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  1. 1. 1 Web Analytics A Strategic Marketing Agency
  2. 2. Conversion Rate = Number of Visitors Who Reach Goal Total Number of Visitors X 100 Conversion Marketing is a science. We can utilize key performance indicators to optimize and affect results.
  3. 3. Top Analytics Features Goals Track actions and how people get there. Profiles Separate your traffic and learn. Events Track smaller actions to learn uses. PPC Integration Integrate with your search marketing. Intelligence Get alerts to be able to take action on analytics data.
  4. 4. Top Analytics Indicators Bounce Rates Why do they leave so fast? Traffic Sources Where do they come from and who matters most? Popular Content What are people interested in? Exit Rates Where are they leaving from? Abandon Destinations In a process, where do they quit? Search Phrases How do they find you? Campaign Paths Where do people go for specific campaigns? Visit Length How long do they spend on a page or site? Mouse Movement & Click Locations Where on the page do people click most?
  5. 5. Heat Maps
  6. 6. Social Media Radian 6 Snurl Track clicks easily for links. Hootsuite Manage all your social media and get statistics. Facebook Get tons of information right on Facebook. Use their advertising tool. Twitter Use their search and trends data to get stats. Social Mention Great tool to search specific terms. Many More Lot’s of analytics tools exist for Social Media, explore to find more.
  7. 7. E-Mail Marketing Exact Target Provides enterprise features for e-mail, mobile and social media marketing. Mail Chimp Is a simple low-cost e-mail marketing and survey tool that provides tons of great features. Opens See who opens, try to figure out why. Clicks Learn why and where people click. Location / Time When do people open or click. Subscribes / Unsubscribes Are people interested or NOT in what you have to say?
  8. 8. A/B Testing
  9. 9. Other Marketing Custom URLs Use custom URLS from direct mail to social media to track when people come from different campaigns. Custom Phone Numbers Use different phone numbers on various collateral, campaigns and media with tracking to see what drives phone calls. Landing Pages Follow up your campaign message with similar messages, graphics and a streamlined process for people to act. Coupons / Codes / Ask Make sure that in-store visits are tracked to see how people learned about you and even why they came in.
  10. 10. Tying It Together Use all these tools together to really learn what works. Knowing how people find you, what messages work, what information they want and how they leave can all be tied together to help in every aspect of your business.
  11. 11. Think A solid foundation is built with expert knowledge, constant measuring, thoughtful interpretation and smart processes. • Market Research • Strategic Planning • Measurement • Usability Testing • Process Improvement • Training & Seminars Design Focused and impactful, our designs and messaging resonate with your audience to drive conversions. • Branding & Identity • Web & Interactive • Print & Packaging • Tradeshows & Signage • Photography, Video & Writing • E-Commerce & Online Apps Engage Targeting solutions to reach and build relationships with your audience, we deliver your brand to wherever they are. • Search Optimizations • E-Mail Marketing • Advertising • Public Relationship • Social Media • Mobile
  12. 12. Contact Us 216-373-1080 2020 Center Street, Cleveland, OH 44114