was provided on morethan 97,160 occasions.• Team of eight advisers who provide expert advice on the compliance of your campaigns.• New Express Service• New Website Audit Service
  18. 18. Tap into our knowledge and expertise• Newsletters• Guidance and online advice• Case studies• Events• Bespoke advice• Sign up at
  19. 19. Keep updated
  20. 20. Stay in touch
  21. 21. Financing
  22. 22. Thank youAdvertising Standards AuthorityMid City Place, 71 High HolbornLondon WC1V 6QTTelephone 020 7492