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Search optimization

  1. 1. Search Optimization Andy Halko, CEO Insivia, A Strategic Marketing Agency Strategic Marketing
  2. 2. Strategic Marketing Integrated, strategic marketing solutions. Web. Web Development Online Video Conversion Optimization A/B Testing Search Optimization Flash Animation Software Marketing. SEO & Social Media Direct Mail & E-Mail Advertising Branding. Identity & Collateral Print & Advertising Environmental Design
  3. 3. Strategic Marketing Search Ranking Factors
  4. 4. Strategic Marketing Choosing The Right Words 1. Know the prospect – understand who you're selling to 2. Know the goal – determine the results you want 3. Get focused – choose a select group of 2 – 4 phrases 4. Know the purpose – what is the intent of the searcher 5. Do your research – check monthly searches versus competition 6. NEW: Understand the effects of Google Instant
  5. 5. Strategic Marketing Monthly Searches + Competition
  6. 6. Strategic Marketing Optimize Your Site 1. Title Tag – Factor number 4 in 'Top 5 Ranking Factors' 2. Submit Site Maps – XML sitemaps 3. Text in the page – Consider the density, but don't write for search 4. External Links – Have cross linking strategies and quality outbound links
  7. 7. Strategic Marketing Link Building 1. Anchor Text 2. Site Trust + Distance from Trust 3. Site Page Rank 4. White versus Black Listed 5. Diversity of Sources
  8. 8. Strategic Marketing Link Building – Create Great Content They say content is king and that is true. If it is great, people will link: ● Articles, White papers, etc. ● Build a "101 list". ● Create a list of the top 10 myths for a specific category. ● Create a list of gurus/experts. ● Create extensive resource lists for a specific topic. ● Shoot videos on interesting topics and with interesting people ● Create interactive diagrams, infographics or other useful multimedia ● Create a calculator, survey with results or other tool
  9. 9. Strategic Marketing Link Building – Distribute + Syndicate OK, you've created great content, now make sure everyone can find it so they have the chance to build a link back to you: - Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Technorati … Use Social Media! - Submit to lists of similar resources - Use site like AllTop, EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare or local like - Send an E-Mail Campaign or include in your employee's signatures - Use PPC to get targeted traffic - Use partners or other related organizations and request a link
  10. 10. Strategic Marketing Link Building – Engage + Build Discussions On many sites where you can interact, you have the ability to add links – even if they are no-follow, they provide exposure: - Ask questions and respond on sites like AskYahoo, GoogleGroups & LinkedIn - Go to related blogs and provide valuable comments - Get involved in forums around your sites topic - Link to other quality blogs and posts from your own - Write reviews and ask for feedback
  11. 11. Strategic Marketing Link Building – Join, Sign-Up & Beg Get your link out there in any way you can – again, if it is no-follow it still provides another way for people to find you: - Join your chamber of commerce or other groups with good directories - Create accounts and fill out the info pages on any sites you can - Ask related organizations to put your link on their site - Sign-up for directories (be careful of blacklist ones though)
  12. 12. Strategic Marketing Link Building – Get Creative There are lots of ideas you could come up with, think about how you Could get more sites to link to you: - Create badges for membership sites. - Create some sort of partnership program. - Build a widget people can place on their site. - Have a really nice looking site. - Buy advertising. - Hold a contest. - Offer something for free.
  13. 13. Strategic Marketing Let's look at your sites and ask questions!