Course Design 2 Worksheet


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Course Design 2 Worksheet

  1. 1. prwr7900: Denae:Kickstarter Proposal Worksheet“Audiences respond to passion, sincerity, and an ability to execute. They want to see youcommunicate this in your video, and they want you to offer creative rewards that are fairlypriced.” - KickstarterStep 3. Propose your own idea for a Kickstarter project using the proposal worksheet.Proposal WorksheetAnswer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Some questions may have overlapping responses. It isacceptable to repeat main ideas, so long as the response is tailored to the question.Grading InformationProject points [20]Due by 11:59PM on [Due Date #2]Reading MaterialsBefore starting this worksheet, you should have read Kickstarter Basics FAQ, Kickstarter School, and KickstarterGuidelines. Refer to these materials to ensure that your project idea is acceptable. In particular, KickstarterSchool will help shape your project goals as you complete this worksheet.1. Project ConceptDes cribe your idea for a Kicks tarter project in approximately 200 words . Remember the project mus t be finite and have clearcompletion goals .2. Kickstarter Category: Art|Comics |Dance|Des ign|Fas hion|Film &Video|Food|Games |Mus ic|Photography|Publis hing|Technology|TheaterIn which category does your project bes t fit? What is your interes t and background in your chos en category?3. Planning Questions What is the focus and purpos e of your project? How is your project unique from other Kicks tarter projects in the s ame category? What benefits will an individual receive from your project? What benefits will a community receive from your project? How did you come up with this project, and why did you choos e it over other ideas ? Hypothetically, what tas ks would you need to complete in order to fulfill your project if your funding goal was met? What kinds of rewards would you offer to Kicks tarter backers ? (Lis t at leas t 6)4. AudienceIdentify and des cribe three potential, logical audiences for your Kicks tarter project. Imagine the characteris tics of eachaudience: age, gender, education level, interes ts , and geographic location.
  2. 2. Primary Audience: Secondary Audience: Tertiary Audience: What influence might thes e audience characteris tics have on your writing or vis uals ? What networks would you us e for reaching thes e audiences and letting them know about your project? (s ocial networking, profes s ional organizations , events )5. FundsEs timate your financial goal and how the funds will be us ed. Be s ure to include cos ts for creating and dis tributing rewards forbackers . Lis t any res ources us ed while res earching the cos t of creating your project or rewards . While you will not be as kedto create a detailed budget, you are expected to have a reas onable idea of your cos ts and how the funds will be allocated.Mos t importantly, you are expected to defend your budget to your audience. Financial goal: Rationale: Resources:6. StrategyBas ed on your analys is of exis ting Kicks tarter projects , what s trengths will you try to incorporate into your project? In whatways will you produce better videos , vis uals , and written content than a competitor? What weaknes s es caus e you concern? Video Content: Visual Content: Written Content: