HR Outsourcing From A to Z


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How a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can support your business.

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HR Outsourcing From A to Z

  2. Why Outsource Your HR?
  3. HR outsourcing is a powerfultool that can help you growyour business.
  4. The Small Business Administration estimates that business owners spend up to a quarter of their time on employment-related paperwork. fact
  5. Outsourcing even a portion of your company’s HR duties can result inconsiderable cost savings and add hours of productive time to your week.
  6. HR outsourcing provides your company these key resources:
  7. Professionals well-versed in all aspects of employee recruitment, retention and management.
  8. Better health, retirement andworkers’ compensation benefits.
  9. Reduced accounting and payroll processing costs.
  10. Comprehensive employerliability management thatlessens employment-related risk.
  11. Working with an HR outsourcing firm mayhelp your business if you’re experiencingdifficulty with any of the following: Attracting and retaining quality employees Shopping, managing and controlling the cost of employee benefits Processing payroll Keeping up with changes to federal and state employment laws Managing liability and risk Handling general HR administration
  12. HR Outsourcing and Co-Employment
  13. The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)defines co-employment as the contractual allocation and sharing ofemployer responsibilities between a Professional Employer Organization(PEO) and its client.
  14. Unlike other HR outsourcing firms that provide only one or twoquality services, PEOs offer a far more comprehensive approachto meeting your unique HR needs. fact
  15. PEOs do not supply a workforce;they supply services and benefitsto a client employer and its existing workforce.
  16. A PEO can function as a full-service,outsourced HR departmentor support your existing HR staff.
  17. You maintain control of all business decisions and operations, while theco-employer manages the employee-related aspects of your company.
  18. Working with a PEO does not require the forfeiture of your employerrights. You are generally not obligated to consult with your PEO beforemaking a decision—big or small—about any employee. fact
  19. Instead of losing control, you’ll likely find working with a PEO affords youmore time to concentrate on the core competencies of your company.
  20. Simply put:Just like your employees, a PEO works for you.
  21. Find the Right Fit
  22. If you’ve decided to work with an HR outsourcing company,there are many points to consider before making your selection: How does the provider structure its services? What are the associated costs? What is the company’s background? What level of customer service do they offer? Are they accredited? What benefits are most important to your employees, and does the company in question provide them?
  23. There are currently more than 700 PEOs nationwide, and their serviceofferings and structures vary considerably. Read contracts closely andask plenty of questions. You’ll be happier in the long run if you fullyunderstand the services you’ll be receiving.
  24. It’s advisable to select an HR outsourcing firm that hasa reputation for quality service in your area. The NAPEOwebsite features a comprehensive directory that canhelp you find reputable companies in your state. Pick afew prospects and start making calls.
  25. Provide your top choices with somebasic information: How many workers you have The size of your payroll Whether or not you have a need for risk services What kind of benefits you’re interested inThen let each company respond with a proposal.
  26. How Outsourcing HRCan Help Your Business
  27. 1. Relief from general HR tasks.Outsourcing administrative duties to a group that specializes in HRensures that important issues will be handled correctly, including: Payroll administration Government compliance Employee benefits Employer liability management
  28. 2. Access to comprehensive and affordable benefits.An HR outsourcing firm aggregates small companies and rolls theminto one big package, resulting in much more favorable rates andtreatment. It can offer a wider range of benefits and services to yourstaff at a much better price, including: Healthcare benefits Retirement services (401(k) ) COBRA administration HIPAA management
  29. 3. Reduced payroll and administration burdens.By entering into a co-employment relationship, you stand to benefitfrom a decrease in the costs associated with payroll processing andmaintaining wage records. You’ll also receive reliable assistance withtasks such as: Payroll processing Tax reporting and deposits Paycheck/paystub preparations and delivery Garnishments
  30. 4. Assistance with federal and state employment laws and regulations.A PEO should be able to: Administer payroll in accordance with federal and state laws and properly report federal, state and local taxes Administer unemployment claims Respond to employment verifications Comply with federal laws affecting PEO-sponsored benefits (e.g.—COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA) Provide guidance for compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  31. 5. Reduced liability.HR outsourcing firms have a vested interest in keeping your businesscompliant and will assist you with related tasks, including: Employee handbooks Workers’ compensation claims Agency interface
  32. 6. Access to seasoned HR professionals.HR outsourcing companies are comprised of knowledgeable professionalswho specialize in HR and can be trusted to handle issues in a timelyand thorough manner, including: Employee relations support Employee liability awareness training Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim investigation, reporting and mediation
  33. Imagine yourself with the freedom to focus on what matters most—growing your company.
  34. A professional HR outsourcing company can shoulder the bulk ofyour administrative burdens so that you can get back to business.
  35. How Insperity Can HelpFor more than 25 years, Insperity has been providing businessowners with services tailor-made to maximize opportunities forgrowth and profitability.We offer a combination of HR and performance solutions that areamong the most comprehensive in the marketplace, deliveringadministrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilityand a systematic way to improve productivity.
  36. Why InsperityAt Insperity, we take the time to learn your business, understandyour company culture, identify your pain points and examine whatdifferentiates you from the competition. With our unparalleledlevel of back-office support, you’ll be free to focus on the corebusiness activities that will help grow your company.
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