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Big data. Social data. How about just data? Everything is measurable, how are you best using this information to better inform your business decisions? And dump the excel charts, lets make these important measurements beautiful!

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Big Data & Visualizations

  1. 1. from Big Datato Big UnderstandingBig Data & Data Visualizations
  2. 2. Big Data
  3. 3. Big Data
  4. 4. Big Data != Lots of DataTHE THREE VSVolumeVelocityVariety
  5. 5. Big Data
  6. 6. Big Data != Lots of DataTHE THREE VSVolume- OK, Big Data = Lots of Data (sometimes)- No objective size at which this is a problem
  7. 7. Big Data != Lots of DataTHE THREE VSVelocity- Real-Time?- TPM (Tweets Per Minute)
  8. 8. Big Data != Lots of DataTHE THREE VSVariety- Data coming in from a variety of sources- Internal, External- Different Formats
  9. 9. Data VisualizationWhy should we be interested in visualization? Because the human visual system is a pattern seeker of enormous power and subtlety. The eye and the visual cortex of the brain form a massively parallel processor that provides the highest- bandwidth channel into human cognitive centers. At higher levels of processing, perception and cognition are closely interrelated, which is the reason why the words “understanding” and “seeing” are synonymous.- Colin Ware, 2000
  10. 10. Visualization Defined"the use of interactive visual representations of abstract data to amplify cognition" - Colin Ware, 2004"the use of computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of abstract data to amplify cognition" -Ben Schneiderman , U of Maryland, 1999
  11. 11. Big Data & Visualization – Use Caution“Unquestioning empiricists” - trust analysis over judgment“visceral decision makers” - go exclusively with their gut“Informed skeptics”—the employees best equipped to make good decisions—effectively balance judgment and analysis, possess strong analytic skills, and listen to others’ opinions but are willing to dissent. They’re the kind of data-savvy workers every company should try to cultivate. However, we found that only 38% of employees, and 50% of senior managers, fall into this group.- Shvetank Shah, Andrew Horne, and Jaime Capellá for Harvard Business Review
  12. 12. Big Data VisualizationVolume: How do we visualize all this data?Schniedermans Mantra:"Overview First, Zoom & Filter, then Details-on-Demand“e.g.
  13. 13. Big Data VisualizationVelocity: How do we deliver changing data?Real-Time Visualization
  14. 14. Big Data VisualizationVariety: How do we deal with all these dimensions?Multivariate Visualization- encode as much as possible: placement, size, color, shape, direction- use the right chart: some chart types (parallel coordinates) are naturally suited for multivariate visualization- dont forget small multiples - sometimes the best chart is more charts
  15. 15. Big Data Visualization - VarietyInteractivity & Dashboards as Portals != DataMetrics > DataUnderstanding...
  16. 16. Big Understandingdata != understandingElon Musk vs The New York TimesVisualization gets us part way thereBUT people are the keySpecialists--------------------> Literacy-------------------------------------------> Culture
  17. 17. Big ThanksThanks for listening!email: tgibes@promorphics.comtwitter: @tomgibes