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Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice
Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice
Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice
Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice
Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice
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Anylysis of rice, quality inspection, quantity inspection of rice


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Inspection/Survey/Surveillance/Inspector/Expediters/ Quality control/Testing/Certification/Marine Surveyors/ Superintendent at Anywhere & Countires …

Inspection/Survey/Surveillance/Inspector/Expediters/ Quality control/Testing/Certification/Marine Surveyors/ Superintendent at Anywhere & Countires
Inspection – Survey - expediting Services
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide is an independent inspection group acting globally and providing a complete range of inspection, quality goods control, expediting, expediters, inspectors, surveyors, inspector and consulting services to trade and Agriculture, Industry & Marine as well as governmental buying organizations, contractors, ship-owners, . . .
AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Control Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, trade security and certification companies, operating in close to 100 countries.
Our surveyors, inspectors have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to of the clients with the best quality services.
 Inspection, Survey, Inspectors, Surveyors, Consultant Services
 Marine Survey, Supervision, Superintendent
 Industry Expediting, expediters
 Quality Goods Control Services
 Laboratory Testing Services
 Engineering Control & Inspection Services
 Third Party Inspection, Expediting Services
 Loss Adjuster Services
 Appraisal & Valuation Services
 Certification Services
 Project Management
 Engineering Consultant
 Quality Assurance
 Vendor inspection - Witness Services
 Expediting Services
Scope of Inspection – Survey – expediting description in details is consisting of (but not limited):
 Inspection – quality control – testing – certification (for Goods – Products, Agriculture fields)
 Inspection – survey to products, goods, cargo
 Third Party Inspection
 Inspection – survey – audit to Factory, Mill
 Inspection – survey – audit to Simple Factory
 Inspection – survey audit to Extensive Factory
 Inspection – survey to First Article
 Pre Production Inspection
 During Production Inspection/Survey
 Production Monitoring / Supervision
 Final Production Random Inspection
 Pre-Shipment Inspection / Survey
 Corporate Social Audit Inspection
 C-TPIT Audit Inspection/Survey
 Defect Sorting Services
 Witness to the production
 Inspection & supervision of goods loading/discharging
 Tally of quantity
 Testing of products & materials lab analysis aim to identify brand name, component
 Inspection of weight, quantity, condition, quality, dimension, packing, marking & export / import cargo / tally
 Testing – analysis in lab.
 Certification services
• Expediting – inspection (for Industry – Marine field) :
 Material inspection
 W.P.S & P.Q.R review
 Welder & Welding operator test
 Welding Procedure Qualification Test
 Heat Treatment Chart Review
 N.D.E(RT, UT, MT, PT)
 Visual Inspection
 Dimensional Inspection
 Assembly inspection
 Pressure Test
 Functional and Performance Test
 Mechanical Running Test
 Surface Preparation and Painting inspection
 Packing Inspection
 Field Installation and Maintenance Inspection
 Progress Expediting
 Review of Contract & Job Specification
 Review & witness of a material testing and mill certificate
 Prepare of WPQR & WPS and Welder qualification test.
 Visual inspection of welding & dimension during fabrication and installation
 Visual inspection of Surface Preparation for painting
 Perform of pneumatic & hydro’ test
 Supervisory Activities & Expedition for Shop Fabrication and Site Erection
 Experience with Code and Rule: ASTM, AWS D1.1, ASME, ANSI, API, JIS, KS, SSPC, EMA.UOP and etc
 Experience with ASME Section VIII, Division 2 Pressure Vessel Code
 Marine Surveys:
 Pre-Loading Inspection
 Cargo Tank Inspection
 Draft Survey/Inspection

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  • 1. Aim Control Inspection Group can provide on request below types of rice inspection & loading facilities to our valued clients. However, if you don’t found any desired services below, do send us your particular requirement to consider: d Rice Inspection, Sealing & Sampling We can perform inspection of rice, can seal the lot for a specific period of time and can draw samples according to EU, USA, Russia, UAE, Japan regulations as per our client’s requirement. These samples can be sent to the client for his observation and approval. o Rice Inspection, Sealing, Sampling & Analysis We can perform rice analysis in addition to all services being provided above. A complete analysis report can be then sent to our client for his observation/approval. a Rice Inspection & Loading We can perform loading in addition to above all in case we found our client’s approval to load the material. Digital pictures are drawn at all levels of loading and prior to loading containers/ships conditions are thoroughly checked, approved and then loaded. A complete loading report with digital pictures sent to our client immediately after loading. Containers/ships are always sealed with our own AIM Control Plastic Seal. . Rice Packing Material Inspection We do also complete packing material inspection such as: • Uniformity in packing stuff, such as cotton, plastic, paper, jute, wpp material • Uniformity in printing color (s) • Uniformity in dimension of printing area • Uniformity in write‐up necessary to be printed on each bag u Weight Inspection • Individually weight of bag • Empty weight of bag • Container weight at electronic weighbridges For more information log on to http://www.aimcontrolgroup or do write us at aimcontrol@aimcontrolgroup for a soft quotation.
  • 2. INSPECTION AIM Control can inspect rice including Basmati & Non-Basmati, Vietnamese, Thailan in: • Bulk • Containerized • Bagged & • Raw Material • During Production • Finished Material By employing skilled personnel, together with careful training and effective management controls, AIM Control ensures that it provides a professional, efficient and fast service in all disciplines - and service always of the highest integrity. Our scope is not limited to the following services only: Pre-Shipment Inspection Raw Material Rice Inspection (RMRI) • A visual and practical analysis on the quality of raw material and basis on analysis report generation. During Production Inspection (DPI) • A visual and practical analysis based on two hourly reports during production at multiple production stages and basis on analysis report generation. Finished Product Inspection (FPI) • A Visual and practical analysis of the final product providing detailed rice analysis with comparison of actual rice analysis vz Contract/LC specification Packing & Weight Inspection We provide full and detailed analysis of packing observation such as design, stitching, packing type, size comparing with the actual pack design. Besides random checks on individual bag weight as well as master packing weight. Loading of the Cargo
  • 3. Visual inspection of the container condition to ensure the container is not wet, free from any odour, clean, without any hole or rust. Total number of individual pack size stuffed along with master bags/cartons with total weight stuffed SAMPLING AIM Control can provide sealed samples from country-wide Vietnam, Thailand as per your requirements such as: • The location of your designated rice mill • The location of your designated rice storage area at various points of rice locations such as: • Raw Material o Lot-wise o Random basis • During Production o Milling stage o Grading Stage o Color Sorting Stage • Final Product o Lot-wise o Random basis We can also seal the lots as per your requirements for a stipulated period of time as per your instructions. Any customized service can also be discussed. ANALYSIS/TESTING AIM Control does following analysis of rice in our own laboratory: Dry Rice · Moisture test · Average Grain Length · Admixture level · Milling Degree (Whiteness Test) · Broken Percentage · Foreign Matter · Foreign Grains · Damaged Grains · Dirty Grains · Yellow/Pecks · Paddy Grains · Shrivelled/Immature Grains · RED/GREEN grains · Chalky grains · Insect Damaged Grains · Cracks on rice
  • 4. Cooked Rice · Elongation (grain length) · Aroma · Separation/Fluffiness · Whiteness Yield · Whole Grain Yield · Global Yield External Test Eurofins Through arrangements with Eurofins-Germany, the below analysis are also being done frequently and as per buyer's requirements: · Basmati Rice DNA Testing (Basmati Purity Test) · Aflatoxine B1 · Aflatoxine B1,B2,G1,G2 · T.P.C · Yeast & Moulds · Salmonella · Melamine · E.coli and coliforms · Lead (Pb) · GMO CERTIFICATIONS & REPORT INTERNAL AIM Control can provide following certificates:  Inspection  Weight  Quality  Sampling  Condition of any rice lot  Loading Time Log  Infestation  Photos EXTERNAL AIM Control also works with Eurofins-Germany and can provide testing & certifications on below tests:
  • 5.  Basmati DNA Testing (Basmati Purity Test)  GMO  Aflatoxine  Salmonella  A complete microbiological test