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Creating a great marketing strategy is as important as executing that strategy. This presentation walks through how to look at the big picture of marketing and then samples how to utilize personas, inbound marketing and conversion optimization to drive revenue.

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  • Andy:

    Your presentation Saturday was extremely knowledgeable his experience came through in his presentation.By doing the correct steps and procedures
    is extremely important in the quest to get and keep good customers. Andy brought that out in his presentation.He made it extremely clear by using using a sales funnel and having a clear description of you goals can give you fighting chance for success.He did not leave out exception of your plan by
    using revenue maps and target your audience.Andy is a great resource and I am glad I had the opportunity to learn more to make my business grow.

    Thank you
    Peter Kaighin
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  • This is a high level view that focuses on your marketing strategyI’m at WordCamp, because we use primary WordPress and the core of any marketing strategy is a great site setup to drive the campaigns you create.Feel free to ask questions.
  • CEO24 peopleClevelandWork with mid-market and fortune 500Full service agencyI don’t code or design now, but I started the agency by myself 11 years agoI know how to code php, js, html, css and am a pretty decent designer
  • It’s all about the end result. Which many times at the very, very end of our funnel we have leads and sales.Whether you have clients, employers or spouses – I am sure there is an expectation to earn money.Asked my clients to pay me to just play on their site, but it doesn’t go over well
  • Marketing is a funnel.We start wide trying to get a large group and people that stay to the end our leads and salesA website is typically in the middle of this funnel today and an integral part of increasing revenueOur goal is to continually figure out how to get more of the right people in the top and how to stop people from falling out.
  • FirehouseHow do we choose and fit everything togetherWithout wasting time and money that turns into nothing
  • One of the biggest things I see is that people do not have any plan.The approach is to go with what the last person told them about or the latest article they readThat’s not good enough and the numbers prove it effects you
  • Two ways we work to increase leads
  • Bounce rate, key messages, easy navigation, etc.
  • ExperientialCreate value. Value is the core of what we do.Value builds a relationship with your audience of trustValue will increase sharing and linking which impacts seoValue gets e-mails openedValue converts ppc visitors into leads
  • BUT, create value based on what your audience wants …facebook image example
  • Understanding how content and messages impact visitorsThis goes back to knowing your audience and the persona.My persona will help define where I am on the scale and what content my audience responds to best
  • What scares me is the amount of people who visit our site because we are first for the query ‘best place to hide a dead body’
  • So, how do we close?
  • Remember in our revenue map, that there were nurture points and conversion pointsFew people buy on their first interaction
  • Revenue Mapping

    1. 1. Drive more leads and sales. Andy Halko |
    2. 2. Drive leads and sales.
    3. 3. Prospects Leads Customers Sell Engage The marketing funnel Market
    4. 4. SEO PPC Mobile Traditional Email Social Content How do all of the following fit into your strategy?
    5. 5. Businesses with a written description of their future had: 30% 25% 50% Greater Company Size More Owner Compensation Faster Growth
    6. 6. Revenue Mapping
    7. 7. Create Goals First And how you will measure them.
    8. 8. Next, Know Your Audience Go deep and don’t guess.
    9. 9. Target, Target, Target. It’s not “Marketing”, It’s “Micro Targeting”.
    10. 10. Create A Map Per Target
    11. 11. Converting Leads Tactical Experiential
    12. 12. Interesting
    13. 13. Interesting
    14. 14. Buy – Beg – Bug  Earn Shouting your message out, and hoping your customers hear it. Creating something that draws the customer to you. The shift from outbound to inbound
    15. 15. Content PROVIDE VALUE! It’s not your job to sell me anymore, instead... Tell me a story Teach me something new Help me solve a problem Show me something I’ve never seen before Make me laugh, or cry, or cheer
    16. 16. Persona Based Value If it doesn’t fit their need, it is a huge hole in your funnel.
    17. 17. Driving Prospects The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of search results
    18. 18. Integrated, But Strategic Test, measure and optimize.
    19. 19. Closing Sales
    20. 20. Nurture Leads Recycle people back into your sales funnel. Lead nur tur ing emails get 4-10 times the r es pons e r ate of s tandalone email blas ts . 50% of leads are qualified but are not ready to buy
    21. 21. Automation Stay top of mind while nurturing down the funnel
    22. 22. Doesn’t Your Website Deserve Better?